Friday, July 11, 2008


VOLITION - What's that ??????????

The power of choosing or determining: Will

Choice of thought and action

Preference to maintain path you have chosen

Determination to go on—“no matter what”

Will to “stay the course” and succeed

Success in Cross Country results only from successful training and racing efforts.

These progressive efforts require;

hard work,

determination, and

intentional choice to focus on the

positive potential in yourself, other individuals and in the team.

From Mr. Herb Lindsay (Fremont XC coach and all around amazing runner)

Mr. Lindsay just emailed me the above quotes today. The words sum up what it takes to become a runner who meets his/her goals. Does hard work, determination and progressive effort mean that you will be an "all-stater" ? No. Does it mean you will be the best runner on your team? No. These words are, however, what nearly every all-stater MUST have. Without these things you have no future as a runner. With these things the possibilities are endless. With these things you will meet your goals in running and in life. With these things you will help your teammates become the best that they can be. Cross country is a unique sport. You don't need a ball, weights, a field, a hoop, fancy equipment or a team (although a team does help you get better.). All you need is heart, desire, a positive attitude, and determination = you need VOLITION. I know about 6 people on our team with TRUE volition. You know who you are. Imagine if we had all 32 of the people on on our team with VOLITION. We'd be unstoppable. Thanks for the words Mr. Lindsay. I'd have to say that back in 1981 and 1982 Herb Lindsay had volition. Google his name and you'll see what i mean.

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