Monday, October 27, 2008



Monday – 2 mile warm, cals, high knees, 20-30 minutes easy, maybe inside if it’s too nasty out. DRESS FOR COLD RAINY SNOWY WEATHER.
Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 1xmile HARD, 4x400m HARD, 4x200m HARD, easy 1 mile cool.
Wednesday – 2 mile warm easy 30 minutes, 4x100yard stride-outs.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 8x400m, starting at race pace, then each one 1 second faster.
Friday – out of school at NOON, run at Shepherd, then to Lansing
Sunday – eat lots of junk food and look at your times at

Sammy & Amber-----I have so much faith and trust in you two. I know you always give your best effort. I know you always listen in practice and do what I ask. I know you will run a smart race. I know you have the genetics, the work ethic, and the ability to shine in your race on Saturday. You have both had great races at MIS the last two years and you know how to take it to the next level on the big day. Well, Saturday is your last big day. Sure, you’ll go to college and you’ll run more races and you’ll be great. I have no doubt that some day you’ll run a race that makes your high school career look slow. BUT, you’ll never have another HIGH SCHOOL cross country race. You’ll never have another day where you community, your teammates, your parents, your friend and your coach all are behind you this much. It’s the day you’ve been waiting SIX years for…. show us what you’ve got on Saturday girls.

Amanda-----You think too much. You worry. You think more. You worry. You get keyed up and jumpy. RELAX !! I get nervous just watching you !! As you have done all year, follow Sammy and Amber. BUT, this time before the race you need to CHILL OUT. What did Sloan call it? “EXTREME CHILL” and I don’t mean walking up a hill. In watching you practice last week you looked great. I thought you had that little bit if extra snap in your stride that I like to see this time of the season. That little extra bit of quickness usually means a great race is coming up. Well, it didn’t happen at regionals. Yes, you ran well…. You were ALL-REGIONAL. But, it was not a GREAT race. I think that might be a good sign actually – IT MEANS YOUR GREAT RACE WILL HAPPEN at STATES !!!! I want you to remember though … if you get all worked up and think too much before the race like you did at regionals it won’t happen. Relax, enjoy, take it all in. It’s the state finals and its important, ….but it is, after all, only a race.

Dawn & Anna -----Right now you two are FASTER than our # 4 and # 5 runners last year when we won a state championship. You have had better races than our 4-5 did so far to this point and I’d expect a solid 1940’s for both of you on Saturday. You are ready, you are tough, you are rested and most importantly you are both “positive” thinkers. I know that I can count on both of you to show up and be at your best. You don’t psych yourself out.

Savannah & Krystin – Like I’ve said before …. You two are in a position to help us. EGR has a slower 4-5th runner and you both can beat them. If you do you can beat them its 2 points. State championships have been decided by just this margin. Do it.

Amber + Sammy+Amanda – 6:00-10, 6:00-10, 6:00-10 + 37 seconds = UNDER 19:00 (top 30 is your goal)

Dawn + Anna+Savannah – 6:20, 6:20, 6:20 + 37 seconds = 19:40 (top 60-80 is your goal)

Krystin 6:40, 6:40, 6:40 + 40 seconds = 20:40 beat EGR’s #5.

With these places a top 1-2-3-4-5 finish is possible !!!

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