Wednesday, August 27, 2008


first, i'd just like say GREAT JOB on a great week of practice guys and gals. Our two timed miles today were VERY fast, much faster than i thought they'd be. I hoped to catch some of you on the second one but you smoked the coach instead. I can definitely see that some of you are ready to make a break and are improving tons daily. You are also listening well - easy means easy, hard means hard.

Plan for the weekend.
Thursday - short easy run.
Friday - longerish easy run.
Saturday - easy warmup, 15 minutes hard (about two miles), easy cooldown
SUNDAY OFF - rest and recovery
Monday - easy mid distance run (30 minutes for some, 70-80 minutes for others)
Tuesday - first day of school and a harder hill workout (not the big one)
Wed - distance
Thursday - depending on the weather either TWO or THREE timed miles.
Friday - easy day
Saturday - MUD RUNNING !!

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