Saturday, October 31, 2009

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two GHS teams qualify for the state finals at Michigan International Speedway.
Full results here

Girls, running their best race of the season, finished a solid 2nd place led by the All-Regional performances of Amanda Olds, Megan Borgeson, and Anna Kassuba. The best girls race of the day had to go to Katelynn Dreyer running her best race of the season finishing 18th, just 7 seconds from all-regional honors. Solid Freshman Geena Duff rounded our our varsity scoring in 34th.

The boys continued their great run and will head to MIS for the first time since 2003. They were led by the All-regional performances of Bryan Slocum in 13th and Jayden Hesselink in 14th. The solid pack of Charlend Howard, Joe Jones and Nate Fischer were only seconds behind to round out our varsity scoring. The boys strength is in our pack as we finished with a 1-5 man time difference of only 30 seconds.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



directions, maps, time schedule, info.

bus departs GHS at 645am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sharp!!!!!!!!

Parents, siblings, fans, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas - tomorrow for regionals the BUS and the TEAM TENT and the area RIGHT ON THE STARTING LINE will be off limits. To us, at regionals, it will be like the locker room at a FBall game or BBall game - parents aren't allowed in. Please cheer for us on the course, hug us after we run, pat us on the back if you see us during our warmup, but other than that we're in 100% focus mode. No distractions, no nuthin' !!!! We're in it to win it and we'll celebrate after its over. Please understand and cheer loudly!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

regional week workouts and info

REGIONALS WEEK 2009 Here we go ! It’s time to turn it up a notch.

Monday Oct. 26th – easy 2 mile warm, CALS, HIGH KNEES then JV DONE.
Varsity easy 3 mile run, follow the coach, he’s actually going to run today.

Tuesday Oct. 27 – ROTARY INVITE – ALL EXCUSED AT 2:30pm
Varsity girls at 4pm, Varsity boys at 430pm
JV, you run in JV race – ALL boys and girls together at 5pm.
Varsity will have a special race tactic we’ll discuss Monday.

*****JV – NOTE practice is over for you, but we DO have a team dinner on Thursday. 430pm

Wednesday Oct. 28 - Varsity top 10 only.

2 mile warm, to the track

10x400m (1st one at race pace, 2nd one faster, 3rd one faster, 4th one faster, 5th one faster...etc)

Boys – Start at :75 seconds
Girls – Start at :90 seconds

Thursday Oct. 29- 2 mile warm, 20 minute run – coach leads it. TEAM MEETING.
Boys and girls together.


Friday Oct. 30 – 2 mile warmup, strideouts, done.

Saturday Oct. 31th – Division 2 regional 10-2 Hosted by Benzie Central (girls race @ 11am, boys @ 1230)
Bus departs 7 a.m. (I’m pretty sure)

** All regional info posted at

Sunday OFF

Saturday November 7th – Michigan International Speedway D2 Boys and Girls State Finals.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


here is FREMONT'S most recent meet results. Chip Hills course, very similar to Elk Rapids course in the way of times

DIV 1-2 Results
1 Butcher, Nick Fremont 5:20.0 16:34.31 1
2 Wharry, Nick Ionia 5:26.6 16:54.85 2
3 Hearth, Ryan Cadillac 5:27.7 16:58.27 3
4 Featherstone, Jacob Fremont 5:28.0 16:59.33 4
5 Kyle, Kevin Fruitport 5:29.0 17:02.32 5
6 Blight, Don Ionia 5:30.1 17:05.79 6
7 Sackett, Tyler Chippewa Hills 5:31.0 17:08.48 7
8 Fedewa, Tyler Spring Lake 5:31.9 17:11.36 8
9 Winter, Brandon Ionia 5:33.4 17:15.99 9
10 Kasper, Cody Ionia 5:34.4 17:19.00 10
11 Jewett, Tommy Fremont 5:35.1 17:21.26 11
12 Schuiteman, Sam Fremont 5:35.4 17:22.18 12
13 Fias, Charlie Fremont 5:35.6 17:22.80 13

14 Johnson, Luke Ludington 5:44.3 17:49.87 14
15 Shumway, Derick Chippewa Hills 5:45.4 17:53.17 15
16 Andrew, Cole Spring Lake 5:45.7 17:54.18 16
17 Spence, Bryon Ionia 5:45.8 17:54.62 17
18 Pullen, Tyler Cadillac 5:46.2 17:55.65 18
19 Villescas, Payton Spring Lake 5:47.0 17:58.32 19
20 Ferrara, John Cadillac 5:48.3 18:02.25 20
21 Montgomery, Connor Ionia 5:49.0 18:04.40 21
22 Bair, Josh Fruitport 5:49.9 18:07.08 22

Friday, October 23, 2009


Head out to Traverse City as you normally would. Before you get to Traverse City turn RIGHT on ELK LAKE ROAD. This will take you north about 10-12 miles and you'll come out right on the south side of Elk Rapids. Turn right and go into town, OVER the bridge, then IMMEDIATELY turn RIGHT on AMES street. Go up 5-6 blocks and turn RIGHT on HENRY Street. Then left on Buckly and right on Park street. Parking will be at the Elk Rapids Middle School and you'll walk across the street behind the High school for the start/finish.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

girls attention girls

Our competition for REGIONALS is Cedar Springs and Sparta. Here is their most recent meet on a fast course. Can we compete with this? I KNOW we can. Put yourself in this race running the best time you know you can run. then score it.
We're in it to WIN it.

5,000 Meters Varsity xshow...
1 Meredith Busman 19:22.1 Coop 12
2 Katie Weiler 19:28.3 Cedar Springs
3 Katelyn Cnossen 19:36.5 Spar 12
4 Nina Cahill 19:47.1 GRCe 11
5 Keira Jack 19:49.5 FHN 11
6 Breeann Ovokaitys 20:06.3 Cedar Springs 12
7 Melaina Bent 20:09.1 CP 9
8 Andrea Kober 20:10.1 Sparta 12
9 Kelsey Carpenter 20:24.2 GRWC 12
10 Megan Debri 20:32.2 GRWC 12
11 Olivia Quam 20:41.0 GRWC 12
12 Alaina Wier 20:49.5 CP 9
13 Amanda Balczak 21:10.7 Cedar Spings 9
14 Kelsey Thome 21:14.3 Sparta 9
15 Sarah Thimmesch 21:20.5 GRWC 12
16 Bianca Morrow 21:22.3 GRCe 11
17 Lindsay Klomparens 21:24.4 GRCe 11
18 Jace Mitcham 21:26.0 FHN 12
19 Jessica Titus 21:32.5 Cedar Springs 11
20 Madi Phelps 21:45.0 Cedar Springs 9
21 Rieley Hondalus 21:49.1 Cedar Springs 10
22 Alena Layton 21:49.6 Coop 10
23 Erica Welch 21:50.1 Coop 9
24 Natalie Klenk 21:50.5 Sparta 11
25 Amanda Ciancio 21:54.7 CP 9
26 Sommer VanDyke 21:59.9 Cedar Springs 9
27 Dayna Smith 22:01.2 Coop 12
28 Alexis Yost 22:02.9 Coop 10
29 Anna June Leikert 22:15.6 GRWC 12
30 Casey Wright 22:16.6 Sparta 9

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

boys, attention boys

D2 LP Boys
1 Ionia 100
2 Vicksburg 93
3 Grand Rapids-Forest Hills Northern 85
4 Linden 82
5T Ada-Forest Hills Eastern 77
5T Grand Rapids-West Catholic 77
7 Dexter 63
8 Williamston 57
9 Flint-Luke M Powers Catholic 53
10 Grand Rapids-Christian 42
HM Haslett 28

Guys, here are the rankings for the state of michigan, division 2. Take a close look. You are NOT ranked. You have beaten Dexter (at Portage) and Grand Rapids Christian (also at Portage). At portage you were fairly close to Grand Rapids West Catholic - THEY'RE RANKED 5TH. I don't know how this makes you feel, but to be UNranked after running so well kinda makes me a bit upset. ITS TIME TO SHOW THE STATE OF MICHIGAN WHO THE GAYLORD BLUE DEVIL BOYS ARE!!! GAME ON!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What an amazing day for the boys. The first mile was controlled and focused. The hills were run to perfection and the last 800m overpowered the TCWest boys with some amazing finishes by the GHS runners.

Jayden - our first conference champion I believe (maybe Jordan Emmorey too?)
Joe Jones - 5th fastest time by a GHS boys in the last 7 years. All conference.
Bryan - dude, ur one tough man. 6th fastest time by GHS boy in last 7 years.
Charlend - a freshman all-conference. wow.
Nate - another freshman all-conference. wow wow.
Ian - 16th in your first varsity conference race. brother, u've got a future.
Sean - each race you get faster, and 18th in conference is awesome.
Lucas - one second from varsity means a WIN at Elk Rapids
Jake - 5 seconds from varsity means a WIN at Elk Rapids
JV boys - some of you ran your BEST times of the season on the MOST DIFFICULT course of the season. impressive. Take about 30 seconds off ur time and you have Elk Rapids. FAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSST.

Megan - #1 girl and ALL CONFERENCE
Amanda - About what you ran as a freshman, which is ok, but at REGIONALS U WILL RULE
Anna 21:11 is an ok time, between ur frshman and sophomore times.
Geena - i think it was your best race of the season!
Katelynn - asthma or sick or ...? we'll get it under control.
Dawn - you're getting faster and faster ... keep it rolling
Paige - made varsity with a great time
Maria - 12th in JV race, awesome

JV girls, you girls ran with HEART and TOUGHNESS, great performances. I'll post all times at school so you can see.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

workouts for the week of OCT 19th.


Summary– On Monday we have 7 practices left until REGIONALS, or if you prefer 12 days total. We’ve run well over 450 miles in preparation and now is when we’ll begin to see how our hard work pays off. Over the course of the next 4 races really try to focus on putting it all together. Run the corners smart, don’t charge the hills – run them conservatively and go hard down the other side, try “surges” to break the person you run with, even splits are the best way to run well, etc etc.

Tuesday – Be sure to get a ride arranged out to the country club. I will be out there early setting up the course and getting things ready so you will not be able to ride out with me. I have noticed that we have gotten much faster in the last two weeks with the speedwork we’ve done. Let the trend continue. Girls – Our goal is to beat Petoskey and Cadillac by as much as possible – preparation for regionals – and get as close to TCWest as we can.
Boys – we are starting to come together, getting our 1-5th man time diffrence down, and today its time to run hard on our HOME course. TCWEST is beatable, we’ve done it twice, and we can win our FIRST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP EVER. DO NOT worry about your times on our course – we are running for PLACES ! It’s a tough course that is difficult to run fast – places are all that matters.

Saturday – Elk Rapids is a great course and another chance to see some of our best times of the year. The course is flat and fast – just like another course many of you have seen – ITS CALLED THE REGIONALS and STATE FINALS COURSE. There will be FAST, tough competition here. Approach the race as though we can win. Go out hard, stay tough in the middle of the race and finish with a great kick. JV – this is your last chance to run a REALLY fast time. Go for it. Our race strategy as a TEAM at this meet is to go out faster and harder than you ever have before.

Varsity for regionals – your finish at Elk Rapids WILL determine varsity for regionals. Boys, I’ve seen some big changes in our top 7 all season. Some people are beginning to make their move. Girls, run well at Elk Rapids to guarantee your place on our regional/state finals team. How do we determine the varsity? 99% of the time the varsity is determined by the top 7 times. The 7 fastest people are the varsity. I do, however, reserve the right to keep a “usual” runner on the varsity if they have a “bad” race. Let’s say Dr. Joe Jones has the stomach flu, twists his ankle, develops chicken pox and runs poorly as a result. Trust me, she’ll still be on the varsity team for regionals and state.


Monday Oct. 13th – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, easy 35 minutes FOLLOW COACH, stride outs.
Tuesday – excused at 230pm, be at Country Club ASAP. Boys varsity 4pm, girls varsity 430pm, JV 5pm
Wed. – GO TO MIDDLE SCHOOL XC MEET to help, short run at Aspen BEFORE ! (30-40min)
Thursday Oct 16 -- 2 mile warm, cals, TIMED MILE HARD, 2x400 pace, 3x200m fast.
Friday Oct 17 – easy run with stride outs.
Saturday Oct 18 – Elk Rapids Invite – JV this is your chance to run your BEST RACE.
Sunday – OFF rest.
Monday – easy day with stride outs
Tuesday – Jvers last meet, Varsity runs at Country club and helps in the chute.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Portage Review

Portage Invite - largest XC invitational in the midwest - over 7000 runners total.

Perfect racing conditions - 53 degrees, partly sunny great competition.

All results at that link, individual and team.

Highlights - Boys were led by Jayden Hesselink's 16:50 and medal winning performance, leading his team to a 10th place finish against 8 ranked teams. At first glance a 10th place finish might not seem so great, but this firmly establishes the fact that this boys team is a threat to win our regional and finish in the top 10 at the MHSAA state finals in 3.5 weeks. The strength of the group is the miniscule 24 second time gap from our #1 to #5 runners. Joe Jones had a great race and last half mile to crack into the 16's with a 16:59, he was followed closely by Charlend Howard, Nate Fischer, and Bryan Slocum. The parity in this group is amazing. On any given day I think any of these boys can be our #1 man. A couple weeks ago at Delta Bryan was our #1, today he was #5 - he didnt have a bad day, they're just that close in ability and the pack mentality is really going to help us in the long run. Ian Callison and Jake Pasternak rounded out our team scoring with personal best times. In the JV race Sean Hope was running for a win for 2.8 miles but was nipped at the line in a sprint to the finish, still running a personal best time and placing 5th of over 300 JV runners.

Dexter and Grand Rapids Christian Boys are tied for the 8th place ranking in the STATE - Gaylord boys beat them both at Portage.

Girls - back in action and getting closer to full strength. amanda olds led the way, followed closely by Megan Borgeson. Anna Kassuba is getting back into her old racing ways, moving up to a solid 3rd position on the team. Our top 3 girls were only separated by 7 seconds, at regionals this will be a huge boost for us, with three all-regional prospects. Ever consisten Katelynn Dreyer was our 4th girl and Geen Duff rounded out varsity scoring - both these girls ran personal best times for their XC careers. Today we finally ran FAST. All season we've been on slower, tough, hilly courses with poor weather conditions - today was perfect, fast course, fast times and a step in the right direction where we need to go. I'm confident both Amanda and Anna are going to continue with huge improvements in time - they ran ok today - and be a threat for a top 5 finish individually at our regional in 3 weeks. This will be a huge boost for our team score there. Ever consistent Krystin Dreyer and Paige Hypio completed our varsity with solid times today. IN the JV girls race Gaylord stole some thunder, placing 5 girls in medal contention - Dawn Pagels (12th) and Noelle Warren (17th) led the way with times fast enough to put them on any other teams varsity top 7 group. Maria Warren, Hilary Puroll, and Nicole Wehner also earned medals for their season best performances.

XC PARENTS - fundraiser

Last week on FRIDAY i sent home our big CROSS COUNTRYFUNDRAISER for the year. This fundraiser nets us huge $$$$ and is a ton of work for Jill Kassuba (who organizes it). Please have your son/daughter make an EFFORT to sell a coupld of the meat/cheese packages. If you are not into selling things and would like to just get some $$$ donations that works too.

Your son/daughter has all the information.


workouts for this week

WEEK 9 – OCT. 12-18, 2009 During these final weeks of our season a few important things to remember.

1. BE CAREFUL WITH EXTRA STUFF – don’t twist your ankle on a trampoline or playing BBall, or soccer, or paintball or on your motocross bike, or …. IT WILL END YOUR SEASON !!
2. Early bedtimes. You will need extra rest and extra sleep.
Do not stay up late watching TV and playing on the internet-
3. Eat right – no pop, no junk food, no greasy foods. Go light on the protein and high on the carbohydrates. Eat a substantial breakfast and a GOOD lunch. Your lunch is especially important to give you the proper fuel you need for practice. NO greasy school pizzas and chips and pop. A nice turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato with some carrots and a Gatorade is perfect. Same for dinner – stay away from steaks and meatloaf and greasy foods like that. High protein foods are hard to digest and slow to metabolize. You needs carbs and fruits and vegetables and lots of liquids. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. That means IRON ladies.
4. NO sharing water bottles – no sharing foods – and WASH your hands. This will keep you from getting sick.
5. Varsity – you have ONLY 4 races left in your season, JV you have only 3.
6. Injuries ? Sore knee? Tired? DON’T HIDE IT FROM COACH. Tell me your troubles, a day of rest may be all you need. A little bit of ibuprofen can HELP a small ache or soreness, too much is bad news.

This is the time where many coaches say that the season is “almost over.” It is not. It is actually just beginning. Now is when things will get exciting.
Now is when you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. Now is when you’ll see how running 500 miles to prepare for a 3.1 mile race works. REGIONALS IS ONLY 12 (yes, TWELVE) days away after Sunday. State Finals in 20 days.

NEXT WEEK TUESDAY – HOME BNC Finals !! Our FINAL conference meet ! Big hills, lots of fun.
JV will be race SEPARATE FROM VARSITY – the Portage people run varsity.

Monday Oct 12 -- regular practice, 2 mi warm, 45-50 minute run to Aspen and back.

Tuesday Oct. 13 - 2 mile warm, 40-60 minutes easy.

Wed. Oct 14 - @ GAYLORD COUNTRY CLUB. GET A RIDE. 2 mile warm, then 6x 3 minute drill.
2 mile cooldown

Thurs. Oct 15 - 2 mile warm, cals, easy 3-5 miles on course coach gives you.

Friday Oct. 16 - 2 mile warm, 13 x 400m FAST. Each one should be ONE second faster than the last.
You will get full recovery between these, 2 mile cool.

Sat. Oct. 17 - Aspen Park 10am, easy run 30-60 minutes.

SUNDAY Oct. 18 - OFF, rest, everyone, no running, no raking leaves, no work, rest up.

Monday Oct 19 – easy run with strides


Thursday, October 8, 2009

PORTAGE will have results right after races and updates if you're interested.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


GHS Portage Invite itinerary (Coach, Dreyers, Mrs. Pagels, Mr. Warren, and Kassubas and coach will be transporting athletes in vans)

FRIDAY October 9, 2009
1200 pm – excused from school, change into running clothes, get bags, pack up and leave
1215 – Leave from GHS SIDE DOOR by COACH’s ROOM.
330pm – Arrive at Gerald R. Ford Museum parking lot to RUN OUR WORKOUT, have your running stuff ON when you get into the vehicle!!!! Also, have a light snack, lunch to eat on the way down.
430pm – workout DONE, head to hotel.
440pm – Arrive at BEST WESTERN (different hotel than last year)
450pm - Checked in, head to rooms to change clothes. Shower, change clothese QUICK.
6pm – head out to eat and MALL – eat at same place as track state finals - Carrabas
9:30 – Girls meeting in coach’s room
10pm – Boys meeting in coach’s room
10:30 – In bed

730am – Wake up, pack, shower or wake up, shower, pack --
815am – Showered, packed, ready to head down to breakfast
830- 915am – TEAM breakfast provided at no cost to athletes
930 – back to rooms, check out, pack vehicles
945am – On the road to the LARGEST INVITE IN MICHIGAN – Portage !!
11am – Arrive – Park at our usual spot.
1130-1230 – Teams go through course, coach gets team packets, chips put on shoes
1:00 pm - GIRLS Division 2 race - BOX 19 (of 42 boxes, that means 42 teams!!!!)
2:00 pm - BOYS Division 2 race
3pm – JV D2 GIRLS
4pm – JV D2 BOYS
AWARDS – varsity about 1hr after race
5:00-530pm – on the road to Gaylord
10pm HOME
The list
_____ spikes
_____ race shorts
_____ race jersey
_____ running pants
_____ extra socks (3 pr)
_____ warmup jacket
_____ long sleeve Tshirt
_____ nicer clothes for dinner/mall
_____ clothes for after the meet
_____ Toiletries
_____ water bottle/Gatorade
_____ $$ - souvenirs? Shopping money, great deals on some sale items at the race
_____ camera, take some pics of the excitement
_____ CD player, music, HEADPHONES --- have music that will get you pumped up
_____ $20 to pay for your ROOM ! – each athlete must chip in $20 for the hotel rooms, the school does not pay !!!!!
______ $$ spending money, for DINNER FRIDAY and LUNCH SATURDAY
_____ Warm weather clothes – its supposed to be a very cool weekend !!! (blankets for inside tent!!!)

Addition meet information is at WWW.PORTAGEINVITE.COM


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BNC #2 boys splits

Men, we didnt run bad. TCWest just ran amazing. We had almost the exact same amount of points as we had last BNC meet. Good performance.

Name 1mi 5k Petoskey, rain, windy 45 degrees, mud - ouch
Jayden Hesselink 12 523 1730 Not ur best race, BUT still only 16 seconds from 1st place.
Bryan Slocum 11 533 1736 By far your best race ever. You can be 1st team all-conf with a good last one.
Joe Jones 11 533 1755 533 first mile means 1659 at portage and I’m not joking.
Charlend Howard 9 530 1756 What a GREAT race man. No more milk for you! 1659 at Portage!
Nate Fisher 9 530 1811 I really thought you were gonna run GREAT today, but you just
ran “ok.” I think it means the big one is gonna be at Portage.
Jacob Pasternak 10 535 1821 Wow, huge performance today Jake. Varsity at Portage!
Ian Callison 9 543 1822 Dude, that was the best race of the day. You da man.
Sean Hope 10 535 1836 Good first mile, but missing Friday hurt you I think. Run in NC?
Lucas Avenall 10 530 1845 Good first mile. You and Sean can go 1-2 at Portage JV race.
Spencer Young 12 619 1934 Top 25 at Portage JV race. 1830 is your goal.
Evan Hicks 9 557 1941 Same as Spencer, GREAT first mile Evan, nice time today.
Chris Ryan 9 614 1954 Wow, that’s a huge performance Chris. Off to Portage.
Andy Frakes 11 611 2004 No Portage, but your best time in crap conditions. 18’s by Elk Rapids
Cole Wright 11 611 2032 Nice time Cole!! Your best. Stick with ANDY!!! You can do it.
Zack Kammeyer 10 620 2053 620 first mile is 19:30 pace, your goal for Elk Rapids.
Cody Smith 11 711 2101 Very good pacing today Cody, even splits.
Logan Wickert 11 640 2146 Logan that was a tough race and you ran your best time, nice work.
Caleb Wagar 11 640 2154 640 is 20:30 pace, a good goal for Elk Rapids!!!
Jacob Henley 9 711 2246 Jake, pretty good pacing but I think you lose focus in the middle of the race, stay tough
Zac Wagar 11 711 2246 Right with Jake Mr. Zac, nice work. Good pacing.
Cole Bauman 10 714 2248 Your best time and a huge improvement. Good job.
David Mays 12 706 2249 You beat Colin! Good work man, 706 is 21:30 pace, and that’s ur goal.
Colin O’Neill 12 706 2254 Thanks for letting DMays beat u so he’d feel good about himself.
Tyler Winowiecki 11 706 2314 T-dog, nice work. You will run a 21:30 at Elk Rapids.
Jake LaBean 11 746 2450 Bean, good job. 23’s soon, then 22’s at ELK RAPIDS>
Drew Pichan 10 740 2558 Wet and cold and still not bad! Your goal is to stick with Bean.
Caleb Parker 11

BNC #2 - girls splits

Name 1mi 5k Petoskey, rain, windy 45 degrees, mud - ouch
Amanda Olds 11 624 2102 Ur back strong! And a great race today. 6:24 is on pace for 1930 at Port.
Katelynn Dreyer 9 643 2128 643 means 20:20 at Portage! 14th place means a shot at all-conference
Megan Borgeson 10 640 2131 Right with Katelynn, nice work with a 15th place finish.
Anna Kassuba 11 650 2141 You ran SOOOOOOO much better than I thought you would. Good sign
Geena Duff 9 658 2215 You have been up and down the last couple weeks. Today was down. Sat. is UP.
Krystin Dreyer 11 650 2216 6:50 per mile is 21:00 at Portage.
Paige Hypio 10 705 2225 Made the top 12 and going to Portage, wait, made the top 7 !!!!!!
Dawn Pagels 10 656 2301 JV race for you at Portage. 20:00 wins it 21:30 is top ten. Two good goals
Noelle Warren 9 710 2307 Top 15 at Portage in the JV race possibility.
Hillary Puroll 12 730 2310 Top 15 at Portage in the JV race is a possibility.
Nicole Wehner 10 730 2311 Top 15 at Portage in the JV race is a possibility.
Maria Warren 9 705 2322 Top 15 at Portage in the JV race is a possibility.
Caila Coale 10 722 2353 You handled your asthma well! 722’s is a 22:30 if you can hold pace.
Cindy Fiser 9 730 2440 After being sick last week this is a fine time. 23’s next week!!
Emily Lemon 9 730 2528 Good first mile Emily, you can be in the 23’s by the end of the season.
Allison Fischer 9 734 2609 Your best time in REAL tough conditions Allison, great work.
Abby Kassuba 9 815 2634 Your best time by a LOT and you CAN CAN CAN get 24’s soon.
Olivia Deans 9 836 3039 Great job in very tough conditions Olivia. Nice work.

Monday, October 5, 2009

BNC #2, Camp Petosega, Petoskey

XC meet TUESDAY Oct. 6th - Camp Petosega - Google Maps it!! Or go to Indian River and take M-68 towards Petoskey. About 2 miles out of town turn LEFT on Independence Rd. which then swings left (south) and becomes REAMS road. Go a mile or two then RIGHT on Pickerel Lk Rd. Then Right on BARNES, then follow signs! 4pm girls, 440pm boys.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 9


Monday – 2 mile warmup, cals, easy 3-6 miles, 4x100m stride outs at end
Tuesday - Race at 4pm (ALL GIRLS TOGETHER), 4:40pm (ALL BOYS TOGETHER)
Bus departs GHS at 1:30pm SHARP, excused 1:15 BYO FOOD, DRINKS
Wednesday – Aspen 2 mile warmup, full 6 mile loop EASY.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 8x400m on track at race pace. 2 mile cool
Friday – Top 12 from Tuesday go to Portage, we leave GHS at NOON. More info to follow.
Saturday – Portage Invitational, the largest XC meet in the STATE OF MICHIGAN. Those of you not going to Portage think about a 5k time trial on your own or think about going over to Traverse City for a 5k XC race on the Vasa trail. calendar has all the information.
Sunday – off or easy longer run on your own.


Boys – TCWest is going to be gunning for you. They’ll be racing strictly to beat you. They have improved and last Saturday they went 16:50, 17:00, 17: 15, 17:20, 17:25. Pretty fast. BUT, that’s about where I’d expect us to be too. Every place will count, a tie could happen – then it goes to the 6th man. If our #6 and #7 men beat their number 5 man, that could be the difference between winning and losing. IF we win this conference meet then we only need a 2nd in the final meet to assure ourselves of at least a tie for the conference championship. Winning Tuesday is big.

Girls – Amanda and Anna are back. We’re going to get a good warmup, be EARLY for the race, stretch and be ready to race. TCWest and Alpena both think they can beat us easily, lets show them that’s NOT the case. Get out after them, race, run hard and focus. Remember, if you had a bad race at the first conference meet then today is even more important – and Gaylord Girls run their best when its really on the line. I have faith and confidence in each and every one of you girls. You are tireless workers and fierce competitors. Get out after it on Tuesday.

Portage Invitational -- lots of good info, past results, etc.

Top 50 get a medal – that’s a lot of medals but this meet is HUGELY competitive. They call it the “State Finals before the State Finals” meet for a reason. What will it take to make top 50? Boys under 17:10, girls under 20:10. You can expect that you will be sprinting into the finish line with about 20 other people surrounding you. If you have a “bad” race and run 20 seconds slower than you’d hoped, that’s probably about 20 places !! One runner every second crosses the line !! The course is deceiving. At first you think its going to be slower because you have to run a pretty large hill twice, BUT the ground is very hard so times are FASTER than you’d expect. Both the boys AND the girls race will have 7 or 8 of the TOP TEN TEAMS IN THE STATE. This is big time competition.

WE WILL LEAVE SCHOOL AT NOON ON FRIDAY FOR THE PORTAGE MEET. STAY OVERNIGHT IN A HOTEL AND GO OUT TO EAT. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR ITINERARY. This is also a GREAT prep for our state finals. The trip here goes EXACTLY like our state finals. Routine !! You need $20 for the hotel and your own $$$ for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. We will pay for your breakfast on Saturday.

Racing – its time to get into racing mode. We’re fresh off some speedwork and it will help you this week. Try hard to focus 100% during your race – do not give up mentally. Run hard, breathe hard, give it your all. The course on Saturday will be fast !!! – use this to your advantage – keep your momentum going and be in race mode the ENTIRE time. Take corners hard and cut them off sharp. There is one hill on the course. Remember to cruise up the hill, and HAMMER down it. Use the momentum of going down to continue your speed and pass people. Go out solid but be sure that mile 2 and mile 3 are JUST as fast as mile 1.

REST and run

Long week, big miles, I'm tired. Take one day off this weekend people but BE SURE TO RUN ONE DAY TOO. EASY SHORT 25-40 minutes to loosen up the legs. Remember, Tuesday is our next BNC meet against the TC's, Cadillac, Petoskey and Alpena.