Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dem rulez dem rulez

In the last couple days I've had a few people tell me "coach, I have to miss practice." Not words a coach likes to hear really... but hey, it happens. First, let me review our team rule on attendance. If you look back through the team packet of information I gave all of you last spring you'll see a section about the "FIVE DAY RULE." The five day rule says that you must attend FIVE consecutive practices before you'll be allowed to compete in a CC meet. As an example, let's use our first meet at Charlevoix on Saturday Sept 6th. If you want to go to this meet then you must attend practices for FIVE consecutive days prior to this - on these dates THURSDAY Sept 28, Tuesday Sept 2nd, Wed. Sept 3rd, Thurs. Sept 4th, Friday Sept. 5th. If you miss any of these dates then you'll miss the meet. There are exceptions to this rule - family emergency, family trips, funerals, etc. The key to getting an "exception" to the rule is COMMUNICATION. Let coach know well in advance of the date that you'll miss. Going shopping is not an exception and hanging out at a friends house is not an exception. Here are some examples.

Remember – our GHS athletic department rules also apply. The athletic department rules state that if you are ABSENT from ANY PORTION of the school day school day then you are not allowed to participate in practice. This will then affect the 5 day rule we have for cross country. Exceptions to this rule are PRE-EXCUSED absences for doctor appointments, orthodontics, college visits etc. Again, communicate these pre-excused absences with COACH or the Athletic Director, Mr. Baker.

Example 1 – Johnny is tired because he was up late and had a busy week of tests and studying. He asks his parents to let him sleep in and excuse him from 1st and 2nd hour. He will not be eligible to participate in practice and will not be eligible to run in a cross country meet until he has 5 consecutive practice days.

Example 2 – Susy forget her spikes at home for the meet today so she skips 4th hour to go home and get them. Mom calls in to excuse her. She will not be eligible to participate in the meet this day and must get 5 consecutive practices before she is eligible. Mom's calling to excuse Susy does not excuse her from the rules.

Example 3 – James has an upcoming orthodontist appointment in Petoskey. He talks to his coach two days before the appointment about the situation and tells the coach that he will miss 3rd and 4th hour but he will be back for practice. He is excused and may participate in practice.

Example 4 – Jane is not feeling well at all. She comes to school but feels sick and she has a sore throat. After school she comes to practice. If I see that Jane is NOT feeling well, her practice for the day will probably be to go home and rest. This will count as an official practice day for the athlete.

Example 5 - JoeBob is not feeling well at all. He comes to school but feels sick. He tells SueBob to tell coach he's not feeling well so he went home to rest. This is a violation of the 5 day rule.

In a nutshell, we want students in school. If they are too sick to be in school then they will need several days to recover to get better. This is the reason for the five day rule.

Also, you've made a commitment to be on a TEAM at GHS. Part of this commitment is coming to EVERY practice without excuses. If this is too big of a commitment for you then XBOX is the way to go!! enjoy !!

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