Tuesday, October 18, 2016


WOW - what a crazy day.  TCWest girls beat TCCentral girls (who are ranked #3 in the state) in the finals BNC race.  TCW boys beat TCCentral boys for the conference title.  Petoskey boys beat Cadillac (who were at one time ranked top 10 in the state)  Just goes to show you that at this point in the season ANYTHING can happen!!!!!!!


For the Blue Devils - Congrats to ALL-CONFERENCE runners Zak Goddard and Carlie Martella.  Both had good races today to earn these honors,  Well done!!

As a team the boys had a hard pill to swallow - 6th in the conference.  I am happy to say that this is about as happy as I have even been with a 6th place.  There are 4 teams fighting it out in our regional for the remaining two state finals qualifying spots behind Fremont - Cadillac, Petoskey, Ludington and Gaylord.  Today we were closer to Cadillac than we have been ALL season and we have beaten Petoskey twice this season.  I truly believe, with some rest next week, and some good races from our top 5 the boys team CAN qualify.  Zak's effort was almost as good as his run at TCC two weeks ago and earning All-conference honors is a fine pat on the back.

On the girls side we again topped Petoskey and got a little bit closer to Cadillac.  Carlie's race wasn't the race she had hoped but it was enough to earn All-conference after 4 years of hard work.  Brianna Martin made a very nice step up closing the gap between her and Carlie.  The girls have been steadily improving their times and efforts and today we ran "ok" - I am hoping with some rest next week we can change that from 'ok' to "we ran great" when it comes time for regionals.

reminder - parent meeting at GHS on Wednesday 10/19 at 6pm to talk about our home invitational and regionals.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Monday Oct 10 - again Mr. Warren and I have teachers meetings we must be at so there is no official practice.  You are on your own.  Two weeks ago, our monday practice was a LONG day.  Today is also a "long" day.  On your own you are responsible for getting in a LONG run. Varsity, last time we did a solid 8-9 miler down rails to trails.  That would be a perfect run again for this Monday.  JV should go between 5-6.  Just a longer sustained run, no "tempo" needed in the middle.  If possible run with your teammates - this is the best way to stay motivated with hold a steady solid pace.

Tuesday - short and easy and we discuss Saginaw and hand out medals.

Wednesday Oct 12 - WE WILL RUN AT THE COUNTRY CLUB ON M-32 WEST OF TOWN IMMEDIATELY AFTER SCHOOL.  GET A RIDE THERE OR RIDE WITH ME OR WITH MR. WARREN.  WE HAVE SEATS FOR YOU IF YOU NEED A RIDE.  PLEASE HAVE PARENTS PICK YOU UP THERE AT THE COUNTRY CLUB AFTER PRACTICE (430PM)  The workout will be a medium distance run with some "hills" and some "finishes" - a number yet to be determined but this is a hard workout.

Thursday - short and easy and its my mom's birthday.

Friday - on the GHS track.  2 mile warmup, 13x400 starting with race pace then faster, faster, fastest and then fasterest.  2 mile cool down.

Saturday Oct 15 - on your own distance run of 30-80 minutes.

Sunday Oct 16 - OFF

Monday - short with stride outs


Wed Oct 19 -- PARENT MEETING to discuss home invitation and the help we need with parking, concessions, t-shirt sales and packet hand out.  This will be at 6pm at GHS in the commons area.

Thursday Oct 20 -  after practice (a mix of 400's and 800's race pace) ALL JUNIORS AND SENIORS (and some sophomores) will help Mr. Warren and me put together race packets for our invitational.

Friday Oct 21 - short and easy


Saginaw Invite results

Here is a link to our Athletic Net page -- Athletic.net  Here you can find meet information and results for all of our meets all year.  Just click on the results tab under Heritage Invitational and you have our full results from today.

First off -- WOW!!!!!!!!!  We had 36 of 41 runners record season best times today!!  It was a perfect day for XC -- cool, light breeze, good competition...

On the team scores side the girls were FIRST out of all Division 2 team and the boys were 2nd of all division 2 teams.  Sometimes these results get lost in the translation of reading where we finished.  Often times news will report that the boys were 8th place.  Well, in XC we compete, quite often against all divisions in one race - Its not a fair comparison to say we beat 12 division 3 or division 4 schools, just like it is not a fair comparison to say we were beaten by 6 division 1 school.  Same on the girls side.  I always like to look where we finish against schools our size - and today we did quite well!!!  Still, being 8th of 30 and 6th of 30 teams for the boys and girls is a nice pat on the back.

On the varsity side Zak Goddard again led the way with a solid 17:16 with Ethan Huey right behind in 17:30.  These were season best times for both, but Ethan surely had the best day of any of the boys.  He struggled a bit last Tuesday at TC, but was right "ON" today.  This time of the season we have to remember to stick with the "PLAN."  We have a training schedule that does not allow breaks for races.  We continue to train through all of these meets with our eyes on Regionals.  Having some good and some bad races is part of dealing with the highs and lows of a season.  One bad race usually leads to a good race the next time we are out and vice versa.  Nick Green, Andrew Quaal and Justin Desloover are a nice solid 3-4-5 man pack that needs to move up a bit closer to our 1-2 by regionals and I am hoping that some more speedwork in the next 10 days can do that for us.  Rounding out varsity scoring for us was Jack Hervela and Jon Thorold.

On the JV side a number of boys had huge personal best times.  Mason Monchilov ran a career best by 1 minute 37 seconds to place 5th overall of nearly 200 runners in 18:48.  Mason has logged big summer miles, attended Wolverine camp and really committed himself to XC and it has paid off with a varsity level race today.  He will suit up as a varsity runner in our final BNC race at home in 10 days.  Bryce Davis (PR by 1:52), Zack Fortune (PR by 1:52), Quentin Fraley (PR by 2:13) and Parker Schorrfaar (PR by 2:02) also had huge days for us.  These JV boys are solid, hard working runners.  I am so proud of their effort today and it was rewarded with some nice personal best times.  This is the beautiful thing about XC running - instead of spending your time on the sidelines or on the bench, every runner gets to participate in every meet and earn a personal best.  Well done men.

For the ladies, this was our best performance of the year by far.  First Carlie Martella led the way with her first career sub 20 minute effort.  Her 7th place overall finish was a solid effort and we look for her to get even better in the coming weeks.  Senior Alli Kowatch and sophomore Bri Martin came in 2-3 for us today to solidify our 1st place team finish amongst D2 teams.  These gals worked today and Alli helped pace Bri in her first race back.  This was a season best for Alli by 46 seconds and I am hoping that she can get down to the lower 21's by regionals and Bri will continue to improve hugely in the next three weeks now that her knee is back and ready for miles.  Amanda Keysor (personal best by 55 seconds) and dependable Adrienne Edwards (season best by 21 seconds) rounded out our varsity scoring.  Keysor continues to improve and looks to be our #4-5-6 runner for regionals as of now - a great spot for a new freshman runner who can gain some valuable experience for coming years.  Adrienne has been a solid part of our team for 4 years now and without her today we'd have slipped back one place in the team standing, so thanks to her!  Autumn Zimmer and Cameron Martella rounded out our varsity 7 with slight improvements in season best times.

On the JV side Laina Thomson came up huge with a 2:03 season best time to place 4th overall!!  Her time today would have placed her as our 4th girl on the varsity and she will be in that spot in 10 days at the BNC finals.  Other JV girls of note were Reagan Swartz with a season best time by 1:50.  Reagan had the eye of the tiger today - at the mile mark she was near 10th place overall and held on for a medal and season best time.  Courtney Zaremba had a season best by exactly 2:00 and missed a medal by 4 seconds,  Megan Peterson had a season best by 1:47, Zoe Pom and Melanie Graham both had season bests by 2:43.  These JV girls are TOUGH!!  Today our race strategy was to get out HARD and then settle in to the race pace we'd picked for them and they did exactly this.  When you get a bit faster than usual this sometimes gives you a different outlook on your race that makes you push it a bit harder and that strategy worked today.  Well done JV ladies!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Wow, what a difference a week makes.  Last week we had our FIRST round of speedwork.  We hit 6x800m FAST and it seemed to help today at BNC #2.

Boys - Zak Goddard was the MAN today.  His 17:18 is the 3rd fastest time on this course by a GHS boy.  The fastest two times are GHS All-staters Nick Lewis in 16:30 and Chris Olds 16:53 back in 2003.  Zak moved up from 18th in our first BNC race to 7th today.  What a great move.  Zak has been working on pacing and today that really worked well for him - starting around 5:35 per mile he just held that pace all the way to the finish.  Ethan Huey was the GHS #2 man followed closely by Nick Green.  Ethan is usually much closer to Zak, but just didn't have it today - for whatever reason he just wasn't "on."  Not a big deal, we are still racing through some hard training days and when Ethan rests and recovers he'll be right back near Zak.  Nick had a GREAT race, probably his best of the year and I think he is headed for the 17's at Saginaw on Saturday.  #4 man Andrew Quaal continues to improve and was only 18 seconds behind Nick and then Justin Desloover just another 2 seconds back.  Our 1-5th man time difference today was only 1 minute 18 seconds, which is also a big improvement -  If we hope to qualify for the state meet, we'll need to get that down to less than one minute, preferably around 45-50 seconds.  As Zak continues to improve that gets tougher and tougher for our 3-4-5 guys, but I think we can do it.  Jack Hervela (only 10 seconds back of #5) and Jon Thorold rounded out our varsity team.  Jack has made a nice steady comeback from a tough last season and I look for him to possibly break into our top 5 by the time regionals rolls around.  Thorold is a newcomer to XC this season and is continually improving, moving from JV to varsity and back and forth nearly each meet.  As he gains confidence, learns to race and, gets some more endurance I see him maintaining his varsity spot for regionals.

On the JV side, 8 of us had our best 5k time!

Girls - Senior Carlie Martella again leads the way in 20:46.  In our last BNC race Carlie was 3rd overall and today she was in the teens.  Not a great race, but in looking at her time I see she is right in there with Sammy Hunt, Amber Kassuba and Amanda Olds in 2008.  Her time is also very close to Sloan Secord's 2005 time.  All these girls were all-state in these seasons and I continue to believe Carlie is right in line with them.  Alli Kowatch had a season best time today at 22:50 as our solid #2 girl.  She continues to improve with each race and our goal is a 21 by the end of the season at regionals.  Autumn Zimmer also had her season best race - coming in at 23:25.  Solid, dependable Adrienne Edwards was our #4 today, you can always depend on her and she also had her season best time.   And, our top 5 scorers were rounded out by freshman Amanda Keysor.  It is so nice to have a freshman in our top 5, this bodes well for the future of GHSXC.  These ladies are not a "great" team, but are very solid and should finish mid-pack at regionals as we currently sit.  However, Bri Martin returns to action on Saturday and this will definitely give us a boost as last season she was right with Carlie.  I don't expect that to happen quickly but over time she will definitely help us.  Cameron Martella (#6) and Laina Thomson rounded out our varsity 7.

On the JV side 9 of our gals had season best times!

Team Scores - boys TCW, TCC, Alpena, Cadillac, Gaylord, Petoskey
girls  TCC, Cadillac, TCW, Alpena, Petoskey Gaylord

With TCC and TCW and Cadillac all ranked in the top 10 in the state we are doing just fine competing with Petoskey and have now come out on top of them twice.  We also are edging closer to Cadillac on the boys side.

full results here FULL RESULTS

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Big North Meet #2 and Saginaw Week

Great workouts last week, a break from racing and back at it this week.  Our 6x800m + 400m was an amazing effort on Friday - well done people!!

Hopefully you're getting in an easy 20-45 minutes today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday).

Here are our week workouts for this week.


Tues Oct 4  Big North Conference meet #2 - same teams as we saw at Alpena, which is tough competition.  This meet is on the hilly TCCentral XC course at Courtade Elementary - parents can google directions easily.  Same format as last time  BOYS ALL at 4pm, GIRLS ALL at 430 or 440pm.  Should be back to GHS about 730pm.  Bus will depart GHS 1:30pm, you are excused at 1:15pm.

Wed Oct 5  Easy 30-45 minutes

Thurs Oct 6  1x800m race pace, 6x 400m race pace.  This is called a "cruise interval" day.  Simply meant to help you "feel" race pace.  It will not be hard as we have a race Saturday.

Friday Oct 7 Easy 30 minute run after we are in the parade, or maybe before we are in the parade.  Tentatively planning on us delivering the football in to the stadium to start the football game at 7pm.

Saturday Oct 8  Saginaw Invitational -  ALL INFORMATION HERE  SAGINAW INFORMATION   Bus will depart GHS EARLY - 600am departure.  MAKE NOTE THIS IS A NEW TIME - I HAD TO CHANGE TIME TO 30 MINUTES EARLIER SO WE MAKE OUR RACE ON TIME!!   This is a FAST COURSE and our first real opportunity to crank out a FAST time.  Bus should arrive back at GHS 230pm - 3pm.

Sunday Oct 9 OFF REST

Monday Oct 10 - same as Monday Oct 3 Mr. Warren and I have staff meetings we must attend.  You will be on your own.  I'd really like a LONGER-ISH distance day.  JV - full 40 minutes, Varsity 1 hour of running.

Monday, September 26, 2016

PARENT INFORMATION - home invitational Oct 22 and regionals Oct 29

I posted this on facebook in a group chat, but I know some parents do not have facebook so I am also posting here....  here is a link to the time schedule for our home invitational Home Invite Information

Hello GHSXC parents - Just a quick note here from Coach Jeff Kalember - our home invitational is coming up quickly and once again I'd like your help. We host over 1000 runners and 1000 spectators to our home meet on Oct 22nd, and then again on Oct 29th for regionals. I need help with concessions, packet hand out to coaches, parking, t-shirt sales and finish line. I would like to have two shifts at each area if possible so people are not stuck doing one thing all day. These big meets make us BIG $$ for the team so we can do nice things for the kids like new warmups and nice tents 🙂 Our concession stand will be much smaller this year (hot dogs, brats, candy, drinks and coffee/hot chocolate) - we will also have a "FOOD TRUCK" (happy taco) for food. If you'd like to work the concession stand, please be thinking about how we can easily cook hot dogs and brats and keep them hot! Many of you have helped in the past and know how this whole process works - if you're new we'll train you. I am tentatively planning a parent "organizing" meeting for Wednesday Oct 19th at GHS - let's say 6pm. You do not need to respond to this message in this group chat - or 32 people will get constant notifications. If you have a message for me please send it directly so everyone doesn't have to deal with notifications.

Send me a message on facebook or text me if you have any input or ideas. 989-370-0924 or email too 906jkal @gmail.com

Sunday, September 25, 2016

GHSXC grads doing well at collegiate level

Former GHSXC runner Charlend Howard was 2nd at the prestigious Roy Griak Invite in Minnesota this weekend, pacing his UW Oshkosh team to a 1st place overall finish.  As an all-stater for GHS he went 15:50 at MIS in the D2 XC finals in 2012.  He was the last GHS overall BNC conference champion.  Charlend's results here RESULTS 

In addition, the Smith twins, Alexis and Katelyn were part of Northern Michigan University's 3rd place finish at the Griak Invite.  Alexis finished as NMU's 5th girl and Katelyn was 7th.  NMU was 9th in the D2 National XC race last season and returns all runners in addition to the Smith girls.  Full results here - NMU RESULTS  The Division 2 portion of the Griak Invite featured 40 teams and almost 400 runners.