Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well XC fans we're 5/12ths done with our season. After next week its HALF OVER !! wow, time flies. We have two races next week - Our first Big North Conference meet at Cadillac (hilly course) and then Delta (2 mile flat course). Delta is our introduction to SPEED. On the Thursday before Delta we'll do a timed mile (FAST) then two 800's timed fast. The week after Delta will be our first all-out fast, speedwork period. This will be the point in the season where we make a break to the next level. Speedwork helps many people race better almost immediately, for others it takes about a week afterward to recover and get fast. But, no matter who you are, you WILL get faster.

Up to this point we've got a pretty well defined girls varsity. There are 8 girls who will be trying to make our top 7. Remember, we only take 7 girls to Portage. If you want varsity and you want to go to big meets, work work work work work. On the boys side we've got amazing depth - at least 10, maybe 11 boys who truly have a shot at top 7. This sort of depth makes everyone work harder and it makes everyone accountable. You must listen, you must work hard, you must want it, and you must run easy to recover and HARD when i as you to run hard. There is no "luck" involved with becoming a varsity runner. 90% of you success will come from working hard in the summer and on the weekends, doing the extra miles that put you 10 seconds up on the next guy/girl. I would prefer to have 22 genetically UNtalented hard workers than 22 genetically gifted lazy runners. The hard workers beat the rest NEARLY every race.

the MUD RUN and Clare were both good warmups. Some of you had good races, some had mediocre races. Really, who cares. They are warmup race, just meant to start tuning you up. The big races are still a month and a half away. Work hard, keep a good attitude, stay positive and great things can come to you.


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