Monday, June 8, 2009

WOW wow WOW wow WOW

15 boys and 15 girls showed up for our FIRST summer run - I'm impressed! Not only did we have a huge number of dedicated runners, you did it in a 50 degree thunderstorm. that's some great mental toughness.

A few things to add to what i said before you went running.

1. I'll say it again, 90% of your summer running should be "easy". A hard day per week or so is about all the hard running you need in June and July.

2. Enjoy your fitness. You are embarking on a huge journey this season. You will run farther and faster than you ever have before. enjoy it. Don't look at it in a negative way - being fit is awesome.

3. Eat right. You are a machine - a running machine, and running machines need good fuel. Carbs, breads, cereals, pastas, veggies, fruits, and a bit of protein. If you eat JUNK you will feel like JUNK when you run!!!!

4. Every Monday 6pm - cya there!



Lady Di said...

unbelievable, what a great start Coach K and your runners. it was wet but fun......

32 degrees said...

hey, the fun has only just begun. wait 'til team camp!!