Tuesday, July 29, 2008


1. You must have at least 5 summer practices you have attended to be eligible to attend team camp with us on Aug 11-14. If you did NOT attend 5 practices and want to go to team camp please contact me about a make up practice time.
2. You must have logged at least 90 summer miles if you are a fresh/soph/new runner or 135 miles if you are a junior/senior. Logged means that you have done it and written it down on a calendar.
3. You must have a PHYSICAL to attend team camp.
4. You must have signed the parent consent form to attend team camp.
5. You must have your parents attend the team camp MEETING at 6pm on August 5th at GHS.

email me if you have questions - COACH - kalember AT chartermi.net

Sunday, July 20, 2008



Where: Munising Michigan, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Campground – Munising Tourist Park Campground (906) 387-3145
Coach’s Cell Phone – (989) 370-0924

Cost: I will collect $90 from each participant on Aug. 15 before we get in the vehicles !! – PLEASE NO CHECKS – CASH ONLY – IF YOU MUST DO A CHECK MAKE IT OUT TO ME, JEFF KALEMBER, SO WE CAN CASH IT BEFORE WE LEAVE. This cost covers camping fees, a camp T-shirt, ferry to the Island, gas, food, snacks, etc. The money you pay will also cover lunch and dinner each day – you will provide your own breakfast (cereal is what most people do) and you will also pay for your own DINNER Wednesday and lunch Thursday (lunch on Mackinac Island). If the $90 fee is too much for you, please talk to me privately -- this fee should not prevent anyone from attending camp. In addition to the registration cost, you should have some spending money for snacks, souvenirs, etc. (Just so you know where your $90 goes here is a list of expenses per athlete – Tshirt $10, gas $15, ferry to Mac. Island $15, camping fees $10 – food $40) Any leftover money will be divided up and returned to runners !! Usually we have NO money left over and have to use a portion of our fund-raising money to cover costs for camp. It’s not cheap to feed and transport 20+ kids around for 4 days!!

Parent volunteers:

In addition to me, we have the Hunts, Kassubas, and Lisa Dreyer as parent chaperones. Parent volunteers responsibilities include shuttling camp participants to trails, grocery shopping, helping to organize meals, and enjoying the beauty of Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula. Your help is really appreciated; this wouldn’t be possible without you! There is NO charge for parents who attend and we’ll feed you and pay your gas money! It’s like a mini vacation for you ! If you are a parent and cannot go this year – think about next year!! We can always use extra help.

Don’t forget !!

• Parents: thanks so much for your help !
• Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday breakfast – EVERYONE MUST BRING THEIR OWN BREAKFAST FOR 3 MORNINGS! Last year most people just brought along a box of their favorite cereal. (WE WILL PROVIDE THE MILK) Breakfast will also include fruits, juice, bagels, etc provided by your $90 camp fees.
• WEDNESDAY dinner & THURSDAY lunch – you need to have your own $$
• No headphones, walkmans allowed out during the DAY, but it is fine to listen to music in your tent when you are going to bed (after 10pm).
• All school rules apply.
• Camp is a POSITIVE experience. We do not run FAST, but we do go a long ways. Get yourself in shape and be prepared to run. More importantly, be prepared to “bond” with your team. A team that plays together is a team that runs harder for their teammates. NO whining allowed.

Our tentative schedule

Monday August 11 - 9:00 am: Meet at GHS, front parking lot
9:05 am: Drive to Munising !
*******Have a BAG lunch/snacks for the ride up – light with plenty of liquids.
1:00 pm: Set up camp, tents, get organized, quick dive in Lake Superior to cool off.
1-2pm Subway Lunch for snacking on …
2:00pm : TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competitions # 1 – “Coach needs help.”
3pm Head out to Munising Falls for RUN #1 – run from 330pm to 5 pm
530pm: Run done, back to campground.
6pm Clean up, shower
6-7:00 pm: Pizza for dinner
8pm – TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #2 – “Balance and Endurance”
9pm boys meeting
930pm girls meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 12 – 8:00 am: Up at and at’em – light breakfast, liquids
9:00 am: off to our run
10am – Arrive Chapel Area – start 10 mile loop run (6 mile if you’re new to team)
(this is a BEAUTIFUL, great run, bring a water bottle – this is REQUIRED, camera?)
1:30pm – run done, back to campground
2pm - late lunch, sandwiches, chips
2-5pm Beach time at Autrain – a river and world’s best beach, volleyball !
5:00 pm: Dinner – hot dogs and hamburgers on the fire !
6pm TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #3 – “Important XC trivia challenge”
630-830 Free time – football on beach? Swimming?
830pm TEAM CAMP SURVIVOR Competition #4 – “Do you know your teammates?”
9:00 pm: Boys team meeting
9:30 pm: Girls team meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 13. 9:00 am: light breakfast, lots of liquids
10:00 am: Potato Patch to Mosquito Run -
12:30 pm: Lunch, back at CHAPEL BEACH
2:00 pm: Beach Football game.
5:00: Dinner ON YOUR OWN IN TOWN – HAVE YOUR OWN $$$$$$$
6-8pm Free time in town – harbor, downtown - CONCERT or surprise.
8:00 TEAM SURVIVOR COMPETITION #5 “Scavenger Hunt”
9:30 Girls meeting followed by boys meeting.

Thursday, Aug 14 8:00 am: up, pack up camp, hit the road for Mackinac Island
11:00 am: In Mackinac City and to Island
12 noon: Run around Mackinac Island
2:00 pm – Lunch, and free time until we leave the Island at 5PM
5:00 pm – Ferry off Island
7:00 pm – Arrive GHS parking lots for parent pickup

FRIDAY Aug 15 NO official practice – you SHOULD run on your own
Monday Aug 20 Practice at 9am at ASPEN PARK !!??

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Alpenfest 5k

WOW !! That's the most GHS XC runners we've ever had at the Alpenfest run ! Wahoo and great job to all. Remember, its a LONG ways to November and the STATE FINALS and that's our focus. Its only July so we still have 107 days to prepare to run your FASTEST 5k possible. How do you run your best 5k? You run and run and run and run hills and run slow and run fast and run fast and run slow and run hills and run some more. Its actually pretty simple but few people have the mental toughness to do it 6 days per week. Keep at it ! I"ll post results after i find them on www.runmichigan.com They will post a bunch of pictures on that website too.

(free slurpee from coach for Andrew, Jayden, Bryan - nice finish Bryan !)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


to anyone that beats coach at the ALPENFEST 5k, this includes any current or former gaylord XC runners. I think i'm good for 18:30 or so ... so you better be fast to get me. Don't forget, practice FRIDAY is at 9am at Aspen, we'll run the Alpenfest course. All the rest of the practices are at 6pm. July 28th - at 6pm at aspen, and August 5th - 6pm at GHS. The August 5th practice is also our PARENT MEETING. Anyone planning to go to camp needs to have their parent(s) attend this meeting. I've emailed out the information but will also have hard copies to hand out at the meeting.

We've had 5 scheduled runs so far this summer. Friday (July 18th), the Alpenfest run, July 28th, July 30th, and August 5th are our last five. BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE DONE AT LEAST 5 OF THEM SO YOU CAN GO TO CAMP !!

Also, make sure you've been writing down your miles. I'll collect these at the PARENT MEETING on August 5th at GHS.

Last thing - we can't use the BAND TRAILER this year. Does anyone have a COVERED, ENCLOSED trailer we could use? Or do you know someone who has one that would allow us to use it for four days ???? Having it covered makes our lives much easier.

cya Friday and at the Saturday race !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MOST VOTES WINS 9am or 6pm ??

The week after TEAM CAMP - August 17-18-19-20-21 I have scheduled practice for 9am. This is the last week where i'm flexible with practice times. I can go at 9am OR at 6pm. If you want to sleep in you better put up your vote here by voting 6pm. If you want 9am vote it up here too. either way LET ME KNOW !!!! email or post here. coach

Friday, July 11, 2008


VOLITION - What's that ??????????

The power of choosing or determining: Will

Choice of thought and action

Preference to maintain path you have chosen

Determination to go on—“no matter what”

Will to “stay the course” and succeed

Success in Cross Country results only from successful training and racing efforts.

These progressive efforts require;

hard work,

determination, and

intentional choice to focus on the

positive potential in yourself, other individuals and in the team.

From Mr. Herb Lindsay (Fremont XC coach and all around amazing runner)

Mr. Lindsay just emailed me the above quotes today. The words sum up what it takes to become a runner who meets his/her goals. Does hard work, determination and progressive effort mean that you will be an "all-stater" ? No. Does it mean you will be the best runner on your team? No. These words are, however, what nearly every all-stater MUST have. Without these things you have no future as a runner. With these things the possibilities are endless. With these things you will meet your goals in running and in life. With these things you will help your teammates become the best that they can be. Cross country is a unique sport. You don't need a ball, weights, a field, a hoop, fancy equipment or a team (although a team does help you get better.). All you need is heart, desire, a positive attitude, and determination = you need VOLITION. I know about 6 people on our team with TRUE volition. You know who you are. Imagine if we had all 32 of the people on on our team with VOLITION. We'd be unstoppable. Thanks for the words Mr. Lindsay. I'd have to say that back in 1981 and 1982 Herb Lindsay had volition. Google his name and you'll see what i mean.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

UPDATE !! please read !!

TEAM CAMP BEACH PIC - we'll be here on August 11th !!

Hey all, I've sent a couple of you a note about our planned MONDAY JULY 14th run. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE THERE. Mrs. K's grandmother passed away yesterday and we'll be having a big family dinner and memorial service that evening. So, if you plan on running that evening - IT WILL STILL COUNT THAT YOU WERE THERE SO PLAN ON IT !! Team captains will be there to take attendance for me.

I just got back from Munising and our team camp campsite looks great. The pictured rocks trails are amazing and i have a good website you can view if you are interested in seeing where we'll be running -- check this out -- > http://www.fishweb.com/maps/alger/pictured_rocks/munising/index.html

at the bottom of the page of pictures on the right side is a "NEXT" button to move on to the next series of pictures. We'll be running atop these gorgeous cliffs. I can't wait !!

Reminder - our FRIDAY August 18th run is at 9am at Aspen Park. It will be short (3 miles) with some stride outs for the race on Saturday. We'll simply run the alpenfest course from Aspen. Remember to sign up for the ALPENFEST RUN !! Its a good hard workout at the time in the summer when you need to start thinking a bit faster from your ordinary base (slow) running !! cya later ! Coach.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Wow, its JULY !! That means only 42 days and its TEAM CAMP !!

Here is a picture of LAST YEARS teamp camp ... what a great time.