Sunday, September 7, 2008

WEEK 5 workouts

XC WORKOUTS – WEEK OF September 8-14, 2008

Monday - 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, 4x HILL, 2 mile cool
*Coach has a teachers meeting after school. Team captains will lead you through the warmup (THREE laps in woods for all, cals, high knees. My meeting will be over at 4pm. Be at my outside door at 4pm ready to go to the HILL !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 30-50 minutes easy

Wednesday – CLARE INVITE – Bus leaves 1pm.

Thursday – 2 mile warmup, LONG RUN – to Vanderbilt !?

Friday – ASPEN PARK – 1 mile warm, 2 miles easy, 3 miles TEMPO, 1 mile easy

Saturday – on your own – Freshmen OFF, go-getters easy 30-80 minutes.

Sunday – OFF REST (feeling good?? – easy 40-60 minutes)


Did you know that the SEASON is already 1/3 over !!!! Time flies when you’re having fun. And, this is the time of the season where we need to start thinking FASTER FASTER.

First off, great performance at the MUD RUN. Everyone had fun, raced hard, and got some good experience and a good workout. Second, we did GREAT – both boys and girls teams ran very well.

This is a big week. Monday will be a new workout for you called KILLER HILL. This hill is a MENTAL workout. You will never run a hill like this in a race ever, but after the workout any hill you ever see in a race will look small. Survive the workout and you will smile.

Wednesday – Clare – I’m not sure what time the bus leaves yet – probably 1 or 1:30pm or so. Remember, this is a race where you compete ONLY against your own grade. 9th graders against 9th graders, etc etc. We will win lots of medals and kick some butt. It’s a FAST course, shaded course, and its supposed to be nice and cool. Should be some FAST TIMES > !!

Girls – after finishing 4th at Charlevoix maybe you’re wondering just how good we are? Remember, the team we are now looks nothing like the team we’ll be in October. AND, just because we are defending state champions doesn’t mean we can just coast this season and take wins. We have to work just as hard, if not harder, in a smart way to claw our way back to the top. I’m very confident in our chances at another regional championship, IF we keep working.

Boys – its going to be a battle for varsity and this battle will make us stronger. We had 5 boys within 40 seconds of making our TOP 7 – these five boys can bump anyone off the varsity at any time. That makes a total of 12 varsity contenders. I like it. I like the competition. The varsity athletes will be determined by how hard you work, the effort you put forth, and the extra miles you run on the side. Battle it out boys, the times you run don’t lie.

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