Saturday, May 31, 2008


Here is everyones email and phone number so if you need to get a hold of someone or are looking for someone to run with you can find 'em !! coach.

Amber Kassuba 989-370-

Samantha Hunt 732-0994

Ally Vale 732-2522

Alyssa Ziemba 731-6929

Savannah Hypio 732-2822

Kayleigh O’Connor 370-4117

Amanda Olds 231-

Grace Lemon

Krystin Dreyer 231-

Anna Kassuba 989

Sarah Drummond 731-5021

Molly Lindholm 231-585-

Olivia Deans 705-8269

Paige Hypio 732-2282

Dawn Pagels 370-1360

Megan Borgeson 732-0514

Kellie Sehl 731-1273

Nicole Wehner 705-2619

Madeline Therese Wright
734-277-3141 and her email is

Caroline Grace Wright
Her cellphone is 734-216-3113 and her email is

Andrew Olds 12 231-546-3921

Dan Sharrard 12 732-7331

Jacob Armstrong 12 989-619-0577

David Wujek 12 732-7622

Kevin Vickers 12 350-0526

Andy Cope 12 731-6461

Colin O’Neill 11 731-4329

Jayden Hesselink 11 732-5920

Caleb Parker 11 448-8072

Chris Buckler 731-0960

Bryan Slocum 10 939-7763

Zac Wagar 10 732-4038

Caleb Wagar 10 732-4038

Cody Smith 10 731-1250

Wade McMillion 10 705-2315

Ryan Zimmerman 10 705-1017

Andy Frakes 10 732-5428

James Ryan 10 732-8653

Jacob Metzger 732-7063

Sean Hope 9 546-4072

Jacob Pasternak 9 705-7771

Lucas Avenall 9 732-8111

Matt Kimmell 9 546-6534

Zack Kammeyer 9 731-5191

Justin Minor 9 732-3709

Joe Jones 484-858-

Sunday, May 25, 2008


On THURSDAY May 29th we'll have a meeting for HIGH SCHOOL XC RUNNERS during ACTIVITY PERIOD in my classroom - 120 ... I'll hand out information for summer running, explain the new rules to qualify to go to team camp, etc etc. cya there. coach.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


CHECK OUT THAT PICTURE !!! This is our seniors from last XC season on my favorite place on earth. Its the GRAND PORTAL in the UP where we go for XC camp. Sweet huh?

Well, its just around the corner. Summer running. Summer running should be fast, then slow, then easy then hard then fun then hot then whatever you want it to be. don't worry about times or distances or when or who, just run. As a general rule be sure to go EASY EASY EASY about 90% of the time. If you really really feel good and want to push the pace then go for it, but take a couple days of EASY running after before you go hard again. Our ASPEN runs will start up on JUNE 10th. 6pm. Cya there! coach

Monday, May 12, 2008


thanks to AMBER and ANDREW I've decided to change the camp requirements.

To go to camp you must ...
1. Attend at least HALF of our Aspen runs ( i think there are 8 total )
2. Meet a mileage requirement between June 9th and August 11th. This is 9 weeks. Incoming freshmen/sophomores and new runners must run a total of 90 miles in training (10 miles per week). Juniors and Seniors must run a total of 135 miles (15 miles per week)

that's it plain and simple.
comment please !!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Alma results

hey all, alma results up for everyone who participated.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


we'll be having a CC team meeting during activity period soon ... and I"m going over to the Middle school for our recruiting trip in a couple weeks ... and I just put together your summer packet of information ... i'm getting excited.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ch ch ch changes ...

Hey - more input wanted. I want to drop the MSU invite from our schedule and add in a bigger invitational. The Don Baese Carson City Invitational is the last saturday in September - I"d like to add it into our schedule and take out MSU.

MSU bugs me. We're not in race shape yet. It always conflicts with CLARE (just two days before). Last year we got lumped in with the big schools and should have won D2 but couldnt because we had to compete in the large school race. MSU means missing a whole day of school, with Carson City we dont miss school...

Carson City is the second largest meet in the state after Portage ... and its the week before portage. What do you think?