Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As i said at our team meeting the last week of school, summer running should be 80-90% EASY running. Enjoy it, take your time, stop and get a drink, go with friends, take a day off, take two days off, get back at it and go a little longer, go shorter, jump in a road race if the opportunity presents itself... summer running is mainly unstructured, fun running.

What about the other 10-20%? Go HARD, find some hills, run the 6 mile loop with Andrew Olds HARD, run a HARD 17 minute tempo run (the optimum time for hard tempo runs is 15-20 minutes hard).

Where should you be mileage wise right now? If your goal is to simply complete a 5k run with a respectable time I'd say you should be running between 15-20 miles per week. THis will give you all the miles you need to qualify to go to team camp. Now, if you have higher goals, like making varsity top 7, you should be logging more miles - generally 25-30 miles per week. Overachiever? Looking to be all-conference, all regional or all state? Start cranking out the big miles - if you hit 40-50 miles per week and hold it consistently, then look for big things next fall.

Someone said "Its called summer VACATION!! I don't want to run!" You dont HAVE to do anything. You will still be on the team, you might even make varsity but you'll be nowhere near your potential either. Someone else said "I don't want to spend my whole summer running!!" Me either, that's why i only run about an hour to an hour and a half when i go out. It leaves me a good 15 other hours every day to do other stuff like mtn bike, camp, hike, rollerski, etc.

I see many of you putting in a GREAT effort and consistent running this summer. That's awesome. It's also awesome to see 40+ runners at Aspen every Wed, I'm proud of your effort to make yourself the best you can be. Good work all!!

Cya Wed 6pm at Aspen!!

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