Sunday, September 14, 2008

week workouts


Monday Sept. 15 Longer warmup, 3 laps in woods, easy 3-4 miles, 5x100m strideouts on football field.

Tuesday Sept. 16 conference meet #1 - @ Cadillac, bus will leave a bit earlier than I put on the schedule.

Wed. Sept. 17 @ Aspen – 1 mile warmup, then FULL 6 mile loop for almost everyone

Thurs. Sept. 18 2 mile warmup, cals, 1 x mile HARD, 2 x800m, 2 mile cool ( ON TRACK )

Friday Sept. 19 2 mile warm, easy 30-45 minute run

Saturday Sept. 20 DELTA – start thinking fast fast fast. Bus leaves at _____________

Sunday Sept. 21 OFF, rest up. If you are feeling good, easy distance run…


Last week someone said to me … “Coach, I am slower than I was last year at this point.” Remember guys and gals, every year is different. Many variables go into how well you race on a particular day. Stresses from school, work, family, lack of sleep, eating poorly, can all affect how you run. AND, more importantly, we are simply nowhere close to the team we’ll be in 6 weeks. We will be hitting the speedwork and upping the mileage just a bit next week and then things will start to happen.

@ CADILLAC on Tuesday for our first conference meet. It’s a course we haven’t run in a couple years against one of the toughest conferences in the entire state. Overall, the boys conference is probably the weakest I’ve seen it in 10 years – but its still tough !!! I think we can give both Cadillac and Petoskey a run for it if we run well, but it will be tough. We need a good effort from you. Girls, TCC is rated # 1 in the STATE. They’re tough. We have to focus on Petoskey and Cadillac. Look for their jerseys and beat them in the last mile. REMEMBER ------- > this is the first of THREE meets that determines the “ALL CONFERENCE” team so if you want those honors you need a great effort !!

DELTA – I think this might be my favorite race all year. I love the 2 mile – its short, fast, and a GREAT speedwork. Your first mile time here should be your FASTEST of the year. Go our FAST, go out HARD, go out with the intention of winning a medal. I always say to have even splits – but today is one day where you can break that rule – GO OUT FAST FAST FAST FAST. Girls have won this meet 15 years in a row, boys 7 of the last 8.

Extra rest – I don’t know about you but its Sunday morning and I’m exhausted and I didn’t even race this week. You are probably tired too – school, running, homework, etc. Get some rest. Go to bed early. Eat right.

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