Saturday, September 6, 2008


Name Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 5k weather, breezy, cool

Samantha Hunt 616 704 635 2050
Nearly same time as last year, 3rd overall medal, good start.
You are on track to finish this year like last year.

Amber Kassuba 632 709 725 2123
Nearly same time as last year, 6th overall, good start.
You are on track to finish this year like last year.

Dawn Pagels 646 714 710 2139
If you think back over the last years those are big names you beat.
Your time here today would have WON last year.

Anna Kassuba 642 721 732 2212
Your solid summer of training paid off. Nearly same time as last
year and a good place overall – 6th !! You have a great work ethic.

Amanda Olds 652 748 730 2246
I know you were disappointed with your place/time today. But,
REMEMBER you are tough and you will be where you want soon.

Megan Borgeson 704 747 740 2304
6th girl means VARSITY ! Just a few seconds from a medal AND
almost the same time as Amber Kassuba as a freshman !!!

Krystin Dreyer 705 812 755 2350
7th girl means VARSITY ! You are one hard working, goal
oriented girl and that’s what it takes to be successful, keep at it !

Paige Hypio 718 827 855 2519
Check out those splits Paige, your second mile was WAY slower
than your first. Work on that and you will get way faster.

Sarah Drummond 723 858 850 2548 I’m impressed ! Good first race ! I think you can get 21-22’s this
year if you REALLY REALLY WORK at it kid.

Nicole Wehner 740 850 915 2621
Remember what I told you after the race, its true. EASY days
Easy and hard days hard. You CAN run with Sarah D.

Team Score – 1st DCD 1:47:45
2nd Cadillac 1:48:19
3rd Petoskey 1:48:26
4th Gaylord 1:48:52

First off, the time you girls ran here would have WON this meet two years ago and been 2nd last year. We’re a good team. No, wait, we’re a GREAT team. As usual our team will improve A LOT more than these other teams that beat us today. We’ll beat BOTH Petoskey AND Cadillac in our first big north conference meet. We will. In the next few weeks we start some serious speedwork that will take our times DOWN DOWN DOWN, fast, faster, fastest.

Another thing – this meet is based on TIME. Our strength this season is our PACK. Scoring a pack of runners with normal scoring will also help us beat Cadillac. In fact, if you score them in a dual meet against us its GAYLORD 27 Cadillac 28 = we win. That’s what happens in two weeks when we see them again.

Last thing – our time today is comparable to our team time in 2005. That year we were 2nd in the Mud run and FOURTH (yes, 4th) in the STATE FINALS. That’s our goal once again – being one of the BEST TEAMS IN THE STATE. GO LADIES GO !!!!!!!

Andrew Olds 535 600 600 1810
Consistency is your thing my man. You were a bit faster than
Last year but very close. Almost a medal and a good start.

Jayden Hesselink 547 621 614 1857 50 seconds faster than last year after missing a week of practice.
That’s impressive, nice work. I put you in the 17’s next week.

Bryan Slocum 556 627 624 1923
You have improved SOOOOO much Bryan. Great work ethic,
GOOD summer miles paid off today. 60 seconds faster than last
year today !! WOW< that’s huge. LOW 18’s next week.

Sean Hope 559 645 632 1953
4th man as a FRESHMAN, dang I’m like impressed dude.
You will get MUCH faster, 18’s in a couple weeks.

Jacob Pasternak 550 700 630 1955
5th man and VARSITY as a freshman, great work Jake. Keep
doing what you’re doing and you’ll find Bryan in a race soon.

Lucas Avenall 618 654 630 2024
6th man VARSITY with a hurt leg and missing some practice
time, wow. When that leg’s 100% you will be in the 18’s !!!

Wade McMillion 618 700 636 2030
7th man VARSITY. GREAT RUN WADE. Your goal is to run
With Jake and Sean. You can do that, every day, ever race.

Dan Sharrard 630 653 635 2033
Beat last year’s time by 22 seconds, pretty dang good !!!
Good pacing too, keep that 2nd mile a bit faster, break 19 !!

Spencer Young 630 655 636 2035
Good splits Spencer ! You will be 19’s at the next meet for sure.
This course is today was tough. Keep working and make top 7 !

Jacob Armstrong 633 652 644 2054
10th man – but the ability to be top 7. Work hard, don’t lose
your focus man. Easy days easy hard days hard.

Andy Cope 632 723 648 2108
Read the above note. Ditto for you.

Joe Jones 624 650 705 2115
Your first race ever and I’m impressed. Your time here today

Cody Smith 658 727 705 2205
3 minutes and 12 seconds FASTER than last year !!!! DANG !

Andy Frakes 600 720 840 2236
7 minutes and 10 seconds FASTER THAN LAST YEAR !!!!!
WOW. Last year you’d have been 2 seconds from varsity. Wow.
You have improved more than I ever thought anyone could
improve Andy. You work hard and did it all summer. I’m proud

Zack Kammeyer 638 713 736 2303
Great start ZACK ! Your goal is 21’s next week at CLARE.
You can win a medal for a top 10 if you do this !!

Drew Pichan 701 758 732 2308
First race EVER and you did GREAT. Good splits, good effort
Good pacing, you are good ! Goal = 21 minutes next week.

Tyler Winowiecki 702 758 737 2313
Wow ! I thought you’d have a tough time in your first meet…
YOU DIDN’T ! You did great Tyler. 21 minutes next week !!!

Colin O’Neill 712 713 742 2353
1:15 faster than last year Colin !! Nice work. GREAT pacing too.
Keep at it and you have the 21’s in a coupld weeks.

Caleb Wagar 717 839 750 2421
A bit fast that first mile Caleb – even splits are the way to go.
Go out slower and get a 22 minute time at CLARE !!!

Zac Wagar 750 835 820 2521
Good job Zack !! Almost the EXACT same time Cody Smith
RAN LAST YEAR !! That means you’ll be 23’s soon !!

There were 24 teams here today. We beat 17 of them !!! That’s impressive for such a young team. With such a young varsity group we’ll improve a TON of the course of this season, so just keep at it and keep plugging away. 6th place overall at a big invitational is huge.

Next week at Clare we have a chance to win some medals. No, wait, LOTS of medals. Get a top 10 finish and you get one, with competition NOT as tough as today. In fact, I think just about ANY of you can win a medal at Clare on Wed. Go for it. The course there is SHADY, FLAT, and fast.
Nice job today guys.

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