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FRIDAY November 6th, 2009
1130am – meet at Coach’s side door READY TO RUN, have your RUNNING CLOTHES ON.
1145 – Leave from side door by coach’ room.
2:00 – Arrive Shepherd, run workout – short 15-20 minute run with stride outs.
245 – Workout over, pack up, back on the road – Have a sack lunch ready to eat for lunch after run
415pm - Arrive at Holiday Inn Express – 2209 University Park Dr, Okemos, MI‎ - (517) 349-8700‎
Unpack, take shower, clean up, get organized
5pm – Head out to dinner @ Olive Garden by the mall – mmm good. GHS pays for your dinner.
6:30 – Dinner done, off to the mall
9:00 – Back at hotel relax, quiet time
10:30 – In bed, lights out.

800am – Wake up, pack, shower or wake up, shower, pack --
845am – Showered, packed, ready to head down to breakfast
845-930am – TEAM breakfast – school pays.
940 – back to rooms, check out, pack vehicles
10am – On the road to MIS and the 2009 MHSAA State Cross Country Meet
1115 – Arrive MIS – Light snack time – sandwich, banana, Gatorade, water etc.
1130 – Tent set up, bathroom stop, go buy a state finals T-shirt
12- 1245 – Team go through course, coach gets team packets, chips put on shoes
1-120 warmup, stride outs Cals, stretch etc
1:30 pm - Girls Division 2 Cross Country Finals race
1:30 boys watch girls go by then follow on warmup.
2:30pm - Boys Division 2 Cross Country Finals race
3:45 – AWARDS
4:30 – on the road to Gaylord
5:30 – stop to eat @ Lansing – Jet’s Pizza ??
7:30 - Back on the road
Other stuff…
1. Check the laces on your running shoes and spikes. Does it look like they are going to break soon? If so bring extra shoe laces.
2. Have a garbage bag for wet nasty sweaty stinky stuff.
3. Ladies – hair ties, scrunchies, whatever you call ‘em
4. I will have a cell phone 1-989-370-0924 if anyone needs to call us.
5. Bring this packet of info with you.
10pm – Home ?

The list
_____ spikes
_____ extra socks (3 pr)
_____ running pants
_____ shorts
_____ jersey
_____ warmup jacket
_____ long sleeve Tshirt
_____ nicer clothes for dinner/mall
_____ clothes for after the meet
_____ Toiletries
_____ water bottle/Gatorade
_____ sack lunch for after the workout on Friday – or are parents doing this for you???
_____ $$ - Mall, State TSHIRT, Sat. dinner
_____ camera, take some pics of the excitement
_____ CD player, music, HEADPHONES --- have music that will get you pumped up

A few things from the coach ….

1. Do not think you need to have to be a hero. Your state finals race will require a good race and that is all. Do your best, leave all of your effort on the course and be happy with it.

2. Run YOUR race. Don’t go out too fast, don’t go out too slow, don’t make silly decisions. We’ve talked endlessly about how to race. It’s time to follow through with it all.

3. Have fun. Don’t obsess about your place, your time, who beat you, who didn’t beat you. Enjoy the day, enjoy the dinner, enjoy the shopping, and enjoy the race.

4. Do NOT be distracted. On this trip we’ll go shopping, out for dinner, joke around, listen to music, and have fun. But, all the while be thinking about the real reason for this all. We’re here to perform at our best, race in the race of our lives, and take home a memory that will last a lifetime.

5. Think back over the course of the season. We’ve been many places and seen many things and what makes it so sweet is that we shared it together. No activity, no race, no run is as fun as it is if you don’t have a team to share it with.

6. Jayden – It has been a great 4 years I’ve spent with you. I’ve seen you develop from a skinny little pretty good freshman to the CONFERENCE CHAMPION. I hope that you’ve enjoy the time as much as I have.

7. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors. By making to the state finals as an underclassman you are in an elite group. You will be the leaders of our team next year. You will be taking the place of Jayden -- These are big shoes to fill. Huge shoes. But, I have confidence that you can do it. I know you can do it. These team leaders are good students, positive role models, and hard workers. That’s what successful people do to achieve greatness. Set your goals for next season and begin working toward them TOMORROW.

8. Exactly 36 years ago I set foot on the line of the STATE XC FINALS just like you are doing this week. It seems like an eternity ago, but I can remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday – I hope this day is that important for you too. I know how much preparation and training and running and focusing and commitment it has take to get you to this point. You are among the ELITE of the ELITE. Enjoy the day and enjoy your experience.


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Best of luck to both teams. In 30 years of coaching I can't remember such a great group of individuals that we are sending to the state finals to represent Gaylord. J. Toler