Thursday, June 5, 2008


someone asked the other day ... HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR CAMP? Scroll down a few posts and you'll see the requirements to go to TEAM CAMP. Its pretty simple. 1. Attend at least 5 of our 10 planned runs (check your calendar in your CC packet.) and 2. LOG some summer miles (90 for fresh/soph/new runner or 135 for junior/seniors) When i say LOG them i mean DO the miles and write it on your calendar. I will collect these at the team camp meeting scheduled for August 5th. The cost of camp last year was $80 and it might go up just a bit because gas prices are so high. the $80 covers camping fees, food, T-shirt, snacks, drinks, and ferry ride to Mackinac Island. You will have to pay only for one dinner (wed. night of camp).

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