Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If you were top 8 at our race today - Tuesday at TC - you are going to Portage. I'll post our itinerary here and give you a copy tomorrow at practice. You will need $20 for your hotel room AND money for dinners (friday night and saturday after the race). Weather looks perfect and we leave FRIDAY at NOON.


At our first conference race we beat petoskey and were pretty close to cadillac. Today petoskey just barely beat us and cadillac was just a bit further away from us. Personally, I don't think we ran all that well. In fact, some of you had a bad day ... BUT, as i said to you before, a young team like ours has big ups and downs. Today was down for some of you, maybe that means FAST times at Portage !! I know everyone gives it there all in every race. I see you putting in a great effort every time and that's all i ask. Its gonna be a fun weekend.



GIRLS -- At the MUD run both Petoskey and Cadillac beat us.

At the first conference race we beat Cadillac, but Petoskey beat us.

Today you girls beat BOTH Petoskey and Cadillac. These are the two teams we must stay ahead of to win our FIFTH STRAIGHT REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Fremont girls are the other team in the running. That's four tough teams at regionals and only 3 go to states...

We get faster each week, and in a couple weeks we can put more distance between us and them.

Today I don't think we ran all that great, but it was enough to get the job done. Some of you had good races, I think I saw one great race by one of you, and a couple of you had so-so races. When we peak at regionals, just like always, we'll all run our best race. If you can't tell i'm starting to get excited.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


workouts for Week of Sept. 29 to Oct. 5

Sept 29
2 mile warm
easy 3-6 miles
4x100m striders
@ football

Sept 30 Tuesday
@ TCCent.
Conf meet #2
Good warmup and cool down

October 1 Wed.
2 mile
Aspen Park
Do the full 6 mile loop
EASY ! ! !

Oct 2 Thursday
2 mile warmup
8x400 @race pace
2 mi cool

20 min warm
5 minute easy

Oct 4 Saturday
Portage Inv. for Varsity
Do a 3 mile time trial ON YOUR OWN !!
Important !!

Oct 5 Sunday
OFF or medium distance run. Go easy.
30-60 min.


All season long I’ve stressed even splits. I’ve asked that your LAST mile be your best mile. Tuesday I’d like to try a little something different. Go out hard. I’m not saying sprint like a crazy fool at the beginning. I am saying to push your first mile harder than you might normally push it. Be careful though, don’t go “under.” Its supposed to be about 60 degrees – much cooler than that last BNC race at Cadillac, but still kinda warm.

Portage Invitational www.portageinvite.com -- lots of good info, past results, etc.

Top 50 get a medal – that’s a lot of medals but this meet is HUGELY competitive. They call it the “State Finals before the State Finals” meet for a reason. What will it take to make top 50? Boys under 17:10, girls under 20:10. You can expect that you will be sprinting into the finish line with about 20 other people surrounding you. If you have a “bad” race and run 20 seconds slower than you’d hoped, that’s probably about 20 places !! One runner every second crosses the line !! The course is deceiving. At first you think its going to be slower because you have to run a pretty large hill twice, BUT the ground is very hard so times are FASTER than you’d expect.

WE WILL LEAVE SCHOOL AT NOON ON FRIDAY FOR THE PORTAGE MEET. STAY OVERNIGHT IN A HOTEL AND GO OUT TO EAT. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR ITINERARY. Still need a parent driver ! This is also a GREAT prep for our state finals. The trip here goes EXACTLY like our state finals. Routine !!

You pay $20 for the hotel and buy your own dinners (Friday night and Saturday after the race)

Racing – its time to get into racing mode. We’re fresh off some speedwork and it will help you this week. Try hard to focus 100% during your race – do not give up mentally. Run hard, breathe hard, give it your all. The course on Saturday will be fast !!! – use this to your advantage – keep your momentum going and be in race mode the ENTIRE time. Take corners hard and cut them off sharp. There is one hill on the course. Remember to cruise up the hill, and HAMMER down it. Use the momentum of going down to continue your speed and pass people. Go out solid but be sure that mile 2 and mile 3 are JUST as fast as mile 1.

Its time to get it on people, this is where the fun begins.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

BNC #2 - Tuesday Sept 30 @ TCCentral

The meet for Tuesday Sept 30th is hosted by TCCentral and here are directions.
It is at Courtade Elementary.

Just go to Google maps and type in Courtade Elementary and you'll be there !

Or, go to TC the usual way, after Acme you'll turn LEFT onto 5 Mile Road. Follow this up the hill all the way until you come to a T intersection and turn LEFT onto Hammond. Go just a bit then turn RIGHT at RASHO. Go about a Mile on Rasho and you come to the school on the right.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

workouts for week 7

GAYLORD XC 2008 WEEK 7 WORKOUTS Sept 22-28, 2008

Um, wow the SEASON IS NOW OFFICIALLY HALF OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday – LONG RUN, 6-10 miles with a 15-20 minute tempo run in the middle. Coach will tell you where you are running. You will run this in groups. Please stick with the group I put you in.

Tuesday – easy distance day, 2 mile warmup, cals, then easy 30-50 minutes

Wednesday – 2 mile warmup, then to TRACK, 13x400m at RACE PACE, NO FASTER !! 2 mile cool.
Since these are RACE PACE cruise intervals, you will get a SHORT rest period between.
This is so that your heart rate remains HIGH the whole workout but your legs aren’t
getting pounded by super hard running.
This day you should learn exactly what your race pace feels like.

Thursday – 2 mile warmup, cals, 3 mile course that coach tells you where to run, 4x100m stride outs.


We will meet at AYSO at 4pm for this workout.
Don’t eat like a pig all day then show up for this workout or you’ll PUKE !!

2 mile warmup. Cals, high knees, 6x800m HARD, faster than race pace, show me what you got.
Then an easy 2 mile cool down. ----- > These WILL be done on GRASS, golf course or AYSO.

Saturday – on your own easy 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Go long. Everyone.

Sunday – I’d prefer you take the day off, but an easy 30 minutes is ok.

This is a huge mileage week. Expect to feel tired by Sunday – be sure to follow my Sunday advice – no running for you…. Your body needs a break. Your mind needs a break. Relax, enjoy. Have a bowl of ice cream.

GUYS – You guys do not realize how far you have come in the last 3 weeks. You were just 8 points out of 2nd. That’s impressive.
If we can keep our pack of top 5 together with # 6 and 7 close behind we CAN surprise a lot of teams that have overlooked us at regionals… that’s our goal top 3 at regionals.

Gals – win #16 in a row at Delta. I’m impressed, the other teams were impressed. I scored your team against the teams of 2005 and 2006 and you were very close to them. Considering those teams were 6th and 4th in the state finals you are right on track to be top ten in the state once again.

Can you believe on Monday it’s only 40 days until the STATE FINALS, only 33 days to REGIONALS. Only 29 days till the JV’s last day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

we are the champions

that song sounds familiar. awesome performance ladies and gentlemen. we were fast, but after next week we're going to scare some people.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here is the schedule for Delta.

715am departure from GHS front lot.

930am arrival.

10:40am JV boys
11am. JV girls

1140am Varsity Boys
1200 noon Varsity Girls

1220 Jr. Hi Boys
1240 Jr. Hi Girls

1pm Trophy presentation, awards.

directions, head south on I-75, take extit at Saginaw Road (M-84) down just north of Saginaw, then turn RIGHT on DELTA ROAD. Delta College is just a mile down Delta road. Cya there !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Big North meet #1 @ Cadillac – 68 deg, perfect conditions.

Amber Kassuba 615 657 725 2111
Tough course, 8th place, all conference so far, keep it up.

Amanda Olds 628 704 725 2129
A GREAT RACE FROM YOU ! one of your best EVER !!! great.

Anna Kassuba 640 700 730 2144
Only 15 seconds behind Amanda ! stick with her !! great job

Samantha Hunt 641 715 750 2222
Not your best race, but REMEMBER what I said.

Dawn Pagels 635 719 806 2235
Gotta get those shins feeling better, take care of ‘em

Krystin Dreyer 659 740 815 2327
Much better than your first conf. race last year, good start.

Megan Borgeson 700 745 825 2346
You need some speedwork meg and next week you get it !!

Paige Hypio 715 809 855 2454
I think this was your BEST race of the year so far !! nice job paige

Nicole Wehner 733 830 915 2554
Your goal is to STICK WITH Paige, nice job today.

Sarah Drummond 737 837 935 2624
Your goal is to stick with Paige Sarah D. Good job today

Jayden Hesselink 538 602 620 1834
All Conference !!! wahoo ! 11th place, best race of your life so far.

Andrew Olds 539 607 634 1854
New plan, new start, let’s see what happens.

Sean Hope 546 609 634 1904
Even out those splits a little bit 555+555+555 = 18:15

Lucas Avenall 556 614 620 1906
GREAT even SPLITS and GREAT last mile !! Awesome Lucas.

Bryan Slocum 613 617 617 1922
GREAT even SPLITS, you can run with Lucas and Sean !!

Jacob Pasternak 609 629 655 2008
Up and down and up and down and up and down but soon you’ll be

Spencer Young 619 629 704 2021
YOU MADE VARSITY TOP 7 = you are awesome

Joe Jones 623 632 657 2027
AWESOME IMPROVEMENT JOE !! Much better than clare too.

Wade McMillion 621 643 652 2031
Side aches hurt

Dan Sharrard 621 643 622 2101
One of your best races in two years Dan. You are working hard.

Tyler Winowiecki 711 724 747 2257
Tough course I know, but you ran hard and tough and did great.

Zack Kammeyer 704 748 805 2332
Tough course I know, but you ran hard and tough and did great.

Drew Pichan 710 740 818 2343
Tough course I know, but you ran hard and tough and did great.

Colin O’Neill 711 743 818 2347
Too fast first mile my man?

Caleb Wagar 714 806 814 2409
Good job Caleb, you are improving daily and that’s whats important

Zac Wagar 818 837 910 2640
TOUGH course, but you worked hard and that’s all I ask my man.

Justin Jones 742 855 934 2646
Good job in your first 5k high school race Justin !!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

week workouts


Monday Sept. 15 Longer warmup, 3 laps in woods, easy 3-4 miles, 5x100m strideouts on football field.

Tuesday Sept. 16 conference meet #1 - @ Cadillac, bus will leave a bit earlier than I put on the schedule.

Wed. Sept. 17 @ Aspen – 1 mile warmup, then FULL 6 mile loop for almost everyone

Thurs. Sept. 18 2 mile warmup, cals, 1 x mile HARD, 2 x800m, 2 mile cool ( ON TRACK )

Friday Sept. 19 2 mile warm, easy 30-45 minute run

Saturday Sept. 20 DELTA – start thinking fast fast fast. Bus leaves at _____________

Sunday Sept. 21 OFF, rest up. If you are feeling good, easy distance run…


Last week someone said to me … “Coach, I am slower than I was last year at this point.” Remember guys and gals, every year is different. Many variables go into how well you race on a particular day. Stresses from school, work, family, lack of sleep, eating poorly, can all affect how you run. AND, more importantly, we are simply nowhere close to the team we’ll be in 6 weeks. We will be hitting the speedwork and upping the mileage just a bit next week and then things will start to happen.

@ CADILLAC on Tuesday for our first conference meet. It’s a course we haven’t run in a couple years against one of the toughest conferences in the entire state. Overall, the boys conference is probably the weakest I’ve seen it in 10 years – but its still tough !!! I think we can give both Cadillac and Petoskey a run for it if we run well, but it will be tough. We need a good effort from you. Girls, TCC is rated # 1 in the STATE. They’re tough. We have to focus on Petoskey and Cadillac. Look for their jerseys and beat them in the last mile. REMEMBER ------- > this is the first of THREE meets that determines the “ALL CONFERENCE” team so if you want those honors you need a great effort !!

DELTA – I think this might be my favorite race all year. I love the 2 mile – its short, fast, and a GREAT speedwork. Your first mile time here should be your FASTEST of the year. Go our FAST, go out HARD, go out with the intention of winning a medal. I always say to have even splits – but today is one day where you can break that rule – GO OUT FAST FAST FAST FAST. Girls have won this meet 15 years in a row, boys 7 of the last 8.

Extra rest – I don’t know about you but its Sunday morning and I’m exhausted and I didn’t even race this week. You are probably tired too – school, running, homework, etc. Get some rest. Go to bed early. Eat right.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well XC fans we're 5/12ths done with our season. After next week its HALF OVER !! wow, time flies. We have two races next week - Our first Big North Conference meet at Cadillac (hilly course) and then Delta (2 mile flat course). Delta is our introduction to SPEED. On the Thursday before Delta we'll do a timed mile (FAST) then two 800's timed fast. The week after Delta will be our first all-out fast, speedwork period. This will be the point in the season where we make a break to the next level. Speedwork helps many people race better almost immediately, for others it takes about a week afterward to recover and get fast. But, no matter who you are, you WILL get faster.

Up to this point we've got a pretty well defined girls varsity. There are 8 girls who will be trying to make our top 7. Remember, we only take 7 girls to Portage. If you want varsity and you want to go to big meets, work work work work work. On the boys side we've got amazing depth - at least 10, maybe 11 boys who truly have a shot at top 7. This sort of depth makes everyone work harder and it makes everyone accountable. You must listen, you must work hard, you must want it, and you must run easy to recover and HARD when i as you to run hard. There is no "luck" involved with becoming a varsity runner. 90% of you success will come from working hard in the summer and on the weekends, doing the extra miles that put you 10 seconds up on the next guy/girl. I would prefer to have 22 genetically UNtalented hard workers than 22 genetically gifted lazy runners. The hard workers beat the rest NEARLY every race.

the MUD RUN and Clare were both good warmups. Some of you had good races, some had mediocre races. Really, who cares. They are warmup race, just meant to start tuning you up. The big races are still a month and a half away. Work hard, keep a good attitude, stay positive and great things can come to you.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Amber Kassuba 618 632 630 1957
About the same time Sloan had last year, good sign.

Samantha Hunt 623 704 655 2057
UP down UP down UP down UP down, but UP on the big day.

Amanda Olds 656 659 650 2110
A HUGE WIN ! First overall and same time as last year !!
AND check out those even splits and great last mile.

Anna Kassuba 657 701 651 2114
Great splits, great pacing, great job in general.

Dawn Pagels 652 722 700 2143
In your next race do the same thing that you did at Charlevoix.
Get behind Anna and Amanda and follow them !!!!!

Megan Borgeson 703 731 725 2229
45 seconds behind Dawn, that’s awesome and still VARSITY !!

Krystin Dreyer 658 747 745 2303
Slower than last year, but still a great place and a medal.

Paige Hypio 734 731 802 2337
GREAT first two miles, slowed down the last one a bit.

Nicole Wehner 736 731 808 2345
MUCH better race than Charlevoix !! and a MEDAL and a good time!

Sarah Drummond 721 805 837 2443
A bit slow that last mile but YOU WON A MEDAL !!

Molly Lindholm
Get in shape, come to practice every day and work hard and you

Savannah Hypio
You did the best job taking splits of any split taker ever.

Caila Coale

Jayden Hesselink 539 559 545 1753
You missed a week of training and went 17’s, soon its 16’s.

Andrew Olds 536 552 555 1753
New plan, new start, let’s see what happens.

Lucas Avenall 552 615 556 1836

Bryan Slocum 545 619 604 1838
Not happy with your best time ever? That’s ok, you’ll be 17’s soon

Jacob Pasternak 553 617 604 1844
Great race, best time ever, right with Lucas, good stuff jake

Wade McMillion 604 627 558 1859

Jacob Armstrong 607 631 606 1914
Your goal is to stick with LUCAS, BRYAN, Jake and Wade !!
Still, much better race than Charlevoix ! Good job jake.

Sean Hope 552 618 647 1924
Bad races happen, but what’s more important is what happens AFTER
a bad race – work hard, regoup, and run with that pack again !!

Spencer Young 606 645 637 1958
Your goal is to stick with Jake as LONG as you can.

Joe Jones 616 647 645 2018
Your next race is 19’s ! Excellent improvement over last race

Dan Sharrard 607 640 706 2023
Mono? Might be ? You were 1920 here last year …

Cody Smith 631 709 643 2033
GREAT improvement, 2min 30 sec faster than last year !!!!!!!!!!

Andy Frakes 630 651 658 2048
FIVE 5 FIVE minutes faster than last year !! 19’s SOON !!! dang !

Zack Kammeyer 700 728 704 2202
ONE minute faster than Charlevoix ! great improvement man !

Drew Pichan 703 730 717 2220
40 seconds faster than MUD RUN !! great improvement Drew !!

Tyler Winowiecki 703 731 725 2229
45 seconds faster than MUD RUN !! great improvement Tyler !!

Colin O’Neill 653 650 755 2308
Faster than last year but set your goal to run with ZACK next time.

Caleb Wagar 721 805 714 2312
Awesome job ! Beat mud run time by a minute and won a MEDAL !

Zac Wagar 749 754 826 2339
You CAN run with your brother !!!! you can you can you can you can

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

25 medals at CLARE

wow, you guys and gals won some serious hardware at CLARE !!! WAHOO ! full results, splits, and review up tomorrrow as its already almost 11pm. coach needs some rest. I did put up all my pics at photobucket already though. over and out. coach

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


SEPTEMBER 10TH WEDNESDAY – CLARE INVITATIONAL, meet is run by grade level, 9th grade boys and girls together first, then 10th, then 11th, finally 12th graders. Shady course through the woods at Mid-Michigan Community College. Races start at 4pm. Directions – Go south on I-75 to 127 South, driving toward Harrison. Exit at Mannsiding Road and follow the signs to Mid-Michigan Community College. (When you spot a bunch of school busses, you’ll know you are in the right spot.)


We have EIGHT parents that have signed up to help us out at the concession stand (for the HOME FOOTBALL GAME) on Sept. 19th.... if we get EIGHT MORE then the workload is cut in half - each parent only has to work half of the game. I always get the same parents volunteering - thank god for you !! Let's try to get some new parents out to help us ... if you can help drop me an email kalember AT chartermi.net

You get free snacks, free entry to the game, and some big bucks for GAYLORD XC !!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

WEEK 5 workouts

XC WORKOUTS – WEEK OF September 8-14, 2008

Monday - 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, 4x HILL, 2 mile cool
*Coach has a teachers meeting after school. Team captains will lead you through the warmup (THREE laps in woods for all, cals, high knees. My meeting will be over at 4pm. Be at my outside door at 4pm ready to go to the HILL !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 30-50 minutes easy

Wednesday – CLARE INVITE – Bus leaves 1pm.

Thursday – 2 mile warmup, LONG RUN – to Vanderbilt !?

Friday – ASPEN PARK – 1 mile warm, 2 miles easy, 3 miles TEMPO, 1 mile easy

Saturday – on your own – Freshmen OFF, go-getters easy 30-80 minutes.

Sunday – OFF REST (feeling good?? – easy 40-60 minutes)


Did you know that the SEASON is already 1/3 over !!!! Time flies when you’re having fun. And, this is the time of the season where we need to start thinking FASTER FASTER.

First off, great performance at the MUD RUN. Everyone had fun, raced hard, and got some good experience and a good workout. Second, we did GREAT – both boys and girls teams ran very well.

This is a big week. Monday will be a new workout for you called KILLER HILL. This hill is a MENTAL workout. You will never run a hill like this in a race ever, but after the workout any hill you ever see in a race will look small. Survive the workout and you will smile.

Wednesday – Clare – I’m not sure what time the bus leaves yet – probably 1 or 1:30pm or so. Remember, this is a race where you compete ONLY against your own grade. 9th graders against 9th graders, etc etc. We will win lots of medals and kick some butt. It’s a FAST course, shaded course, and its supposed to be nice and cool. Should be some FAST TIMES > !!

Girls – after finishing 4th at Charlevoix maybe you’re wondering just how good we are? Remember, the team we are now looks nothing like the team we’ll be in October. AND, just because we are defending state champions doesn’t mean we can just coast this season and take wins. We have to work just as hard, if not harder, in a smart way to claw our way back to the top. I’m very confident in our chances at another regional championship, IF we keep working.

Boys – its going to be a battle for varsity and this battle will make us stronger. We had 5 boys within 40 seconds of making our TOP 7 – these five boys can bump anyone off the varsity at any time. That makes a total of 12 varsity contenders. I like it. I like the competition. The varsity athletes will be determined by how hard you work, the effort you put forth, and the extra miles you run on the side. Battle it out boys, the times you run don’t lie.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

this is why they call it the MUD RUN

hahahahaha, hilarious pic.


fun stuff


Name Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 5k weather, breezy, cool

Samantha Hunt 616 704 635 2050
Nearly same time as last year, 3rd overall medal, good start.
You are on track to finish this year like last year.

Amber Kassuba 632 709 725 2123
Nearly same time as last year, 6th overall, good start.
You are on track to finish this year like last year.

Dawn Pagels 646 714 710 2139
If you think back over the last years those are big names you beat.
Your time here today would have WON last year.

Anna Kassuba 642 721 732 2212
Your solid summer of training paid off. Nearly same time as last
year and a good place overall – 6th !! You have a great work ethic.

Amanda Olds 652 748 730 2246
I know you were disappointed with your place/time today. But,
REMEMBER you are tough and you will be where you want soon.

Megan Borgeson 704 747 740 2304
6th girl means VARSITY ! Just a few seconds from a medal AND
almost the same time as Amber Kassuba as a freshman !!!

Krystin Dreyer 705 812 755 2350
7th girl means VARSITY ! You are one hard working, goal
oriented girl and that’s what it takes to be successful, keep at it !

Paige Hypio 718 827 855 2519
Check out those splits Paige, your second mile was WAY slower
than your first. Work on that and you will get way faster.

Sarah Drummond 723 858 850 2548 I’m impressed ! Good first race ! I think you can get 21-22’s this
year if you REALLY REALLY WORK at it kid.

Nicole Wehner 740 850 915 2621
Remember what I told you after the race, its true. EASY days
Easy and hard days hard. You CAN run with Sarah D.

Team Score – 1st DCD 1:47:45
2nd Cadillac 1:48:19
3rd Petoskey 1:48:26
4th Gaylord 1:48:52

First off, the time you girls ran here would have WON this meet two years ago and been 2nd last year. We’re a good team. No, wait, we’re a GREAT team. As usual our team will improve A LOT more than these other teams that beat us today. We’ll beat BOTH Petoskey AND Cadillac in our first big north conference meet. We will. In the next few weeks we start some serious speedwork that will take our times DOWN DOWN DOWN, fast, faster, fastest.

Another thing – this meet is based on TIME. Our strength this season is our PACK. Scoring a pack of runners with normal scoring will also help us beat Cadillac. In fact, if you score them in a dual meet against us its GAYLORD 27 Cadillac 28 = we win. That’s what happens in two weeks when we see them again.

Last thing – our time today is comparable to our team time in 2005. That year we were 2nd in the Mud run and FOURTH (yes, 4th) in the STATE FINALS. That’s our goal once again – being one of the BEST TEAMS IN THE STATE. GO LADIES GO !!!!!!!

Andrew Olds 535 600 600 1810
Consistency is your thing my man. You were a bit faster than
Last year but very close. Almost a medal and a good start.

Jayden Hesselink 547 621 614 1857 50 seconds faster than last year after missing a week of practice.
That’s impressive, nice work. I put you in the 17’s next week.

Bryan Slocum 556 627 624 1923
You have improved SOOOOO much Bryan. Great work ethic,
GOOD summer miles paid off today. 60 seconds faster than last
year today !! WOW< that’s huge. LOW 18’s next week.

Sean Hope 559 645 632 1953
4th man as a FRESHMAN, dang I’m like impressed dude.
You will get MUCH faster, 18’s in a couple weeks.

Jacob Pasternak 550 700 630 1955
5th man and VARSITY as a freshman, great work Jake. Keep
doing what you’re doing and you’ll find Bryan in a race soon.

Lucas Avenall 618 654 630 2024
6th man VARSITY with a hurt leg and missing some practice
time, wow. When that leg’s 100% you will be in the 18’s !!!

Wade McMillion 618 700 636 2030
7th man VARSITY. GREAT RUN WADE. Your goal is to run
With Jake and Sean. You can do that, every day, ever race.

Dan Sharrard 630 653 635 2033
Beat last year’s time by 22 seconds, pretty dang good !!!
Good pacing too, keep that 2nd mile a bit faster, break 19 !!

Spencer Young 630 655 636 2035
Good splits Spencer ! You will be 19’s at the next meet for sure.
This course is today was tough. Keep working and make top 7 !

Jacob Armstrong 633 652 644 2054
10th man – but the ability to be top 7. Work hard, don’t lose
your focus man. Easy days easy hard days hard.

Andy Cope 632 723 648 2108
Read the above note. Ditto for you.

Joe Jones 624 650 705 2115
Your first race ever and I’m impressed. Your time here today

Cody Smith 658 727 705 2205
3 minutes and 12 seconds FASTER than last year !!!! DANG !

Andy Frakes 600 720 840 2236
7 minutes and 10 seconds FASTER THAN LAST YEAR !!!!!
WOW. Last year you’d have been 2 seconds from varsity. Wow.
You have improved more than I ever thought anyone could
improve Andy. You work hard and did it all summer. I’m proud

Zack Kammeyer 638 713 736 2303
Great start ZACK ! Your goal is 21’s next week at CLARE.
You can win a medal for a top 10 if you do this !!

Drew Pichan 701 758 732 2308
First race EVER and you did GREAT. Good splits, good effort
Good pacing, you are good ! Goal = 21 minutes next week.

Tyler Winowiecki 702 758 737 2313
Wow ! I thought you’d have a tough time in your first meet…
YOU DIDN’T ! You did great Tyler. 21 minutes next week !!!

Colin O’Neill 712 713 742 2353
1:15 faster than last year Colin !! Nice work. GREAT pacing too.
Keep at it and you have the 21’s in a coupld weeks.

Caleb Wagar 717 839 750 2421
A bit fast that first mile Caleb – even splits are the way to go.
Go out slower and get a 22 minute time at CLARE !!!

Zac Wagar 750 835 820 2521
Good job Zack !! Almost the EXACT same time Cody Smith
RAN LAST YEAR !! That means you’ll be 23’s soon !!

There were 24 teams here today. We beat 17 of them !!! That’s impressive for such a young team. With such a young varsity group we’ll improve a TON of the course of this season, so just keep at it and keep plugging away. 6th place overall at a big invitational is huge.

Next week at Clare we have a chance to win some medals. No, wait, LOTS of medals. Get a top 10 finish and you get one, with competition NOT as tough as today. In fact, I think just about ANY of you can win a medal at Clare on Wed. Go for it. The course there is SHADY, FLAT, and fast.
Nice job today guys.

Monday, September 1, 2008


workouts for the first week of school ...

September 1
Labor Day
Hope u got some miles in !!

Sept 2 - Tuesday
Easy distance run. I had planned a hard workout but its going to be too hot.

Sept 3 - Wed.
2m warm
1 mile pack hard
2x1 mile hard
3mile cool

Sept 4 - Thursday
Be sure to get a ride there !!!
Easy distance run.

Sept 5 - FRIDAY
2 mile warm
4x400m fast
3 mile cool

Bus leaves
@ 8am
don’t be late because the bus waits for NOBODY.

Sept 7 - SUNDAY

Experienced people can go out for a 30-60 minute EASY run if they want to

Week in review

Well, here we go. We’re finally racing. Remember what I said though – don’t expect much from your first race. The MUD RUN is just a tune up. It is a chance to test your fitness level. If this is your first 5km race ever then you should REALLY not expect much. Two years Andrew Olds ran 19:33 in his first race and ended up at 17:00 by the end of the season !!

Run your first mile hard but SAVE your energy for miles 2 and 3. If you do this you will run EVEN splits for the race. If your goal is 20 minutes then run 6:30, 6:30, 6:30 and a 40 second sprint = 20:10 . Even splits are the BEST way to race. From a physiological standpoint it allows you to SLOWLY build up lactic acid and run your best. This is how the world’s best runners plan their races. You should do the same.

Goal times with splits you should run ====== > 18 minutes – 5:50 per mile, 19 minutes 6:10 per mile, 20 minutes 6:30 per mile, 21 minutes 6:50 per mile, 22 minutes 7:10 per mile, 23 minutes 7:30 per mile, 24 minutes 7:50 per mile, 25 minutes 8:10 per mile, 26 minutes 8:30 per mile, 27 minutes 8:50 per mile.

I remember Garret Fuller’s first race a couple years ago. He was in good shape and had been a swimmer for GHS. He was tough and fit, but had never run an XC race. His first mile he went out real fast at a big meet and was near the front of the field… hit his first mile in 5:45. Wow, I was impressed. Garret struggled the second mile and was about 9 minutes for the second mile. The third mile kicked his butt and he had a split of about 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes for his first 5k. Garrett went out too fast, don’t make his mistake. At this point in the season I’d rather see you go out too SLOW and pick it up at the end rather than the other way around.

Girls –MUD RUN CHAMPS three out of the last four years… Troy Athens will, again, be your competition!! Here is the key to winning – its not place ---- > its time. The total cumulative TIMES of our top 5 runners are added up. The fastest time wins. So, if you are running along and there is nobody near you … you should still push yourself HARD !!

Boys – Last year we were 6th out of 16 teams, and I think we’re better than last year. Today is a day for you to run against people near your own age without worrying about a team place. Freshmen and sophomores run only against freshmen and sophomores – place in the top 10 and get a sweet hunk of wood. Just run hard, run smart, and have fun.