Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What an amazing day for the boys. The first mile was controlled and focused. The hills were run to perfection and the last 800m overpowered the TCWest boys with some amazing finishes by the GHS runners.

Jayden - our first conference champion I believe (maybe Jordan Emmorey too?)
Joe Jones - 5th fastest time by a GHS boys in the last 7 years. All conference.
Bryan - dude, ur one tough man. 6th fastest time by GHS boy in last 7 years.
Charlend - a freshman all-conference. wow.
Nate - another freshman all-conference. wow wow.
Ian - 16th in your first varsity conference race. brother, u've got a future.
Sean - each race you get faster, and 18th in conference is awesome.
Lucas - one second from varsity means a WIN at Elk Rapids
Jake - 5 seconds from varsity means a WIN at Elk Rapids
JV boys - some of you ran your BEST times of the season on the MOST DIFFICULT course of the season. impressive. Take about 30 seconds off ur time and you have Elk Rapids. FAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSST.

Megan - #1 girl and ALL CONFERENCE
Amanda - About what you ran as a freshman, which is ok, but at REGIONALS U WILL RULE
Anna 21:11 is an ok time, between ur frshman and sophomore times.
Geena - i think it was your best race of the season!
Katelynn - asthma or sick or ...? we'll get it under control.
Dawn - you're getting faster and faster ... keep it rolling
Paige - made varsity with a great time
Maria - 12th in JV race, awesome

JV girls, you girls ran with HEART and TOUGHNESS, great performances. I'll post all times at school so you can see.

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