Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet the girls team.

1. Amanda Olds - team captain, all-state 2008 at 18:59 ( or was it 19:00?) Either way amanda's blazing sprint propelled her pastabout 15-20 girls at the finish to earn her All-State honors. She returns as our top runner this season.

2-3. Anna Kassuba/Dawn Pagels - these two gals (a Junior and a sophomore) run nearly every single race side by side and sometimes one wins, sometimes the others. They both have run faster than 19:50 for 5k and both look to be All-Regional this season (that's placing in the top 15 at regionals)

4. Savannah Hypio - a senior back after an All-state track season and looking to return to her All-regional XC status she earned as a sophomore. With some good summer miles I believe Savannah has a shot at All-state status in XC too.

5. Krystin Dreyer - returns after a great varsity season last year. A spring soccer player, Krystin hits it hard all summer to come into the XC season in shape and ready to make the varsity every year.

6-7-8. Megan Borgeson, Nicole Wehner, and Paige Hypio will be working to earn a varsity position again this season. The competition for our top 7 varsity spots will be tough and Nicole Wehner is coming off a great track season, while Megan and Paige were just seconds from a varsity position last year.

9. Freshman - its time to prove you're serious about XC this summer by running LOTS. I've also heard rumor that Brooke Arnold is running XC, but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation. If she does run though, that makes competition for varsity even tougher.

Like I said this spring to the track people - there are TWO things to do when the competition for varsity gets tough. A. Quit running and find a new sport because you're scared. B. Run harder, faster, longer, and smarter and EARN your spot!

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