Friday, August 28, 2009

Girls Time Trial Aug 28 Friday

A perfect 58 degrees, no wind, great conditions for our 2x1 mile time trial. You all had a GREAT second mile, good effort, good focus and working hard. After the workout I saw some faces that were smiling and happy - you were proud of your performance and you should be. I also saw some faces that didn't look so happy - maybe you weren't happy with your time or you've not been feeling 100%. For those of you who weren't happy there are two things to remember --- > A. Great runners are MADE in the summer, run your summer miles and don't do the bare minimum to get by, go long, go hard, go easy, but run run run. B. Remember its a LONG season, you will improve, you will get fast, and the competition for our top 7 is going to be awesome. Its still TWO MONTHS until you need to be at your best. That's a long time. Patience patience and a good hard work ethic.

1. Anna Kassuba 603/603=1206
2. Krystin Dreyer 602/605=1207
3. Megan Borgeson 605/611=1216
4. Katelynn Dreyer 615/624=1239
5. Dawn Pagels 631/629=1249
6. Hilary Puroll 630/630=1300
7. Geena Duff 631/631=1302
8. Paige Hippo 631/635=1306
9. Noelle Warren 636/632=1308
10. Nicole Wehner 635/649=1324
11. Maria Warren 651/655=1346
12. Cindy Fiser 651/705=1356
13. Emily Lemon 659/704=1403
14. Allison FisCher 720/704=1424
15. Abby Kassuba 740/812=1552
16. Olivia Deans 840/855=1725

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