Saturday, September 19, 2009

workouts for Sept 21-27

XC WORKOUTS – WEEK OF September 21-27, 2009 - Week 7 REST WEEK

Monday - Easy short day with 2 mile warm, cals, high knees, 25-40 minute run, then to football field for 4x 100m stride outs.

The best of your first two BNC races count towards all-conference honors.
Girls race first at 4pm, boys at 430pm. Bus departs GHS at 130pm I think.

Wednesday – 2 mile warm, easy distance run.

Thursday – 2 mile warmup, cals, then to the track 8 x 400m AT RACE PACE NO FASTER.
I will give you a time to run, it is your race pace, do not, I repeat, do NOT go faster.

Friday – HOMECOMING FOOTBALL RUN, depart GHS at 745 for TCWEST !!

Saturday – DELTA INVITATIONAL – bus departs GHS EARLY.

Sunday – Go getters --- easy distance run, everyone else, day off.

Monday – BIG DISTANCE DAY, be ready for it.

Last week was a tough week!! But, the good news is…. This is the week where your hard work pays off. Your first BNC meet against Petoskey, Cadillac, TCCentral, TCWest and Alpena is at a new course, be sure to make a note of sharp turns, hills, and race strategy as you go through the course with your team. Mentally prepare for it.

Delta on Saturday – To me, this is one of the most important meets of the season behind Regionals and the State Finals. It is the point in the season where we REALLY focus on RACING. FAST. Get our hard, get out front, and just hold on. It’s the flattest fastest course ever invented and you won’t “die” if you go out fast – its only 2 miles!! After all of our miles, its going to be easy. Girls have won this meet 21 of the last 22 years and the last 16 in a row. Boys lost to Ogemaw by 4 points last year but have won this meet 17 of the last 22 years. Lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!


Guys – You could be the conference champions on Tuesday. You could be 4th place. It is going to be that tight. Petoskey will be at full strength with their #1 man, TCC and TCWest are also tough. GHS boys have NEVER won a conference race. You could be the first. The BNC meet on TUESDAY will determine our varsity top 7 for DELTA. Delta is the first race of the season for a SEPARATE varsity and JV race.
Gals – the BNC race on Tuesday is going to be very very competitive. TCCentral is #3 in the state in Class A (division 1) TCWest is MUCH improved and close to being a top 10 team in division 1. Alpena has two VERY good runners up front, but not much after that. If we can beat TCWest we will have had a GREAT day. If we get 3rd we’ll be about where I’d expect. Lets just get through the day, get some all-conference honors and focus on DELTA.
PS. That's me in the mud run last year when you all kicked my butt, and don't ask if the "old guy" in the picture beat me.

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