Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week of XC

Well, the first three days of XC in our first week are done. It was a good start, with lots of runners, two harder workouts and one set of hills today. A few things to remember.

1. You will probably be a bit sore and your legs will be tired. This is normal and expected. Work through it and be mentally tough these first few weeks. When you finally get into shape fully you will be feeling more comfortable on runs.

2. New runners slow down and go EASY on our easy days. Experienced runners go FASTER on our easy days. Experienced runners tend to go too slow, and too short on easy days. If you want to improve and get your best times this year you must work harder on easy days.

3. Next week for team camp we'll be busy. For those of you NOT going to camp please please please keep running. If you take 8-9 days off running you'll be right back out of shape when we have regular practice again.

4. Remember all your stuff for camp - PHYSICAL, CONSENT FORM, $$, MILES. Gotta have all four to go!!

Great job this week people, i'm getting more excited for our season each day.


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