Sunday, October 12, 2008


Week 10 !! – October 13th -20th, 2008

Summary– On Monday we have 7 practices left until REGIONALS, or if you prefer 12 days total. We’ve run well over 450 miles in preparation and now is when we’ll begin to see the fruits of our labor. Over the course of the next 4 races really try to focus on putting it all together. Run the corners smart, don’t charge the hills – run them conservatively and go hard down the other side, try “surges” to break the person you run with, even splits are the best way to run well, etc etc.

Tuesday – Be sure to get a ride arranged out to the country club. I will be out there early setting up the course and getting things ready so you will not be able to ride out with me. I have noticed that we have gotten much faster in the last two weeks with the speedwork we’ve done. Let the trend continue. Girls – We are running to beat Petoskey and Cadillac by as much as possible. Boys – we are starting to come together, getting our 1-5th man time diffrence down, and today its time to run hard on our HOME course. Cadillac AND Petoskey are beatable.. DO NOT worry about your times on our course – we are running for PLACES ! It’s a tough course that is difficult to run fast – places are all that matters.

Thursday – I will cut the workout a bit shorter for our JV runners. I want you well rested and ready to go for Saturday.

Saturday – Elk Rapids is a great course and another chance to see some of our best times of the year. The course is flat and fast – just like another course many of you have seen – ITS CALLED THE REGIONALS and STATE FINALS COURSE. There will be FAST, tough competition here. Approach the race as though we can win. Go out hard, stay tough in the middle of the race and finish with a great kick. JV – this is your last chance to run a REALLY fast time. Go for it. Our race strategy as a TEAM at this meet is to go out faster and harder than you ever have before.

Varsity for regionals – your finish at Elk Rapids WILL determine varsity for regionals. Boys, I’ve seen some changes in our top 7 coming up. People are beginning to make their move. Girls, run well at Elk Rapids to guarantee your place on our regional/state finals team. How do we determine the varsity? 99% of the time the varsity is determined by the top 7 times. The 7 fastest people are the varsity. I do, however, reserve the right to keep a “usual” runner on the varsity if they have a “bad” race. Let’s say Sammy Hunt has the stomach flu, twists her ankle, develops chicken pox and runs poorly as a result. Trust me, she’ll still be on the varsity team for regionals.


Monday Oct. 13th – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, easy 35 minutes FOLLOW COACH, stride outs.
Tuesday – excused at 230pm, be at Country Club ASAP. Boys varsity 4pm, girls varsity 430pm, JV 5pm
Wed. – GO TO MIDDLE SCHOOL XC MEET to help, short run at Aspen BEFORE ! (30-40min)
Thursday Oct 16 -- 2 mile warm, cals, TIMED MILE HARD, 4x400 pace, 4x200m fast.
Friday Oct 17 – FOOTBALL RUN, bus departs 8am, if you are behind in class don’t go !!
Saturday Oct 18 – Elk Rapids Invite – JV this is your chance to run your BEST RACE.
Sunday – OFF rest.

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