Thursday, July 10, 2008

UPDATE !! please read !!

TEAM CAMP BEACH PIC - we'll be here on August 11th !!

Hey all, I've sent a couple of you a note about our planned MONDAY JULY 14th run. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE THERE. Mrs. K's grandmother passed away yesterday and we'll be having a big family dinner and memorial service that evening. So, if you plan on running that evening - IT WILL STILL COUNT THAT YOU WERE THERE SO PLAN ON IT !! Team captains will be there to take attendance for me.

I just got back from Munising and our team camp campsite looks great. The pictured rocks trails are amazing and i have a good website you can view if you are interested in seeing where we'll be running -- check this out -- >

at the bottom of the page of pictures on the right side is a "NEXT" button to move on to the next series of pictures. We'll be running atop these gorgeous cliffs. I can't wait !!

Reminder - our FRIDAY August 18th run is at 9am at Aspen Park. It will be short (3 miles) with some stride outs for the race on Saturday. We'll simply run the alpenfest course from Aspen. Remember to sign up for the ALPENFEST RUN !! Its a good hard workout at the time in the summer when you need to start thinking a bit faster from your ordinary base (slow) running !! cya later ! Coach.

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