Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, the GHS XC season is officially off and running... Here's the report.

day one - Castle Rock stop as usual, beautiful weather, good trip up to munising. Car switching, question studying. The questions always lead to a challenge so be sure that everyone studies next time !! Why the questions? Without a knowledge of your team history you have no basis for comparison. The team history of current and past teammates helps you realize where you fit in in the big scheme of things. After tent setup (BOYS WIN FIRST CHALLENGE) we're off to run. The 7 mile run from Munising Falls to Miner's Castle went faster than we've ever done it. The boys were done in record time with the girls close behind. Nice waterfalls, some good views, and a quick stop at the famous deadly spot. An evening of pizza, campfire, questions (girls won this challenge), and just getting to know the team you'll spend the next 3 months with.

Day 2 - Our second day in Munising is the big day for running. Its a 10 mile loop from the Chapel Parking lot down to Chapel beach, river and tree. A short break for pictures, swimming and exploring, then we're off to Grand Portal Point - the most beautiful spot on the lakeshore. We did our senior pictures here then about 4.5 miles over to Mosquito River. A quick break here then we're off for the last 1.8 miles of the run. Amanda Olds was running so well this day she decided to lead the girls off trail for another 2 miles of extra running. I was impressed. Good work Amanda.

also on this day we had challenge number three (BALANCE AND ENDURANCE)... won by Jayden Hesselink !!

Top off the day with a sweet river and beach at Autrain, complete with a bridge to jump off makes for lotsa fun.

Day 3 - Slept in a bit as today we didnt have quite as much to do... but still had a great day of running and beach exploring. Easy 6 mile run at Potato Patch/Miner's Beach to Mosquito and back. Today it was Bryan Slocum who wanted more miles. He led Wade "worth Millions" and Jake and Zack on a 10 mile run to Mosquito Falls - good work guys !!!

Day 4 - mackinac and home. Quite a shock to the system to go from camping in the most beautiful place in the world to mackinac island but its tradition. The freshmen boys completed the 8 mile in record freshman time and the girls simply enjoyed their run - cruising in all smiles. Great weather and a great end to camp.

Rest up this weekend and cya Monday 9am at Aspen Park !

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