Sunday, September 21, 2008

workouts for week 7

GAYLORD XC 2008 WEEK 7 WORKOUTS Sept 22-28, 2008

Um, wow the SEASON IS NOW OFFICIALLY HALF OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday – LONG RUN, 6-10 miles with a 15-20 minute tempo run in the middle. Coach will tell you where you are running. You will run this in groups. Please stick with the group I put you in.

Tuesday – easy distance day, 2 mile warmup, cals, then easy 30-50 minutes

Wednesday – 2 mile warmup, then to TRACK, 13x400m at RACE PACE, NO FASTER !! 2 mile cool.
Since these are RACE PACE cruise intervals, you will get a SHORT rest period between.
This is so that your heart rate remains HIGH the whole workout but your legs aren’t
getting pounded by super hard running.
This day you should learn exactly what your race pace feels like.

Thursday – 2 mile warmup, cals, 3 mile course that coach tells you where to run, 4x100m stride outs.


We will meet at AYSO at 4pm for this workout.
Don’t eat like a pig all day then show up for this workout or you’ll PUKE !!

2 mile warmup. Cals, high knees, 6x800m HARD, faster than race pace, show me what you got.
Then an easy 2 mile cool down. ----- > These WILL be done on GRASS, golf course or AYSO.

Saturday – on your own easy 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Go long. Everyone.

Sunday – I’d prefer you take the day off, but an easy 30 minutes is ok.

This is a huge mileage week. Expect to feel tired by Sunday – be sure to follow my Sunday advice – no running for you…. Your body needs a break. Your mind needs a break. Relax, enjoy. Have a bowl of ice cream.

GUYS – You guys do not realize how far you have come in the last 3 weeks. You were just 8 points out of 2nd. That’s impressive.
If we can keep our pack of top 5 together with # 6 and 7 close behind we CAN surprise a lot of teams that have overlooked us at regionals… that’s our goal top 3 at regionals.

Gals – win #16 in a row at Delta. I’m impressed, the other teams were impressed. I scored your team against the teams of 2005 and 2006 and you were very close to them. Considering those teams were 6th and 4th in the state finals you are right on track to be top ten in the state once again.

Can you believe on Monday it’s only 40 days until the STATE FINALS, only 33 days to REGIONALS. Only 29 days till the JV’s last day.

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