Saturday, July 21, 2018


as a THANK YOU to Michaywe, we usually do some volunteer work for them.  In the past we've painted picnic tables, weeded flower beds, and picked rocks out of sand traps.

This year they'd like help at the Michaywe Art Fair.  Need volunteers to help set up.  Here are the time slots available...

Thursday Aug 9 from 2-4pm  NEED 4 people, same day 4-6pm NEED 4 people

Saturday Aug 11 from 3-4pm NEED 4 people, and same day 4-530pm NEED 4 people.

If you'd like to help out we'd appreciate it.

contact me via text message or facebook messenger  989 370 zero nine 24 to let me know your preferred time spot.  Do this with a group of friends and make it fun.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

calling all new runners, attention

This is time of the year when you need to make a decision about joining the XC team.

We have a grand total of 24 boys and 20 girls who will definitely be on the team starting our first day August 8th, Wednesday (We meet at GMS).  Will you be one of those who joins us???

I remember when my friends said to me "Hey you should join cross country with us."  I had no idea what cross country even was... i was scared, i didnt know the high school kids.  I had all kinds of excuses why I shouldn't do it.  I didnt run middle school cross country or middle school track.  But, I knew there was no way I was joining football (too scared of those big guys running into me and crunching me and hurting me) so I decided to give it a shot.

The first day was TERRIBLE.  We ran 4 miles.  About the 1.5 mile mark i was breathing hard and about ready to have a heart attack and die so I hid in the woods.  When they all turned around and came back past I jumped back in and followed them back to the school.  That was day one.  Terrible.  I stuck with it and gradually got in shape, gradually felt better, gradually realized that every day was not "hard" and we often just trotted along at a nice pace and could talk and joke and relax with our friends.  Practice eventually became an escape from the stresses of the rest of the world.  I didn't have to worry about homework or chores, or other assorted crap kids have to deal with.  Just me and friends and a run.  Can you imagine running being relaxing?  When you get "in shape" that's what it is like.  And, that's what I hope you'll eventually see also.

Well, I made it through my freshman year - as our 14th fastest runner on a team of 20 boys.  Not bad for a noob who didnt know anything about running.  As a sophomore, 8th fastest, as a junior 4th fastest, as a senior 2nd best on the team.  Getting good at running is a progression - it takes YEARS to get "good."  But we'll take you and help you learn to get better and faster and just learn to enjoy running.

See you next Wednesday at GMS, 6pm!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

JULY 11th????????????????????????????????????



1.  You need 4 Wednesday Aspen runs with the team to qualify to go to team camp.  If you're not going to make 4 of them then team camp is probably not for you unless you've made some other arrangements with me.

2.  You need to have logged your summer miles -- on paper, 80 miles for new runners and 120 for returning runners to qualify for team camp.  You have until August 20th to get these miles in so even if you have been super lazy so far you can easily still make it.

3.  Someone asked me about the Alpenfest run the other day -- their question was "Are we required to run the Alpenfest run to go to camp?"  Absolutely not!  I do like people to do the Alpenfest run if they have the time and the $$ for the entry fee, but it is not required.  All that is required is that you can run a 5k in under 30 minutes to go to camp.  Everyone on the team last year did that.  All new runners can do this at any time on their own.

4.  300 mile club sweatshirts -  If you have completed an HONEST 300 miles by the time team camp rolls around you qualify for a 300 mile club sweatshirt.  Please let me know via email or facebook message that you'll make it and what size you'd like.  If you do not let me know I won't order you one.  Last year I think we had some people who "stretched it" a bit when recording their summer miles.  If you don't get what I'm saying here .... I think some people lied about running summer miles.  If you really really want a sweatshirt I will also order some "I wish I'd run 300 miles" sweatshirts for you, don't lie about it.

5.  Stay hydrated and eat well - water and good food make you run better and feel better.  8-9 hours of sleep is also crucial. 

6.  This is the time of summer to start ramping up your training some.  Here is a good sample week of training.
Monday - go longer, beginners 3-5 miles.  Varsity 6-9 miles.
Tuesday - easy and short, beginners 2-3 miles, varsity 4-6 miles.
Wed - 2 mile warmup,  then hills x 8, or 20 minutes hard, or 2x1 mile hard, or "fartlek" and then 2 miles easy.
Thursday - easy and short
Friday - easy and short
Saturday - go LONG, beginners 4-6 miles.  Varsity 8-10 miles.
Sunday OFF

This is s total of 22-26 miles for beginners and 40-45 miles for varsity.  Just a suggestion for those of you looking for direction.

see you at GMS at 6pm tonight!!


Thursday, June 7, 2018


How does someone become "GREAT" at running?

Greatness starts with a special skill.  This skill is not what you'd think it would be when you think about greatness.  A lot of people think that to be GREAT you must be a physically talented athlete.  To be great you must be highly intelligent.  To be great you have to be born with these physical and mental talents.  Well, in the running world this is not true.  To be "GREAT" in the running world the skill that you need is GRIT and DETERMINATION.

In the running world you do not get "GREAT" overnight.  It takes years and years of non-stop training, dedication, grit and determination to reach lofty goals.  I have seen middle school runners who were very average become all-regional, all-conference, and even all-state using grit and determination.

If I took 1000 non-athlete students of a randomly selected group of 16 year olds out to the track right now there would be some students who were very fast sprinters.  These students did not train to be fast sprinters, they just ARE fast sprinters.  Now, if I had the same group of 1000 non-athlete students out to run 3 miles, none would fare well.  Why?  It requires hours and hours and weeks and weeks and months and months and years to becomes  a "good" distance runner.

If you have grit and determination and desire and dedication (and little athletic skill) you can still become great at it.  You can beat the people who are lazy and do not want to work hard.  There are no shortcuts to becoming a runner.

We had our first Aspen run yesterday June 6th.  These people in the picture are the people who have devoted themselves to becoming "great"!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gaylord XC Summer Running!!


WEDNESDAYS 6PM STARTING June 6th, then 13th, 20th, 27th, July 11th, July 18th, July 25, August 1st.  That's 8, yes eight, total dates for summer runs.  You must attend 4 of these if you wish to attend team camp.  Also you must complete 120 miles of running total from June 1-August 19th.  Or 1.5 miles per day.  If 1.5 miles per day is too much of a commitment then XC is not for you.

NEW RUNNERS - incoming freshmen or GHS people new to the team.  You must run 80 miles in 80 days (June 1-Aug 19) or 1 mile per day to be eligible for team camp.  In addition you must come to 4 summer Wed runs.

You do not need to do either of these to be "on the team."  To be on the team, just come to practice starting August 8th, 9am, at GMS.  You will need a physical before you attend practice. 

Obviously you've read this so you know about our website, but be sure to check out 
Remind – I use this text messaging service to send out information regularly  send the message @mrkalembe to the number 81010 and you are automatically signed up.


Monday Aug 20 - Leave GHS 9am, Cut River Bridge, Grand Marais, Dunes Run, Munising, camp set up and a challenge or two.

Tuesday Aug 21 - up and at 'em, the WORLDS BEST 10 MILE RUN (OR 5.5 MILES IF YOU'RE NOT READY).  Senior Rock!  Blueberries, and rivers and lakes.  Afternoon swim at SAND POINT and a WATERFALL EXPLORATION TRIP THAT IS NEW.

Wed. Aug 22 - the 4th partially semi-biannual GHSXC 5k.  T-shirts for varsity, T-shirts for JV, prizes to those with PERFECT SPLITS (10 second leeway).  Afterward a long cool down and a lunch.  Challenges, more food then SWIMMING AT MINERS BEACH.  Special EVENING SURPRISE!!!!!

Thursday Aug 23 - Mackinac Island

Friday, May 25, 2018


I am still taking applicants for the positions of team captain.

Forms are in my room at GHS.  Simply pick up a form, fill it out, return to me by Wed May 30.  Your fellow athletes will vote at our team meeting next week Thursday May 31 in my room right after school.  At this meeting we will discuss summer training, goals, team activities and team camp.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

GHSXC 2018

Welcome to GHSXC 2018

1.  We will have applications for TEAM CAPTAIN available in May.  We will then vote for team captains at our summer meeting in the first week of June 2018.

2.  Summer runs will be at Aspen Park on Wednesdays as usual for summer 2018 but WE WILL PARK AT THE GAYLORD MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Park in the back of the school in the lot.  We just have too many cars at the regular Aspen Parking lot near the tennis courts.  It is a short 300m jog over the trails at Aspen from here.  In fact, there is a trail through the woods by the old "ropes course" that we will use.

3.  Official practice starts AUGUST 8th.  Clear your work schedule and make sure you are ready to practice at 9am at Aspen Park (park at Middle School) on Aug 8,9,10 and Aug 13,14,15,16,17.  All at 9am and every day at GMS.  YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL TO ATTEND PRACTICE.  THERE IS A FREE (or at least super cheap)  PHYSICAL EVERY SPRING OFFERED BY GHS/OMH SO TRY TO ATTEND IT.

4.  Team Camp dates are Aug 20-23  Monday through Thursday with our normal schedule of events.  Team camp is the best part of our season, please plan on attending.

5.  I have had a request that we go back to the Portage Invite for a weekend trip and I am trying to get us into the MSU invite for 2018.

6.  Do not miss practice in August.  Official practice starts August 8th.  If you are planning on running it is crucially important you are at every practice, every day.  If you are a new runner to the high school team you can start any day.  If you are a returning runner to the team you are expected to be there on Aug 8th and every day thereafter.  Example.  Andrew Quaal ran XC last year.  He skips the first week of practice and has to work the second week of practice.  This is not acceptable.  If he misses more than 5 days of practice he'll be asked to leave the team.  Suzy Q Runner ran middle school for GMS and is undecided if she wants to join high school XC.  She is on vacation with her family all August and misses team camp but comes to the first practice on the first day of school.  Is this ok?  absolutely yes. New runners can join the team anytime.  Returning runners must be at practice daily.