Sunday, April 13, 2008

I want UR input !!

So XC runners ... I want your input. For next CC season TEAM CAMP I'm thinking about having some requirements before you (or anyone) is allowed to go.

Right now, here is what i think.

To go to camp you must ...
1. Attend at least 2 of our Wednesday night runs at Aspen Park. There are 9 total.
2. Meet a mileage requirement between June 9th and August 11th. This is 9 weeks. Incoming freshmen/sophomores and new runners must run a total of 90 miles in training (10 miles per week). Juniors and Seniors must run a total of 135 miles (15 miles per week)
3. Be in regular contact with coach by COMMENTING this blog, or emailing coach directly. (At least 9 posts to the blog or 9 emails - one per week, updating me on how your training is going)
4. Attend ONE road race in northern Michigan - obviously the Alpenfest is your best bet.

I want to motivate people to run over the summer and I feel that attending camp should be a PRIVILEGE. The only way i can think of to make it a privilege is to attach some responsibility to it.

Will this make people run? I think it will.
Will this make your camp more enjoyable? Yes, you'll already be in pretty good shape.
Will this cut some people out of attending camp? maybe, but do we want those people there anyway?? We don't want to overwhelm new people ...

If you DONT do these things over the summer then you don't go to camp and your practice simply starts on August 18th...




andrew said...

i think that some requirements are a great idea, i only have a problem with the regular contact through blogs or email. i guarantee freshman and new runners will not feel like taking the time out of their day just to send an email. i know i personally probably wouldnt do it just because im rarely on the computer. i think that mileage requirements are a great idea though so that people come in with some sort of a base.

amber said...

coach...i agree with andrew. some people not even have the opportunity to get online. i think if they are coming to wednesdays and that that should be communication enough. and sammy, andrew, and i are going to be having lots of weekend runs and we'll be in touch with people too. some freshman might also be intimidated by talkin to u and it might make them feel uncomfortable...idk....just some thoughts. mileage=good.

32 degrees said...

thanks for the INPUT !! I'll remove that requirement.

32 degrees said...

thanks for the INPUT !! I'll remove that requirement.