Sunday, March 14, 2010



March 15 – MONDAY -- GIRLS MEET IN LIBRARY RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL. DO NOT GET CHANGED FIRST< GO RIGHT TO LIBRARY PLZ. BOYS MEET WITH MR WARREN. AFTER THESE MEETINGS ALL DISTANCE RUNNERS TO MY ROOM – 120. Then easy ¾ mile warmup and easy distance run down rails to trails. 3-7 miles depending on who you are.

Tuesday – Distance meet in room 120 -- 10 minutes easy, cals, easy distance run.

Wed – Meet in 120 same as Tuesday

Thurs- same

Friday – same, then 1x mile HARD

Saturday – on your own distance run

Sunday off

Things to remember about your first week of track

1. New runners ---- You will be sore and tired. This is normal and it only means that your body is adapting to training and running. Soreness is the message that new muscles are being built.
2. Experience runners – This is a week to begin hitting the mileage hard. If you have a good base already and have been running over the winter you can go FARTHER than what I’ve got on the schedule. An extra 2-3 miles after the regular workout might be what it takes to be all-conference, all-regional, or ALL-STATE.
3. Eat right and stay hydrated. Remember fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water. Gatorade and other sports type drinks are great for replenishing sodium and potassium stores which are essential for proper hydration. EAT ENOUGH CALORIES. You really really really need have a good lunch every day with lots of liquids. Gatorade, milk, juice, water will all hydrate you well. A good solid lunch of a salad, fruit, sandwich, and maybe something sweet will give you the extra energy you need to run. You are a machine – and machines need FUEL if they are going to run.
4. Don’t OVERDO the water – I see some people (usually girls) overdoing the water intake thing. TOO much water is just as bad as not enough. Too much water flushes needed electrolytes from your system, leaving you weak and feeling dehydrated! Weird but true. One Gatorade, one water bottle with lunch is fine. Two big glasses of milk at dinner. Juice at breakfast.
5. It takes many weeks (or MONTHS) to develop to your potential. Don’t be discouraged if you are not running where you would like to be at this point. You WILL catch up to the person you want to run with and run the time you want if you WORK hard and stick with it. If you quit now you will never know how good you could have been.
6. Stick with it. Freshmen, new runners, etc, need to remember that you will be very tired, very overwhelmed often with the volume of work we ask you to do. Stick with it. The first few weeks are the hardest and once you get in shape you’ll be feeling great.
7. Be patient. Freshmen and new runners have a long ways to go. I remember one particular freshman who had a very hard time keeping up. He sometimes ducked into the bathroom and hid because he was so tired from all the running. But, he stuck with it and year after year he got better. This skinny little guy that had a rough start went on to earn a college letter in track and now he’s ur coach too !!!!
8. Weather – if at all possible we’ll run outside – as soon as the wether permits so BE PREPARED.
9. The “I’m just here to get in shape people need to work just as hard as everyone else.”
10. This is the time of the season to do more more more. Go play 2 hours of basketball after practice. Go out for a long run after practice. Hit the weight room with the sprinters. Play a pick up game of soccer, go wrestle after practice, do it all. But remember in LATE MAY its time to rest and STOP all the extras for the last 4 weeks.
11. FIRST MEET NEXT WEEK AT SVSU AND LSSU (svsu girls, lssu boys)