Thursday, July 17, 2008


to anyone that beats coach at the ALPENFEST 5k, this includes any current or former gaylord XC runners. I think i'm good for 18:30 or so ... so you better be fast to get me. Don't forget, practice FRIDAY is at 9am at Aspen, we'll run the Alpenfest course. All the rest of the practices are at 6pm. July 28th - at 6pm at aspen, and August 5th - 6pm at GHS. The August 5th practice is also our PARENT MEETING. Anyone planning to go to camp needs to have their parent(s) attend this meeting. I've emailed out the information but will also have hard copies to hand out at the meeting.

We've had 5 scheduled runs so far this summer. Friday (July 18th), the Alpenfest run, July 28th, July 30th, and August 5th are our last five. BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE DONE AT LEAST 5 OF THEM SO YOU CAN GO TO CAMP !!

Also, make sure you've been writing down your miles. I'll collect these at the PARENT MEETING on August 5th at GHS.

Last thing - we can't use the BAND TRAILER this year. Does anyone have a COVERED, ENCLOSED trailer we could use? Or do you know someone who has one that would allow us to use it for four days ???? Having it covered makes our lives much easier.

cya Friday and at the Saturday race !

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