Wednesday, October 21, 2009

boys, attention boys

D2 LP Boys
1 Ionia 100
2 Vicksburg 93
3 Grand Rapids-Forest Hills Northern 85
4 Linden 82
5T Ada-Forest Hills Eastern 77
5T Grand Rapids-West Catholic 77
7 Dexter 63
8 Williamston 57
9 Flint-Luke M Powers Catholic 53
10 Grand Rapids-Christian 42
HM Haslett 28

Guys, here are the rankings for the state of michigan, division 2. Take a close look. You are NOT ranked. You have beaten Dexter (at Portage) and Grand Rapids Christian (also at Portage). At portage you were fairly close to Grand Rapids West Catholic - THEY'RE RANKED 5TH. I don't know how this makes you feel, but to be UNranked after running so well kinda makes me a bit upset. ITS TIME TO SHOW THE STATE OF MICHIGAN WHO THE GAYLORD BLUE DEVIL BOYS ARE!!! GAME ON!

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