Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 9


Monday – 2 mile warmup, cals, easy 3-6 miles, 4x100m stride outs at end
Tuesday - Race at 4pm (ALL GIRLS TOGETHER), 4:40pm (ALL BOYS TOGETHER)
Bus departs GHS at 1:30pm SHARP, excused 1:15 BYO FOOD, DRINKS
Wednesday – Aspen 2 mile warmup, full 6 mile loop EASY.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 8x400m on track at race pace. 2 mile cool
Friday – Top 12 from Tuesday go to Portage, we leave GHS at NOON. More info to follow.
Saturday – Portage Invitational, the largest XC meet in the STATE OF MICHIGAN. Those of you not going to Portage think about a 5k time trial on your own or think about going over to Traverse City for a 5k XC race on the Vasa trail. calendar has all the information.
Sunday – off or easy longer run on your own.


Boys – TCWest is going to be gunning for you. They’ll be racing strictly to beat you. They have improved and last Saturday they went 16:50, 17:00, 17: 15, 17:20, 17:25. Pretty fast. BUT, that’s about where I’d expect us to be too. Every place will count, a tie could happen – then it goes to the 6th man. If our #6 and #7 men beat their number 5 man, that could be the difference between winning and losing. IF we win this conference meet then we only need a 2nd in the final meet to assure ourselves of at least a tie for the conference championship. Winning Tuesday is big.

Girls – Amanda and Anna are back. We’re going to get a good warmup, be EARLY for the race, stretch and be ready to race. TCWest and Alpena both think they can beat us easily, lets show them that’s NOT the case. Get out after them, race, run hard and focus. Remember, if you had a bad race at the first conference meet then today is even more important – and Gaylord Girls run their best when its really on the line. I have faith and confidence in each and every one of you girls. You are tireless workers and fierce competitors. Get out after it on Tuesday.

Portage Invitational -- lots of good info, past results, etc.

Top 50 get a medal – that’s a lot of medals but this meet is HUGELY competitive. They call it the “State Finals before the State Finals” meet for a reason. What will it take to make top 50? Boys under 17:10, girls under 20:10. You can expect that you will be sprinting into the finish line with about 20 other people surrounding you. If you have a “bad” race and run 20 seconds slower than you’d hoped, that’s probably about 20 places !! One runner every second crosses the line !! The course is deceiving. At first you think its going to be slower because you have to run a pretty large hill twice, BUT the ground is very hard so times are FASTER than you’d expect. Both the boys AND the girls race will have 7 or 8 of the TOP TEN TEAMS IN THE STATE. This is big time competition.

WE WILL LEAVE SCHOOL AT NOON ON FRIDAY FOR THE PORTAGE MEET. STAY OVERNIGHT IN A HOTEL AND GO OUT TO EAT. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR ITINERARY. This is also a GREAT prep for our state finals. The trip here goes EXACTLY like our state finals. Routine !! You need $20 for the hotel and your own $$$ for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. We will pay for your breakfast on Saturday.

Racing – its time to get into racing mode. We’re fresh off some speedwork and it will help you this week. Try hard to focus 100% during your race – do not give up mentally. Run hard, breathe hard, give it your all. The course on Saturday will be fast !!! – use this to your advantage – keep your momentum going and be in race mode the ENTIRE time. Take corners hard and cut them off sharp. There is one hill on the course. Remember to cruise up the hill, and HAMMER down it. Use the momentum of going down to continue your speed and pass people. Go out solid but be sure that mile 2 and mile 3 are JUST as fast as mile 1.

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