Monday, September 1, 2008


workouts for the first week of school ...

September 1
Labor Day
Hope u got some miles in !!

Sept 2 - Tuesday
Easy distance run. I had planned a hard workout but its going to be too hot.

Sept 3 - Wed.
2m warm
1 mile pack hard
2x1 mile hard
3mile cool

Sept 4 - Thursday
Be sure to get a ride there !!!
Easy distance run.

Sept 5 - FRIDAY
2 mile warm
4x400m fast
3 mile cool

Bus leaves
@ 8am
don’t be late because the bus waits for NOBODY.

Sept 7 - SUNDAY

Experienced people can go out for a 30-60 minute EASY run if they want to

Week in review

Well, here we go. We’re finally racing. Remember what I said though – don’t expect much from your first race. The MUD RUN is just a tune up. It is a chance to test your fitness level. If this is your first 5km race ever then you should REALLY not expect much. Two years Andrew Olds ran 19:33 in his first race and ended up at 17:00 by the end of the season !!

Run your first mile hard but SAVE your energy for miles 2 and 3. If you do this you will run EVEN splits for the race. If your goal is 20 minutes then run 6:30, 6:30, 6:30 and a 40 second sprint = 20:10 . Even splits are the BEST way to race. From a physiological standpoint it allows you to SLOWLY build up lactic acid and run your best. This is how the world’s best runners plan their races. You should do the same.

Goal times with splits you should run ====== > 18 minutes – 5:50 per mile, 19 minutes 6:10 per mile, 20 minutes 6:30 per mile, 21 minutes 6:50 per mile, 22 minutes 7:10 per mile, 23 minutes 7:30 per mile, 24 minutes 7:50 per mile, 25 minutes 8:10 per mile, 26 minutes 8:30 per mile, 27 minutes 8:50 per mile.

I remember Garret Fuller’s first race a couple years ago. He was in good shape and had been a swimmer for GHS. He was tough and fit, but had never run an XC race. His first mile he went out real fast at a big meet and was near the front of the field… hit his first mile in 5:45. Wow, I was impressed. Garret struggled the second mile and was about 9 minutes for the second mile. The third mile kicked his butt and he had a split of about 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes for his first 5k. Garrett went out too fast, don’t make his mistake. At this point in the season I’d rather see you go out too SLOW and pick it up at the end rather than the other way around.

Girls –MUD RUN CHAMPS three out of the last four years… Troy Athens will, again, be your competition!! Here is the key to winning – its not place ---- > its time. The total cumulative TIMES of our top 5 runners are added up. The fastest time wins. So, if you are running along and there is nobody near you … you should still push yourself HARD !!

Boys – Last year we were 6th out of 16 teams, and I think we’re better than last year. Today is a day for you to run against people near your own age without worrying about a team place. Freshmen and sophomores run only against freshmen and sophomores – place in the top 10 and get a sweet hunk of wood. Just run hard, run smart, and have fun.

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