Sunday, August 8, 2010

practice updates

Back in June when we had our team meeting i MEANT to put in the packet of information that it was MANDATORY that you attend all three practices (Wed, Thurs, Friday - August 11,12,13) if you wanted to go to camp. I did not put it in the packet. So ........ i'm going to bend and let some people off the hook. I'm not real happy about it because I believe that if we have practice YOU SHOULD BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you email me privately and let me know your situation with work or family vacation or travel or whatever -- you'll be excused from practice and still can go to camp. Jake Pasternak, the Warrens, and Cole Wright have done this. If you just DON'T SHOW UP for practice without talking to me before you will not be going to camp.

AND, there is NO practice on Saturday.

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