Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BNC #2 boys splits

Men, we didnt run bad. TCWest just ran amazing. We had almost the exact same amount of points as we had last BNC meet. Good performance.

Name 1mi 5k Petoskey, rain, windy 45 degrees, mud - ouch
Jayden Hesselink 12 523 1730 Not ur best race, BUT still only 16 seconds from 1st place.
Bryan Slocum 11 533 1736 By far your best race ever. You can be 1st team all-conf with a good last one.
Joe Jones 11 533 1755 533 first mile means 1659 at portage and I’m not joking.
Charlend Howard 9 530 1756 What a GREAT race man. No more milk for you! 1659 at Portage!
Nate Fisher 9 530 1811 I really thought you were gonna run GREAT today, but you just
ran “ok.” I think it means the big one is gonna be at Portage.
Jacob Pasternak 10 535 1821 Wow, huge performance today Jake. Varsity at Portage!
Ian Callison 9 543 1822 Dude, that was the best race of the day. You da man.
Sean Hope 10 535 1836 Good first mile, but missing Friday hurt you I think. Run in NC?
Lucas Avenall 10 530 1845 Good first mile. You and Sean can go 1-2 at Portage JV race.
Spencer Young 12 619 1934 Top 25 at Portage JV race. 1830 is your goal.
Evan Hicks 9 557 1941 Same as Spencer, GREAT first mile Evan, nice time today.
Chris Ryan 9 614 1954 Wow, that’s a huge performance Chris. Off to Portage.
Andy Frakes 11 611 2004 No Portage, but your best time in crap conditions. 18’s by Elk Rapids
Cole Wright 11 611 2032 Nice time Cole!! Your best. Stick with ANDY!!! You can do it.
Zack Kammeyer 10 620 2053 620 first mile is 19:30 pace, your goal for Elk Rapids.
Cody Smith 11 711 2101 Very good pacing today Cody, even splits.
Logan Wickert 11 640 2146 Logan that was a tough race and you ran your best time, nice work.
Caleb Wagar 11 640 2154 640 is 20:30 pace, a good goal for Elk Rapids!!!
Jacob Henley 9 711 2246 Jake, pretty good pacing but I think you lose focus in the middle of the race, stay tough
Zac Wagar 11 711 2246 Right with Jake Mr. Zac, nice work. Good pacing.
Cole Bauman 10 714 2248 Your best time and a huge improvement. Good job.
David Mays 12 706 2249 You beat Colin! Good work man, 706 is 21:30 pace, and that’s ur goal.
Colin O’Neill 12 706 2254 Thanks for letting DMays beat u so he’d feel good about himself.
Tyler Winowiecki 11 706 2314 T-dog, nice work. You will run a 21:30 at Elk Rapids.
Jake LaBean 11 746 2450 Bean, good job. 23’s soon, then 22’s at ELK RAPIDS>
Drew Pichan 10 740 2558 Wet and cold and still not bad! Your goal is to stick with Bean.
Caleb Parker 11

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The Author said...

Wow. Thanks, Colin. For letting me beat you. I feel great about myself.