Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hey all, i know I made this as an XC website but xc runners do track to so thought I'd add this. Big win by the girls track team yesterday at SVSU. 9 team track invitational and we won. Savannah Hypio was the big point winner showing off her sprint speed. XC runners CAN sprint.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I want UR input !!

So XC runners ... I want your input. For next CC season TEAM CAMP I'm thinking about having some requirements before you (or anyone) is allowed to go.

Right now, here is what i think.

To go to camp you must ...
1. Attend at least 2 of our Wednesday night runs at Aspen Park. There are 9 total.
2. Meet a mileage requirement between June 9th and August 11th. This is 9 weeks. Incoming freshmen/sophomores and new runners must run a total of 90 miles in training (10 miles per week). Juniors and Seniors must run a total of 135 miles (15 miles per week)
3. Be in regular contact with coach by COMMENTING this blog, or emailing coach directly. (At least 9 posts to the blog or 9 emails - one per week, updating me on how your training is going)
4. Attend ONE road race in northern Michigan - obviously the Alpenfest is your best bet.

I want to motivate people to run over the summer and I feel that attending camp should be a PRIVILEGE. The only way i can think of to make it a privilege is to attach some responsibility to it.

Will this make people run? I think it will.
Will this make your camp more enjoyable? Yes, you'll already be in pretty good shape.
Will this cut some people out of attending camp? maybe, but do we want those people there anyway?? We don't want to overwhelm new people ...

If you DONT do these things over the summer then you don't go to camp and your practice simply starts on August 18th...



Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, today during track practice i took a run over to watch the middle school kids practice. I talked with mr. mendolia and ms. broadway about our distance prospects for next year and urged them to pass along the information about our upcoming TGIS 5k race (april 19th downtown). I made a point of talking to several 8th grade boys AND girls and things look promising... only 122 days to XC SEASON '08 starts!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

ONLY 123

Only 123 days until XC TEAM CAMP 2008. The XC season for our boys and girls teams is four months off, get training now !!


Hey all, i've just created the first GAYLORDXC blog!! I hope to use this to keep you updated on current information about the Gaylord High School Cross Country Team. I'll post results, pics, workouts, race summaries, etc here as the season and summer progress. Stay tuned! coach