Monday, August 17, 2009

week workouts

2009 Gaylord XC Week #2 WORKOUTS

Monday August 17 – Aspen 6pm, 2 mile warmup, Cals, High Knees, run in groups 20-80 minutes.

Tuesday August 18 – Aspen 9am, 2 mile warmup, Cals, 20-60 minutes

Wednesday August 19 – Aspen 9am, 2 mile warmup, Cals, High Knees, 4-8x HILL, 1-4 miles easy

Thursday August 20 – Aspen 9am, 2 mile warmup, Cals, easy 20-60 minutes

Friday August 21 – Aspen 9am, 2 mile warmup, Cals, High Knees, 1 mile easy, 1 mile HARD TIMED, then 2-5 miles easy

Experienced runners – easy easy easy 3-8 miles on your own.

Sunday August 23 – FRESHMEN and NEW RUNNERS OFF
Experienced runners – OFF, or easy easy easy 3-8 miles on your own.

Next week – August 24 through August 30th @ Aspen 9am each day, plan your schedule accordingly.


It will take us until about the first of October until you really will be anywhere close to your best. Be patient, keep working hard, and keep a positive attitude.
Remember to run in groups – its so much easier to work together. Many of you will try to push our easy day runs TOO HARD. These runs will be in groups based on ability – DO NOT go faster than the group and if someone begins to drop off the WHOLE group slows down.
Use your arms on the hills.
Many of you have different goals for this season. Some want 1st places and medals, some want to get in shape for another sport, some want to make varsity, some want to have fun. Remember, we are a diverse group – but one thing is true for everyone – WE ARE DOING THIS SO THAT YOU CAN BE THE BEST RUNNER YOU CAN BE THIS SEASON. I’LL ACCEPT NOTHING BUT YOUR BEST EFFORT AND YOUR BEST ATTITUDE.
FRESHMAN & new runners – take it easy, enjoy your running and stick with it. In a couple weeks you’ll be in shape and feeling much better. Keep a positive attitude, we’re glad we have you !!!!
REMEMBER – This is the part of the season where we BUILD YOUR BASE of endurance. If you feel like running longer, that’s great. Run more miles on Friday, Saturday. It will only help you in the end.
7. After this week it is only 10, yes TEN days until our first meet !!!!!!!!
8. Rules –
A. Remember you MUST have FIVE consecutive days of practice before you can participate in a meet or race. To run at Clare on Sept. 2nd you MUST be at practice Aug. 26-27-28, then Aug. 31 and Sept. 1st.
B. Work is NOT an acceptable reason to miss practice, get the mornings off these first two weeks and then from 3-5pm the week before school.

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