Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monday July 6th - no coach

Hey all, I'll be on a family vacation on Monday July 6th - no Aspen Park for me. This will be the only planned run that I'll miss - so i get to go to camp. Just a reminder, we have 10 planned runs (including alpenfest run) and you need to be at FIVE of them plus run your summer mileage to go to TEAM CAMP.

Here's how monday will work - Jayden and Amanda are the team captains, one or both of them will have a sign in sheet and will take down names of those who attend then forward the list to me so i know who was there. Happy running.

Last week I did one HARD loop of the 6 mile single track. Its time for some of you to start thinking "ONE HARD DAY PER WEEK." A good solid HARD 20 minute run is called a "tempo" run. Its not a race, but its hard enough to stimulate your body to improve your oxygen uptake. Another hard workout might be to do the 6 mile loop and run the HILLS hard and go easy on the flats and curves. One hard day per week in the first 2-3 weeks of July is a good start.

Boys - I can tell who is getting serious about XC and who is taking it lightly. If you are not taking it serious and putting in consistent miles every week you're going to find yourself as the 10th man on the team not going to Portage or regionals. Time to get serious if you want a varsity spot on the top 7.

Girls - we have a lot of question marks about this fall. To repeat as regional champs for the SIXTH time is going to take a commitment from our varsity. Can you say you're committed?

happy running!


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Anonymous said...

Hey there Jeff!
I just wanted to compliment you on your requirements for going to team camp. Objective, flexible and process oriented - PERFECT!

Keep up the good work!