Saturday, July 19, 2008

Alpenfest 5k

WOW !! That's the most GHS XC runners we've ever had at the Alpenfest run ! Wahoo and great job to all. Remember, its a LONG ways to November and the STATE FINALS and that's our focus. Its only July so we still have 107 days to prepare to run your FASTEST 5k possible. How do you run your best 5k? You run and run and run and run hills and run slow and run fast and run fast and run slow and run hills and run some more. Its actually pretty simple but few people have the mental toughness to do it 6 days per week. Keep at it ! I"ll post results after i find them on They will post a bunch of pictures on that website too.

(free slurpee from coach for Andrew, Jayden, Bryan - nice finish Bryan !)

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