Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week workouts

STATE FINALS WEEK 2009 >>>----CC -- >

Monday – 2 mile warm, cals, high knees, 20-30 minutes easy
Tuesday – 2 mile warmup, 1xmile HARD, 4x400m HARD, 4x200m HARD, easy 1 mile cool.
Wednesday – 2 mile warm easy 30 minutes, 4x100yard stride-outs.
Thursday – 2 mile warm, 4x400m, starting at race pace, then each one 1 second faster.
Friday – MEET AT MY ROOM AT 1130am, run at Shepherd, then to Lansing
Saturday – MHSAA DIVISION 2 STATE FINALS, girls at 130pm, boys at 230pm.
Sunday – eat lots of junk food and look at your times at

Amanda, Megan, Anna, Bryan Jay-- You five are our all-regional runners, the core of our team, the leaders, and the people we rely on. Enjoy this week, enjoy this time and take it all in. A trip the MHSAA state finals is a special thing and we get to experience it as a boys and girls team together again for the first time in 6 years. You have all been together for a long time and I’m so glad you get to all experience this…

Katelynn, Joe, Charlend, Nate --- You four were ALMOST all-regional last weekend at Benzie. Soooooooo close. Luckily we have you all back next year and you will achieve the honors then!!! None of you have been to the state finals before – think of the experience as a time to LEARN what its like. It will be big, intimidating, and possibly overwhelming for you – but when you return next year, it will be a time to shine. For this year you have to just think of it as any big race – JUST LIKE PORTAGE. We’ll talk about your team goal at our team meeting on Friday night.

Geena Maria Dawn Ian Sean--- With the exception of Dawn, none of you have experienced this before. It’s a big race and a huge deal to go to the state finals, but for you its just another race like Portage. Don’t worry and don’t fret, just approach the day with the idea that you will run your best and give a great effort to help your team. Dawn – Just enjoy the experience again!

Team -- It is almost over. Many teams that have qualified for the state finals are very excited to have made it that far. Many teams have a goal of making the state finals and that’s it. They qualify and go to the finals meet with the idea that it is all fun and games and going shopping and going out to eat and watching fast runners run. They do not have a real goal at the finals race and they do not focus themselves on really putting in a good effort on Saturday. These are the teams which we will beat on Saturday. Our teams will not be state champions – we will, however, place quite well and surprise the people who make the state rankings top ten lists. We will also make people realize that the Gaylord CC tradition lives on and will continue to live on.

Yes, we will go out to eat and go shopping. But, all the time we are doing this I want you to be thinking about Saturday afternoon. Think about the effort you will put forth. Think about how far you have come and how much you have worked and how much your team needs you. We have truly become a team this year and it is very special that we can share the experience as a group – boys and girls varsity both. We are not there just to run and then go home. We are there to turn some heads and place well and kick some butt.

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