Tuesday, May 1, 2018

GHSXC 2018

Welcome to GHSXC 2018

1.  We will have applications for TEAM CAPTAIN available in May.  We will then vote for team captains at our summer meeting in the first week of June 2018.

2.  Summer runs will be at Aspen Park on Wednesdays as usual for summer 2018 but WE WILL PARK AT THE GAYLORD MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Park in the back of the school in the lot.  We just have too many cars at the regular Aspen Parking lot near the tennis courts.  It is a short 300m jog over the trails at Aspen from here.  In fact, there is a trail through the woods by the old "ropes course" that we will use.

3.  Official practice starts AUGUST 8th.  Clear your work schedule and make sure you are ready to practice at 9am at Aspen Park (park at Middle School) on Aug 8,9,10 and Aug 13,14,15,16,17.  All at 9am and every day at GMS.  YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL TO ATTEND PRACTICE.  THERE IS A FREE (or at least super cheap)  PHYSICAL EVERY SPRING OFFERED BY GHS/OMH SO TRY TO ATTEND IT.

4.  Team Camp dates are Aug 20-23  Monday through Thursday with our normal schedule of events.  Team camp is the best part of our season, please plan on attending.

5.  I have had a request that we go back to the Portage Invite for a weekend trip and I am trying to get us into the MSU invite for 2018.

6.  Do not miss practice in August.  Official practice starts August 8th.  If you are planning on running it is crucially important you are at every practice, every day.  If you are a new runner to the high school team you can start any day.  If you are a returning runner to the team you are expected to be there on Aug 8th and every day thereafter.  Example.  Andrew Quaal ran XC last year.  He skips the first week of practice and has to work the second week of practice.  This is not acceptable.  If he misses more than 5 days of practice he'll be asked to leave the team.  Suzy Q Runner ran middle school for GMS and is undecided if she wants to join high school XC.  She is on vacation with her family all August and misses team camp but comes to the first practice on the first day of school.  Is this ok?  absolutely yes. New runners can join the team anytime.  Returning runners must be at practice daily.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


for 2018 I am looking at getting the team some NICE Sporthill running pants.  These pants are comfortable (not tights, more loosely fitting) warm and super functional.

I have 2 pair of XSMALL
2 pair of SMALL
and 2 pair MEDIUM.

I'd some people to stop by and pick up a pair and run in them for a week or two then bring them back clean and give me some feedback - in other words do you like them?  do you think the team will like them, sizing seem appropriate?  etc.

stop by my classroom Thursday/Friday and check out a pair!!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Hey all - remember the XC banquet is Thursday Nov 9th at GHS in the commons area, 6pm.  We will have subway subs for dinner - I have subs for 150 people so bring your appetite and your family!!

In addition we will have cake for dessert.  Eat Cake!! 

I have plenty of plates and forks and cups.

If you would like to bring some drinks that'd be great - maybe a gallon of milk, a gallon of chocolate milk, a 2L of pepsi or your favorite drink.  Not mandatory, but we will not provide drinks.

I will not argue if some mom/dad wants to make their favorite dessert to put out alongside the cake.

About 640pm we'll move to the auditorium for the awards and slideshow!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


for 2018 we will have an "application" for you to fill out if you are interested in becoming a team captain.  These applications will be available sometime this spring and I will let everyone know via a remind text how they can get an app.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

end of the season information

1.  Still want to race???  There is a 5k, a 1k "hill climb" (think Tribute) and a 13.1 mile half marathon this weekend out at Treetops.  It is called the "Treetops Trifecta" -- you can do one race or sign up for all three races to try to "win the crown" for the best cumulative time.  I know the race director and he's set up a $10 discount code GAYLORDXC if you're interested in the race.

Here is a link to the race information http://www.greatlakesendurance.com/michigan-races/treetops-trifecta/race-information/592-treetops-trifecta.html

2.  Turn in your jackets by Friday.  You can keep your shorts, your jersey and your adidas black tights!!  I am looking into buying some very nice running "pants" for next season.

3.  Banquet next week Thursday November 9th, 6pm GHS for dinner, get your awards, your varsity letters and certificates, your "picture book", followed by Subway for dinner and desserts by our culinary classes.  Then a pretty neat slideshow.

4.  On Saturday coach Warren and I will be going down to Ohio to watch former GHSXC runner Katelyn Smith compete with the #17th ranked NMU Wildcats in the Division 2 XC regional race.  The wildcats can qualify for the NCAA championships for the second year in a row with a good race.  Currently Katelyn is the #2 runner for NMU and holds the NMU 5k record of 17:18.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

D 2 XC regionals


Full results with times.

Cambrie Smith missed  being all-conference by one place and today she missed being all-regional by one place (4 seconds)  During the season she had many performances that looked like she had a shot at all-regional and possibly all-state but her asthma and a viral or bacterial lung infection in the last 2 weeks caught up with her.  While it is disappointing, I urged her to use this as fuel for the fire for next season.  She is an amazing runner and has 3 more years to qualify for the state meet.  #2 Cameron Martella was also just off "all-regional" honors and had a near season best time.  #3 girl Mya Legel again had a personal best time of the season, taking over 20 seconds off last weekends NMXCC time.  Mya came into the season with no running/racing experience and has developed into a solid varsity runner.  I am looking forward to seeing what a summer of running miles and a year of experience will do for her 2018 campaign.  Amanda Keysor was solid in our #4 position and Nadia Keller came through with a season best time in 5th position.  Mackenzie Massey and Zoe Palmer rounded out our varsity.  Zoe, a senior, has worked hard to earn her varsity position with tireless miles and a great attitude.  She does not complain and always gives her all and today, in her last race, she was just 2 seconds off her personal best time.

On the boys side all 7 of our boys had season best times and we return 5 of the 7 varsity runners for our 2018 campaign.  Andrew Quaal led the team with a solid time of 1720 -- a season and personal best.  I urged Andrew and the other boys to make sure that next season we START with these times and improve from here.  If we can do that we will be a top 5 team next season.  #2 Nick Green also had a season/personal best time at 1730.  Nick is a hard worker and has the ability to be low 17's next season, possibly the 16's with Andrew.  #3 man Jordan McDuffie came through with a solid sub 18 minute performance.  Jordan has improved immensely from his 2016 season and battled dealing with type 1 diabetes to boot.  He is a positive thinker and hard worker and we will miss him next season.  #4 man Jon Thorold had a season best but I think he has more in him.  Jon will be a solid 1730 guy for us next season - he needs to work on his speed a bit and hopefully with a good track season he'll be tuned up for XC in 2018 and start in the 17's.  Kade Dalson, only a freshman, was again our #5 man - He will be a force to be reckoned with next season and I think he could possibly challenge Andrew/Nick for the #1 position.  He had no middle school running experience and a summer of good miles will really help him.  Senior Mason Monchilov had a season best time to end his XC career.  A soccer transfer, Mason has been on and off the varsity for the past few seasons but really turned it on here in the last month to become a solid varsity runner.  We will miss Mason and Jordan next year but they've been a great set of role models on the team for our younger runners.  Jacob Book was our #7 today, only a sophomore, Jacob has gained valuable experience for next year after moving up from our JV.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Parents and JV and Varsity kids all have jobs to make our regional XC meet go off.  This will earn us about $1000 more in concession stand $$ for the team.

Races start at 10am with D4 girls, then 1030 D3 girls, then 11am D4 boys and 1130am D3 boys.

Then a break to get warm.

Then  division 2 (GHSXC) girls at 2pm and division 2 boys at 230pm.

If your name is not listed below and you can help just message me!! thanks!

2017 regionals  Saturday Oct 28th
730 am Chris McKenzie picks up coffee
8-10am Parking Bryce Zack F, Jacob T, Zack O, Kellen Minyon and Mrs Killian and Mrs Thorold and Mary Steele,  Collect $5 per person or $10 for a car. 
10-1130am – Jude, Carsen, Lincoln, Chase, Parker and Parents McDuffie, Mastenbrook, Miller
1130-120 – Zack B, Quentin, Ian fox, Cam Mead  and Parents Ron Mead, Pete Thomasma and Jerry Kole
After 120pm – let cars in free and go watch Gaylord race

Packet pickup – 8-10am all D3/D4 teams arrive – Parents Henley, Dalson, Johnson, Zaremba hand out packets,  D2 teams will arrive later probably 1130-12noon.

Concessions ----  Christl Keller helping whenever and wherever
9-1030am  Remi, Autumn, Gemma, Megan P, Jon Steele, parents GREEN, Martella, Keysor, Anthony
1030-12noon  Zoe P, Laina, Courtney Z, Kenny, Parents  Pomarzynski, Zaremba, Robel
12noon-2pm   Donnevon, Chase, Carsen, Jude and Parents Green, Peterson, Sharkey, Sheahen

Finish Line – Coach Warren, Kalember, Desloover, Book, Mr Wilson

D2 girls race 130pm – afterward girls help clean up concession area
D2 boys race 2pm – afterward boys help clean up garbage with Mr. Keller and me

Race schedule

10am D4 girls, 1030am D3 girls, 11am  D4 boys, 1130am D3 boys   -- BREAK    130pm D2 girls, 2pm D2 boys