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12noon - depart GHS
2pm - run at Shepherd
3pm - run done
4pm - arrive Lansing Holiday Inn
5pm - Dinner
630pm - Mall
830pm - done at Mall
9pm - trick or treating
930 - team meeting
10pm - bed, lights out.

830am - up and at 'em
9am - breakfast
10am - done and pack up.
1030am - leave Lansing
1145 - arrive Brooklyn
12noon - buy your shirt, go to bathroom, eat a snack
1230 - RELAX IN TENT, don't think, relax, listen to music
1:15pm - go through course
2pm - back at tent, cals, stretch, chill
2:20- jog to start line, stride outs, get a sweat going, stride out.
2:49:45 - Dawn, Anna, Savannah finish
2:50:30 - Krystin finishes

Monday, October 27, 2008



Monday – 2 mile warm, cals, high knees, 20-30 minutes easy, maybe inside if it’s too nasty out. DRESS FOR COLD RAINY SNOWY WEATHER.
Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 1xmile HARD, 4x400m HARD, 4x200m HARD, easy 1 mile cool.
Wednesday – 2 mile warm easy 30 minutes, 4x100yard stride-outs.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 8x400m, starting at race pace, then each one 1 second faster.
Friday – out of school at NOON, run at Shepherd, then to Lansing
Sunday – eat lots of junk food and look at your times at

Sammy & Amber-----I have so much faith and trust in you two. I know you always give your best effort. I know you always listen in practice and do what I ask. I know you will run a smart race. I know you have the genetics, the work ethic, and the ability to shine in your race on Saturday. You have both had great races at MIS the last two years and you know how to take it to the next level on the big day. Well, Saturday is your last big day. Sure, you’ll go to college and you’ll run more races and you’ll be great. I have no doubt that some day you’ll run a race that makes your high school career look slow. BUT, you’ll never have another HIGH SCHOOL cross country race. You’ll never have another day where you community, your teammates, your parents, your friend and your coach all are behind you this much. It’s the day you’ve been waiting SIX years for…. show us what you’ve got on Saturday girls.

Amanda-----You think too much. You worry. You think more. You worry. You get keyed up and jumpy. RELAX !! I get nervous just watching you !! As you have done all year, follow Sammy and Amber. BUT, this time before the race you need to CHILL OUT. What did Sloan call it? “EXTREME CHILL” and I don’t mean walking up a hill. In watching you practice last week you looked great. I thought you had that little bit if extra snap in your stride that I like to see this time of the season. That little extra bit of quickness usually means a great race is coming up. Well, it didn’t happen at regionals. Yes, you ran well…. You were ALL-REGIONAL. But, it was not a GREAT race. I think that might be a good sign actually – IT MEANS YOUR GREAT RACE WILL HAPPEN at STATES !!!! I want you to remember though … if you get all worked up and think too much before the race like you did at regionals it won’t happen. Relax, enjoy, take it all in. It’s the state finals and its important, ….but it is, after all, only a race.

Dawn & Anna -----Right now you two are FASTER than our # 4 and # 5 runners last year when we won a state championship. You have had better races than our 4-5 did so far to this point and I’d expect a solid 1940’s for both of you on Saturday. You are ready, you are tough, you are rested and most importantly you are both “positive” thinkers. I know that I can count on both of you to show up and be at your best. You don’t psych yourself out.

Savannah & Krystin – Like I’ve said before …. You two are in a position to help us. EGR has a slower 4-5th runner and you both can beat them. If you do you can beat them its 2 points. State championships have been decided by just this margin. Do it.

Amber + Sammy+Amanda – 6:00-10, 6:00-10, 6:00-10 + 37 seconds = UNDER 19:00 (top 30 is your goal)

Dawn + Anna+Savannah – 6:20, 6:20, 6:20 + 37 seconds = 19:40 (top 60-80 is your goal)

Krystin 6:40, 6:40, 6:40 + 40 seconds = 20:40 beat EGR’s #5.

With these places a top 1-2-3-4-5 finish is possible !!!

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just some good reading for you all....


Sammy Hunt - her best race of the year by far, earning her 4 time all-regional honors. Freshman year 2nd, sophomore 2nd, junior 2nd, senior 3rd. She always runs her best in the big races and today it showed. 19:13, her best time of the year.

Amber Kassuba - 3 time all - regional, 7th overall in 19:24, her best season time so far... Amber has had an amazing race at the state finals the last two years. she saves her best for last. she's up when she needs to be up.

amanda olds - 9th to earn her first ALL-REGIONAL honors. 19:28, not her best time of the season but I think she's going to surprise some people at MIS. Still a great race today in a very tough field.

Dawn Pagels - HUGE race for this tough freshman. 17th overall and her 20:01 was a season best by almost 30 seconds. She's coming on fast and looking great. In any other regional she'd have earned top 15 all regional honors but with 3 ranked teams in this region it was just15 seconds off.

Anna Kassuba - a pretty good race from anna. 18th place. Anna has the ability to give it all and she did that today, but on Saturday at MIS I think she's got something more to show everyone. In any other regional she'd have earned individual all-regional honors.

Savannah Hypio - improving fast and had a season best time of 20:31, close to her best from last season. She's been having some trouble with her shins but today she ran great, beating Petoskey's 5th girl and making our margin of victory one point better.

Krystin Dreyer, 21:47 for the tough sophomore... I'm hoping Krystin gives track a shot this season as the 400m and 800m will probably earn her all-regional honors. She has the most leg speed on the team at the end of a race.

The girls were tough from start to finish today. Our 29 point win over Petoskey was by far our largest margin of victory this season. We're peaking at the right time, resting when we need to rest and at MIS we can put it together for a top 5 finish. I'm especially proud of Sammy's great race today. Very few GHS girls have earned FOUR year all-regional honors and I'm impressed. Not only was she all-regional, her 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd finishes are the best in GHS history. She's "ON" when she needs to be "ON" for the big days.


After the finish of the boys race I know the boys were not happy, but the future of GHS XC for the boys is bright.

Jayden Hesselink had a solid race in 17:09, just missing all-regional honors and a trip to the state finals by 4 seconds. Although this is a tough break for Jayden he returns for a senior season where he'll be one of the top runners in the region. He's the 7th fastest returner for next year and I'm confident he'll lead our team to some top results next year.

Andrew Olds graduates as a 2 time all-conference and 2 time all-regional runner. I know Andrew's not happy with his 17:26 today but awards from previous years and his commitment to hard work speak for themselves. He's definitely one of the hardest working athletes I've ever coached and he's able to extract a supreme effort when needed. This is one mentally tough kid who will shine on the mats this wrestling season.

Bryan Slocum will return as the 17th fastest runner for next season based on his 17:34 finish today. Bryan has improved over TWO MINUTES from last season and has been a huge part of our success this season. He's a great worker with a great attitude and I'm looking forward to another two years with him...

Joe Jones finished as our 4th man today, his best finish of the season. Joe is one tough runner, coming into this season with little running experience. He's improved steadily over the course of the year and finished just seconds off his season best today. joe will be a big part of our varsity next year.

Sean Hope - ran sick today and it showed. When you are sick its nearly impossible to give it your all, but his 17:50 at Elk Rapids is a sign that great things will come in the future.

Lucas Avenall - had an off day, but his future is bright. His 17:50 at Elk rapids is a sign that big things will come his way.

Wade McMillion - made varsity and improved all season. With some summer miles he could be tough as a junior.

here it is

all-regional !!

Samantha Hunt 3rd overall 19:13 (FOUR time all regional... 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd)
Amber Kassuba 7th overall 19:24 (THREE time all regional ... 3rd, 3rd, 7th)
Amanda Olds 9th overall 19:28 (first all regional honors !)


back to back to back to back to back.

1. Gaylord (54)

2. Petoskey (85)
3. Fremont (86)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Go to TRAVERSE CITY as usual and then get on US 31 SOUTH. Take US 31 SOUTH about 7 miles until you come to CHUM’s Corners. Turn RIGHT onto US 31 (US 37 continues straight here) towards Benzonia. Go about
18 miles. Just before you come into the little town of HONOR, turn LEFT onto Zimmerman Road. Go south on Zimmerman for about 3 miles. Turn RIGHT onto HOMESTEAD and go 2 miles to Benzie Central High School.

6:00am – Up and at ‘em, eat a light break fast, lots of liquids – juice, Gatorade, electrolyte balanced
700am – BUS DEPARTS SCHOOL, sleep on the way over to Benzie.
900 – ARRIVE AT Benzie, eat a snack, banana, fruit, granola bar, pbj sandwich
10am – Teams go through course
11am - Boys Division 2 Cross Country REGIONALS race
1230pm - Girls Division 2 Cross Country REGIONALS race
115pm – AWARDS

THERE ARE MORE RACES, here is the full list of times and races.
8:00 am School opens & packets available
9:00 am Mandatory coaches meeting – Division 4 & Division 3
9:00 am Course inspection
9:45 am National Anthem
10:00 am Mandatory coaches meeting – Division 2
10:00 am Boys race begins – Division 4
10:30 am Boys race begins – Division 3
11:00 am Boys race begins – Division 2
11:30 am Girls race begins – Division 4
12:00 pm Girls race begins – Division 3
12:30 pm Girls race begins – Division 2
1:15 pm Awards ceremony - in gymnasium

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REGIONALS WEEK 2008 Here we go ! It’s time to turn it up a notch.

Monday Oct. 20th – easy 2 mile warm, easy 3 mile run, follow the coach, he’s going to run today.

Tuesday Oct. 21 – ROTARY INVITE – nobody excused early. JV, you run in JV race –
ALL boys and girls together at 5pm.
Varsity, come out and run at 5pm. Your workout is to cheer on the JV runners.
This means AS A VARSITY GROUP, NOT INDIVIDUALS, you will jog around
the course for about 30 minutes. No cals, no stretching, just jog, sprint to the next spot and keep cheering.

Wednesday Oct. 22 -

2 mile warm, to the track, 1x mile at RACE PACE

Andrew, Jay 5:20 (16:30), Bryan, Sean, Lucas, Joe, Wade, Jake 5:35 (17:15)
Amanda, Sammy, Amber, Anna 6:00-6:10 (18:40-19:00)
Savannah, Dawn, Krystin, Megan 6:25 (19:45)

1x800m at RACE PACE

Andrew, Jay 2:40, Bryan, Sean, Lucas, Joe, Wade, Jake 2:48
Amanda, Sammy, Amber, Anna 3:00-3:05, Savannah, Dawn, Krystin, Megan 3:13

1x400m at RACE PACE

Andrew, Jay 1:20, Bryan, Sean, Lucas, Joe, Wade, Jake 1:24
Amanda, Sammy, Amber, Anna 1:32, Savannah, Dawn, Krystin, Megan 1:37

Thursday Oct. 23- 2 mile warm, 20 minute run. TEAM MEETING.
Boys and girls together.


Friday Oct. 24 – 2 mile warmup, strideouts, done.

Saturday Oct. 25th – Division 2 regional 10-2 Hosted by Benzie Central
Bus departs ____________ a.m.

Saturday November 1st – Michigan International Speedway D2 Boys and Girls State Finals.


7:00 am DEPART GHS
8:00 am School opens & packets available
9:00 am Mandatory coaches meeting – Division 4 & Division 3
9:00 am Course inspection
9:45 am National Anthem
10:00 am Mandatory coaches meeting – Division 2
10:00 am Boys race begins – Division 4
10:30 am Boys race begins – Division 3
11:00 am Boys race begins – Division 2
11:30 am Girls race begins – Division 4
12:00 pm Girls race begins – Division 3
12:30 am Girls race begins – Division 2
1:15 pm Awards ceremony - in gymnasium


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Results of the Elk Rapids XC meet

quick summary.

Awesome day for GHS runners. 16 team field, girls 2nd boys 4th (just 7 points out of 2nd)

My hat goes off today to our boys team. At the start line I challenged them to go out a bit faster than usual, to lay it on the line, and they did it all. The big difference today from our previous races was the 38 second time differential from our 1st to 5th man. Jayden Hesselink hammered home with a personal best time of 17:12 and our #5 Lucas Avennal was at 17:50. Having our top 5 solidly in the 17's puts us in contention for a trip to the state finals next weekend at Benzie's D2 regional meet. It won't take a miracle to place in the top 3 teams, but it will take our best race of the season and another step up from what we accomplished today. Andrew Olds was 2nd man in a season best 17:15, followed closely by Bryan Slocum at 17:36 and Sean Hope at 17:49. Joe Jones continues to improve and was a solid 6th man today at 1757 also. Jake Pasternak rounded out varsity at a solid 1842. Our top 4 boys today earned medals for their top 30 finishes.

these boys have done all the work that needs to be done. This week we'll rest and mentally prepare for regionals.
In the boys JV race Wade McMillion picked up a medal and earned his way back into a varsity position by eeking out a 0.4 second margin on Jake Pasternak. Our JV runners will complete their season at the Rotary invite on Oct. 21.

On the girls side we placed a solid 2nd place to # 1 ranked Benzie Central. Amanda Olds (1936) Sammy Hunt (1945) and Amber kassuba (1958) have traded 1-2-3 positions all year and today they ran much of the race as a nice pack. These girls run well together and it has a calming effect on them to have each other near in a race. This pack will be a huge key to our success at the regionals on Saturday. I look for this triple threat to dominate the top ten next weekend. Anna Kassuba had another huge race as our 4th girl at 20:12. She's improved markedly since our speedwork and with rest this week I think she has all-regional honors in sight with a good race on Saturday. Our 5th girl, in only her 2nd race this season was Savannah Hypio. Savannah has struggled with some shinsplint issues this season but was tough today for a solid 21:19. She'll be a big help with a few days of rest when next weekend rolls around. Our varsity scoring was rounded out by a fast sprinting Krystin Dreyer (21:34) and Megan Borgeson (21:37).

In the girls JV race Gaylord dominated with a solid 1-4-13-14-20th finish. Dawn Pagels had a huge 35 second win at 20:34 and nailed a varsity position for Saturday's regional. With a good race I think Dawn could possibly earn "All-regional" honors as a freshman - an impressive feat. She was followed by a fast improving Paige Hypio in 5th place and a season best time of 21:38. Medal winner Nicole Wehner nailed 18th place and Caila Cole surprised even herself with a season best 23:06.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elk Rapids directions

Go to Elk Rapids, when coming into town from the south turn right on AMES street. Go up about a half mile and turn RIGHT on BRAND. Go down a couple streets and turn LEFT on 3rd. Start just behind the school. Look for busses. If these directions are wrong, stop at a gas station and ask.

Homecoming and Elk Rapids

We are in the middle of spirit week, float building, banner making and all sorts of fun activities. Friday we do our 91 mile football run, miss school all day, go to the football game, stay up late ... Then Saturday morning we get up at 6am, leave on the bus at 630am, race at Elk Rapids, rush home to go to homecoming dinner and dance, stay up extra late ...




Wednesday, October 15, 2008

why is TC so good?

Quote from the TC Coach ... in the TC newspaper.

Central coach John Lober praised Karbowski, Lance and Dancer for providing strong senior leadership.

"Starting at the end of last school year," Lober said, "these three seniors have set the tone. 'This is what we're doing. This is when we're going to meet. This is when we're going to run.' They did it in a very positive way with the other kids. The other kids bought into that."

What is he saying? His runners ran a TON all summer as a GROUP. They initiated it themselves and they ran themselves. That's what we need. Summer miles, lots of 'em. Not 101 miles, but HUNDREDS of miles... like 300. Get after it and greatness will be the result.

Greatness comes to those who reach and strive for it, not to those who wait for it to happen to them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



AMBER KASSUBA GAYL 9th 19.51 - would you believe this is faster than last year's time ?? it is.
SAMANTHA HUNT GAYL 14th 20.24 - 30 seconds off last year's time, but its ok, trust me.
AMANDA OLDS GAYL 11th 20.03 - ONE MINUTE faster than last year
ANNA KASSUBA GAYL 17th 20.35 - 1:14 FASTER than last year
MEGAN BORGESON GAYL 26th 21.31 - you are running times that ANNA ran last year
KRYSTIN DREYER GAYL 33th 22.30 - about what you ran last year
DAWN PAGELS GAYL did not run

Junior Varsity

SAVANNAH HYPIO GAYL 6th 21.49 - only 45 seconds off last years time ...
PAIGE HYPIO GAYL 14th 22.31 - only one second behind Krystin
NICOLE WEHNER GAYL 31th 23.49 - beat Sarah Drummonds time from last year !



JAYDEN HESSELINK GAYL 12th 17.36 --- 50 seconds faster than last year !
ANDREW OLDS GAYL 14th 17.37 ---- 10 seconds faster than last year !
BRYAN SLOCUM GAYL 20th 18.11 -- GREAT RACE - All conference next year !
LUCUS AVENALL GAYL 26th 18.28 - same time Jayden had last year !
SEAN HOPE GAYL 28th 18.41 - almost the same time Jayden had last year !
JOE JONES GAYL 30th 18.43 - almost the same time Jayden had last year !
JACOB PASTERNAK GAYL 31th 18.45 - almost the same time Jayden had last year !

(my point with Jayden comparison is, next year we can have 6 or 7 all conference runners !!! )


WADE MCMILLION GAYL 13th 18.54 - the best race of your season
DAN SHARRARD GAYL 18th 19.09 - the best race of your season
SPENCER YOUNG GAYL 21th 19.12 - you will go LOW 18's this weekend
CODY SMITH GAYL 48th 20.12 - low 19's this weekend
JAKE ARMSTRONG GAYL 51th 20.18 - not bad after 4 weeks off
ANDREW FRAKES GAYL 59th 20.30 - your best time on a TOUGH course, this weekend 19's !!
ZACK KAMMEYER GAYL 69th 21.09 - STICK WITH ANDY, you can do it, best time !
TYLER WINOWIECKI GAYL 70th 21.09 - your best time
CALEB WAGER GAYL 77th 22.07 - your best time !
COLIN O'NEILL GAYL 82th 22.58 - your best time on our course
ZAC WAGAR GAYL 87th 23.39 - dude, this is a good time on our course

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Week 10 !! – October 13th -20th, 2008

Summary– On Monday we have 7 practices left until REGIONALS, or if you prefer 12 days total. We’ve run well over 450 miles in preparation and now is when we’ll begin to see the fruits of our labor. Over the course of the next 4 races really try to focus on putting it all together. Run the corners smart, don’t charge the hills – run them conservatively and go hard down the other side, try “surges” to break the person you run with, even splits are the best way to run well, etc etc.

Tuesday – Be sure to get a ride arranged out to the country club. I will be out there early setting up the course and getting things ready so you will not be able to ride out with me. I have noticed that we have gotten much faster in the last two weeks with the speedwork we’ve done. Let the trend continue. Girls – We are running to beat Petoskey and Cadillac by as much as possible. Boys – we are starting to come together, getting our 1-5th man time diffrence down, and today its time to run hard on our HOME course. Cadillac AND Petoskey are beatable.. DO NOT worry about your times on our course – we are running for PLACES ! It’s a tough course that is difficult to run fast – places are all that matters.

Thursday – I will cut the workout a bit shorter for our JV runners. I want you well rested and ready to go for Saturday.

Saturday – Elk Rapids is a great course and another chance to see some of our best times of the year. The course is flat and fast – just like another course many of you have seen – ITS CALLED THE REGIONALS and STATE FINALS COURSE. There will be FAST, tough competition here. Approach the race as though we can win. Go out hard, stay tough in the middle of the race and finish with a great kick. JV – this is your last chance to run a REALLY fast time. Go for it. Our race strategy as a TEAM at this meet is to go out faster and harder than you ever have before.

Varsity for regionals – your finish at Elk Rapids WILL determine varsity for regionals. Boys, I’ve seen some changes in our top 7 coming up. People are beginning to make their move. Girls, run well at Elk Rapids to guarantee your place on our regional/state finals team. How do we determine the varsity? 99% of the time the varsity is determined by the top 7 times. The 7 fastest people are the varsity. I do, however, reserve the right to keep a “usual” runner on the varsity if they have a “bad” race. Let’s say Sammy Hunt has the stomach flu, twists her ankle, develops chicken pox and runs poorly as a result. Trust me, she’ll still be on the varsity team for regionals.


Monday Oct. 13th – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, easy 35 minutes FOLLOW COACH, stride outs.
Tuesday – excused at 230pm, be at Country Club ASAP. Boys varsity 4pm, girls varsity 430pm, JV 5pm
Wed. – GO TO MIDDLE SCHOOL XC MEET to help, short run at Aspen BEFORE ! (30-40min)
Thursday Oct 16 -- 2 mile warm, cals, TIMED MILE HARD, 4x400 pace, 4x200m fast.
Friday Oct 17 – FOOTBALL RUN, bus departs 8am, if you are behind in class don’t go !!
Saturday Oct 18 – Elk Rapids Invite – JV this is your chance to run your BEST RACE.
Sunday – OFF rest.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

BNC and Elk

Big North Conf championships at HOME on Tuesday Oct. 14th ! Boys VARSITY 4pm, Girl VARSITY 430pm, ALL JV at 5pm. Supposed to be cool and possibly rainy. Perfect conditions for FALL XC !! Great workout today, we're getting tuned up to run faster and all that's left is REST. We'll train hard through next week, the the following week its REST. JV people, you'll be done one week from Tuesday. wow, time flies. Speaking of time flies, check out the pic.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


the picture above is the FANS at MIS, cheering on the state finals.

Here are the rankings !!!

D2 LP Girls
1 Grand Rapids-Christian 99
2 East Grand Rapids 96
3 Williamston 90
4 Ada-Forest Hills Eastern 82 (that we beat at Portage by 22 points)
5 Gaylord 80
6T East Lansing 55
6T Fremont 55
8T Ionia 50
8T Milan 50
10 DeWitt 45
HM Dexter 24

Sunday, October 5, 2008


WEEK 9 -During these final weeks of our season a few important things to remember.

1. BE CAREFUL WITH EXTRA STUFF – don’t twist your ankle on a trampoline or playing BBall, or soccer, or paintball or on your motocross bike, or …. IT WILL END YOUR SEASON !!
2. Early bedtimes. You will need extra rest and extra sleep.
Do not stay up late watching TV and playing on the internet-
3. Eat right – no pop, no junk food, no greasy foods. Go light on the protein and high on the carbohydrates. Eat a substantial breakfast and a GOOD lunch. Your lunch is especially important to give you the proper fuel you need for practice. NO greasy school pizzas and chips and pop. A nice turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato with some carrots and a Gatorade is perfect. Same for dinner – stay away from steaks and meatloaf and greasy foods like that. High protein foods are hard to digest and slow to metabolize. You needs carbs and fruits and vegetables and lots of liquids. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. That means IRON ladies.
4. NO sharing water bottles – no sharing foods – and WASH your hands. This will keep you from getting sick.
5. Varsity – you have ONLY 4 races left in your season, JV you have only 3.
6. Injuries ? Sore knee? Tired? DON’T HIDE IT FROM COACH. Tell me your troubles, a day of rest may be all you need. A little bit of ibuprofen can HELP a small ache or soreness, too much is bad news.

This is the time where many coaches say that the season is “almost over.” It is not. It is actually just beginning. Now is when things will get exciting.
Now is when you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. Now is when you’ll see how running 500 miles to prepare for a 3.1 mile race works. REGIONALS IS ONLY 12 (yes, TWELVE) days away after Sunday. State Finals in 20 days.

NEXT WEEK TUESDAY – HOME BNC Finals !! Our FINAL conference meet ! Big hills, lots of fun. JV will race SEPARATE FROM VARSITY – the Portage people run varsity.

Monday Oct 6 -- Coach has a MEETING. You are on your own with your team captains. 2-3 mile warmup. Cals as usual. After your cals you will be going out for a PACE RUN. Not all out hard, not easy, but a good solid hard pace that you can handle. This pace run should last about 18 minutes, about the length of a race. Try to stay on a SOFT surface, not pavement. When you are done with the 18 minutes HARD you should go for an easy 20 more minutes. (GHS, to AYSO, down railroad tracks to bridge and back would be perfect for your “hard” run)

Tuesday Oct. 7 - 2 mile warm, 40-60 minutes easy.

Wed. Oct 8 - @ GAYLORD COUNTRY CLUB. GET A RIDE. 2 mile warm, then 4-4-4-4-4 minute drill. 2 mile cooldown

Thurs. Oct 9 - 2 mile warm, cals, easy 3-5 miles on course coach gives you.

Friday Oct. 10 - 2 mile warm, 13 x 400m FAST. Each one should be ONE second faster than the last. You will get full recovery between these, 2 mile cool.

Sat. Oct. 11 - Aspen Park 10am, easy run 30-60 minutes.

SUNDAY Oct. 12 - OFF, rest, everyone, no running, no raking leaves, no work, rest up.

BOYS Portage results

Portage CC Invitational, the largest XC meet in the midwest. 160 cross country teams and 42 of them in our division 2.
The boys race featured NINE of the top ranked teams in the state and the GHS harriers ended up a solid 23rd.
On the boys side they called this meet the STATE FINALS BEFORE THE STATE FINALS. How often can you run against the top 9 teams in the entire state in one race on one day? This is a true barometer of where we stand right now and I'm very happy with our finish for this young boys team.

23. 612 GAYLORD ( 17:45 1:28:41)
1 66 Andrew Olds Gaylord 12 17:06
2 122 Jayden Hesselink Gaylord 11 17:47
3 128 Bryan Slocum Gaylord 10 17:49
4 138 Sean Hope Gaylord 9 17:55
5 158 Lucas Avenall Gaylord 9 18:04
6 (180) Joe Jones Gaylord 10 18:18
7 (220) Jake Pasternak Gaylord 9 18:45

Finishing 23rd out of 42 teams puts us mid-pack and puts us within striking distance of Chip Hills, one of our regional rivals. This place also puts us close to the 2005 team that narrowly missed qualifying for the state finals and gives us some confidence in our speed. I couldnt be happier for this hard working group of boys. I'm also extremely pleased with our sophomores and freshmen. If we scored this meet as a freshman/sophomore event we'd easily have finished in the top 3 - a great sign of our future. Six out of our seven boys today had personal best times and Andrew Olds was only about 15 seconds off his best. Our biggest goal now is beating Cadillac and Petoskey in our next, and final, BNC meet at the Gaylord Country Club on Oct. 14th.

Another highlight of our success today was the 58 second time gap between our #1 and #5 runner, this is great and if we can get it down to 30-40 seconds we'll have an outside shot at top 3 at the regional meet. Its tough to single out one or two rboys who had a great race today - they all did really. Probably the biggest improvement from past meets was Joe Jones in 6th man position at 18:18. Joe seems poised to make an impact on our top five runners and this will definitely help lower our team score.

GIRLS Portage results

Portage CC Invitational, the largest XC meet in the midwest. 160 cross country teams and 42 of them in our division 2.
The girls race featured 6 of the top ranked teams in the state and the GHS harriers ended up a solid 3rd.
After coming in ranked 6th (current rankings we were anxious to show the competition that we had something more to show them and we did just that. Amanda Olds had another breakthrough race with her 19:16, 13th place finish. Amanda is setting herself up as one of the best runners in D2, she's learning how to be a front runner and deal with the stresses of being in the front. With Sammy and Amber right behind today, we had a low score that puts us right back in the top 3 teams in the state. Our 1-2-3 punch of Amanda Olds, Samantha Hunt, and Amber Kassuba all had top 30 finishes. Anna Kassuba had a personal best time and a huge race to finish just behind sister Amber and Dawn Pagels improved her best time by over one minute and had a blazing fast finishing kick to pass at least 10 runners. These top 5 gals all had a good race today. But, I think they still have a lot more in them. In 4 weeks we'll be at MIS for the state finals and if things go well we might be able to move a bit close to 1st and 2nd place teams. Krystin Dreyer and Megan Borgeson rounded out our varsity scoring with personal best times also. These two gals would be in the top 5 of over 30 of the D2 varsity teams here today.


1. 89 GR CHRISTIAN ( 19:23 1:36:51) (ranked #1 in the state)
1 6 Alyssa Penning Gr Christian 12 18:57
2 14 Kimby Penning Gr Christian 10 19:20
3 15 Erika Overbeck Gr Christian 10 19:22
4 25 Liza Gunnink Gr Christian 10 19:34
5 29 Dana Veen Gr Christian 10 19:38
6 ( 52) Leah Warners Gr Christian 12 20:12
7 (110) Kristin Bielema Gr Christian 9 21:06

2. 106 EAST GRAND RAPIDS ( 19:25 1:37:02) (ranked #2 in the state)
1 5 Kassidy Clark East Grand Rapids 9 18:53
2 7 Lauren Grunewald East Grand Rapids 11 18:57
3 18 Jessie Baloga East Grand Rapids 9 19:24
4 30 Brianna Clifford East Grand Rapids 11 19:43
5 46 Kathleen Stubbs East Grand Rapids 11 20:05
6 (106) Jill McLain East Grand Rapids 10 21:04
7 (118) Nicole Dear East Grand Rapids 11 21:14

3. 155 GAYLORD ( 19:44 1:38:37) (ranked #6 in the state)
1 13 Amanda Olds Gaylord 10 19:18
2 19 Samantha Hunt Gaylord 12 19:27
3 26 Amber Kassuba Gaylord 12 19:35
4 35 Anna Kassuba Gaylord 10 19:53
5 62 Dawn Pagels Gaylord 9 20:24
6 ( 96) Krystin Dreyer Gaylord 10 20:58
7 (100) Megan Borgeson Gaylord 9 21:01

4. 177 FOREST HILLS EASTERN ( 19:47 1:38:55) (ranked #3 in the state)
1 9 Ellen Junewick Forest Hills Eastern 10 19:04
2 11 Alyssa Dyer Forest Hills Eastern 10 19:09
3 39 Margo Dixon Forest Hills Eastern 10 19:59
4 42 Lauren McCarthy Forest Hills Eastern 10 20:01
5 76 Kailene Schabes Forest Hills Eastern 11 20:42
6 ( 77) Alissa Brouwer Forest Hills Eastern 11 20:43
7 ( 89) Ann Kennedy Forest Hills Eastern 11 20:51

Saturday, October 4, 2008


check em out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Portage INFO.

GHS Portage Invite itinerary (Hunts, Kassubas and coach will be transporting athletes in vans)

FRIDAY October 3, 2008
1209 pm – excused from school, change into running clothes, get bags, pack up and leave
1220 – Leave from GHS SIDE DOOR by COACH’s ROOM.
320pm – Arrive at DAYS INN GRAND RAPIDS - 310 Pear Street, (616) 235-7611
350pm - Checked in, head to rooms to change clothes. Head out to run workout in town.
5pm - Workout done, back to rooms, quick shower
6pm – head out to eat and MALL – eat at same place as track state finals - Carrabas
9:30 – Girls meeting in coach’s room
10pm – Boys meeting in coach’s room –
10:30 – In bed

730am – Wake up, pack, shower or wake up, shower, pack --
815am – Showered, packed, ready to head down to breakfast
830- 915am – TEAM breakfast provided at no cost to athletes
930 – back to rooms, check out, pack vehicles
945am – On the road to the LARGEST INVITE IN MICHIGAN – Portage !!
11am – Arrive
1130-1230 – Teams go through course, coach gets team packets, chips put on shoes
1:00 pm - BOYS Division 2 race (JV will not race)
2:00 pm - GIRLS Division 2 race (JV will not race)
????????? – AWARDS
3:00pm – on the road to Gaylord
8-9pm – Home

The list
_____ spikes
_____ race shorts
_____ race jersey
_____ running pants
_____ extra socks (3 pr)
_____ warmup jacket
_____ long sleeve Tshirt
_____ nicer clothes for dinner/mall
_____ clothes for after the meet
_____ Toiletries
_____ water bottle/Gatorade
_____ $$ - Remember, you buy your own dinner on Friday, mall spending money, Saturday dinner,
_____ camera, take some pics of the excitement
_____ CD player, music, HEADPHONES --- have music that will get you pumped up

_____ $20 to pay for your ROOM ! – each athlete must chip in $20 for the hotel rooms, the school does not pay !!!!!

_____ Warm weather clothes – its supposed to be a very cool weekend !!!

Addition meet information is at WWW.PORTAGEINVITE.COM