Sunday, September 26, 2010

workouts for week 8

On Saturday it will be 4 weeks to regionals....

Speed, speed and more speed.

Monday - distance run 2 mile warm to Doumas, then Aspen, then back to GHS.
Tuesday - MEET AT ASPEN PARK - GET A RIDE THERE, 6 mile loop
Wednesday - HILL WORKOUT - Not a "tribute" kind, but a FAST kind
Thursday - short and sweet
Friday - 2 mile warmup, 6x800, 2x400 each one faster than the last, nearly full recovergy between each one.
Saturday - should we have an organized practice? 10am @ Aspen? Or should you run on your own? you NEED to run though either way
Sunday - OFF REST
Monday - easy with STRIDE OUTS

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Race Report

Gaylord boys make it three in a row. The GHS boys XC won the 42nd annual Delta/Al Kayner Invite this Saturday, defeating second place Ogemaw Heights by a score of 109-219. Top runner for GHS was, once again, Charlend Howard in a fine time of 10:29 in 9th place. Charlend's time today ranks him as the third fastest GHS boy in the last 8 years on the flat Delta course, right behind Nick Lewis and Chris Olds. Just a step behind, in his best race of the year, was Nate Fischer. Nate has been steadily improving and the flat, fast course played right to his strength - speed. #3 man for the Devils was Joe Jones and #4 was solid Ian Callison. A fast improving Bryan Slocum rounded out varsity scoring. Joe was not on top form today, he needs a tougher hillier hotter race to be at his best and Delta was none of that. Bryan continues to get faster and is approaching where he was last year - another couple weeks and I'm confident he'll be there. The varsity was rounded out by Jake Pasternak and Sean Hope.

On the girls side, the GHS harriers arguably had their best showing of the '10 campaign with their 18th straight Delta win. Dave Wenzel's dominating teams of the 90's started the streak and these ladies kept it alive today. Led by a great 1-2 punch of Amanda Olds 5th overall in 12:09 and Megan Borgeson 6th in 12:10 the ladies scored 91 points to easily outdistance Ogemaw at 219 points. These two girls run very well together and their times today put them right on the mark Amanda ran back in '08 when she achieved all-state status. I've been keeping the records that Dave Wenzel started back in 80's and their times today rank them as the 4th and 5th fastest girls ever on this course - only being bettered by Thereseann Zimmerman, Sloan Secord and Amber Kassuba. Anna Kassuba was #3 scorer with her best Delta time in her four year varsity career. #4 and 5 girls were Katelynn Dreyer and Maria Warren, both bettering last years times and solidifying our win with good races. Noelle Warren and Krystin Dreyer rounded out our varsity on the day. A highlight of the GHS performances was the 1-2-3-4-6 finish of the lady blue devil JV runners. Geena Duff earned her varsity spot back (after a tough viral sickness) with a huge 25+ second win (and 4th fastest time of the day on the team) followed by Paige Hypio, Dawn, Pagels, Nicole Wehner, and Erin Borgeson. these JV girls were truly the class of the field and would have definitely scored well in the VARSITY race as a team. I was especially impressed with Erin Borgeson's performance.

DELTA WIN boys 1st girls 1st

DELTA 2010

Charlend Howard 506 522 1028 3rd fastest boy in the last 8 years of Delta, beat last year by 17 seconds
Nate Fisher 511 518 1029 Best race of your XC career so far, 4th fastest time in GHS history here.
Joe Jones 511 536 1047 Not your best race ever, but you need hills and 3 miles to be at ur best
Ian Callison 521 533 1054 30 seconds ahead of last years time and a good solid first mile, nice.
Bryan Slocum 514 542 1056 Only 20 seconds off last years time and improving fast. Good stuff
Jacob Pasternak 517 550 1107 Up and down for a bit here until you are 100%, that’s fine.
Sean Hope 522 559 1121 24 seconds faster than last year is a good sign. Nice work Sean.

JV guys, mile splits messed up sorry.

Jacob Henley 1146 1 minutes 24 seconds faster than last year, wow, great race
Chris Ryan 1147 15 seconds faster than last year.
Tyler Sugden 1148 You beat Joe Jones’ time from 2008 and would have been on varsity.
Andy Frakes 1149 15 seconds faster than last year and sub 12!!
Sterling McPherson 1159 You beat Jake Pasternak’s freshman time, impressive.
Cole Wright 1207 Beat last years time and you looked fast Cole.
Josh Green 1225 Almost tied Jake Pasternak’s freshman time, nice work freshman.
Caleb Wagar 1231 Beat last years time here, since you didn’t run it last year or year before
Zack Kammeyer 1259 Didn’t beat last year’s time but you looked good trying.
Logan Wickert 1303 Beat last years time by 36 seconds Logan! Awesome work.
Zac Wagar 1304 Best time ever at Delta. See your brothers comment.
Jake LaBean 1333 Beat last years time by 1 minute 14 seconds. Wow bean.
David Goosen 1334 Beat Logan Wickerts time from last year!
Cole Bauman 1447 Good effort Cole, didn’t beat last year but you worked hard.
Josh Winchester Good timing.
Wally Matuszak Good sleeping.

DELTA WIN!! boys 1st girls 1st

DELTA 2010

Amanda Olds 559 610 1209 4th best time by a GHS girl EVER. On track for all state! Wow
Megan Borgeson 559 611 1210 Tied for 5th best time by a GHS girl ever with Sammy Hunt. Wow.
Anna Kassuba 615 623 1238 You best time EVER at Delta and GREAT first mile.
Geena Duff 613 636 1249 If you had someone to push you that would have been a 1238 easy.
Katelynn Dreyer 620 634 1254 The exact splits you need for a 1940 5k, perfection !! well done Kate
Maria Warren 622 636 1258 GREAT first mile, on pace for 1950!! #5 girl scorer today!
Noelle Warren 635 643 1318 Nice even splits and beat last years time too !
Paige Hypio 630 650 1320 Beat your 2008 time by 1 minute 28 seconds!!! FAAAASSST !!
Dawn Pagels 631 650 1321 Beat last years time by 15 seconds and 2 miles is too short for you.
Krystin Dreyer 624 702 1326 Good first mile, just gotta keep you below 7’s the last two miles now.
Erin Borgeson 642 650 1332 In many years this would be a VARSITY time, impressive race Erin.
Nicole Wehner 638 709 1347 Tied last years time and beat 2008 time by one minute. Nice work
Aleisha Lasley 718 706 1424 NEGATIVE SPLITS! That means you can go even faster! Best race.
Caila Coale 701 724 1425 Even with an asthma attack you had a great first mile and race.
Abby Kassuba 717 729 1446 Certainly your best race ever. Beat last years time by ONE MINUTE
Emily Lemon 719 730 1449 Great splits, good fast first mile Emily.
Alanna Johnston 734 730 1504 NEGATIVE SPLITS! That means you can go even faster!!
Allison Fischer 735 731 1506 NEGATIVE SPLITS! That means you can go even faster. 43 seconds
FASTER than last year too.
Mai Dao 9 632 Knee Booboo One second behind Dawn and ahead of Noelle at the mile mark… wow

Gaylord XC teams boys and

Gaylord XC teams boys and girls both FIRST at Delta Invitational. #ftw

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


DELTA INFO boys jv 1040am, girls jv 11am, boys varsity 1140am, girls varsity 12noon, Awards 1pm, home 330-4pm.... bus departs GHS at 710am.


Take I-75 south to exit 160. This is M-84. continue south on M-84 for about half mile to DELTA ROAD, turn right and go a mile or so, Delta College is on the right.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boys and girls both 3rd

Boys and girls both 3rd at BNC meet today. Boys just 6 points from first and girls only 9 from second. #dowork

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Workouts, week 7

Monday - Easy distance run, Doumas, get a drink, Aspen, Doumas, back to GHS.
Tuesday - first BNC meet at Alpena - 1135 East Golf Course Road, Alpena (google directions parents)
Wed - Easy run
Thursday - 4x800m race pace ON GRASS
Friday - easy run with stride outs
Sunday - OFF

A few things to remember. It's the point in the season where you should be tired and feeling borderline burned out. We're riding the edge of overdoing it and if this is too much for you and you are hurting/injured/sick let me know. Next week will be a KILLER speedwork week where we crank out intervals going 100% all out fast. This will give you the leg speed that you currently are lacking. To quote Joe Jones "My legs felt like they had nothing in them at Holly." This will change soon for everyone. Last week was a tough week and we still ran great at Holly, this is a very good sign.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gaylord boys AND girls both

Gaylord boys AND girls both 2nd at the 20 team Holly Invitational. #trophy #medals #ftw

Sunday, September 12, 2010

workouts week 6

Link to Holly Information -- above

Workouts for week...

Workouts – 9/13 to 9/19 2010
Monday – Longer distance run, to Doumas Park, get drink, stretch, Cals. Half of team return to GHS. Varsity top 10-12 will continue on into Aspen Park, easy 3-4 miles at Aspen, then back to Doumas for drink, and finally GHS.
Tuesday- 1 mile warmup to everybody’s favorite hill, the TRIBUTE, 3x for beginners, 4x for middle packers, 6 x for varsity.
Wed – Easy distance run 30-60 min.
Thurs- 3x 1 mile on Rails/Trails @ RACE PACE
Fri- super easy short 30 minutes with some stride outs.
Sat- Holly Invitational – information at link above
First race is at 11:20am JV, we need to arrive by 10am, depart GHS 615am. It will be a nice 3 hour nap for you on the way down to Holly. This is a big invitational, not as competitive as the Spartan Invite, but we’ll be in with schools that have 500 more students than we do – about half of the teams will be CLASS A schools, so that bumps up the level of competition quite a bit. The course has some hills but the ground is solid and it runs pretty fast. As I mentioned earlier, please get a good warm up and LONG cool down.
Sunday- off or easy distance run.

PARENTS - DIRECTIONS TO HOLLY - use google maps to find Springfield Oaks County Park 12450 Andersonville Rd. Davisburg, Michigan 48350

Saturday, September 11, 2010

this is the exact info i send to the newspaper ....

They probably won't print it all but this is what i sent...
Great race today people.

Twice is Nice

The Gaylord boys and girls XC teams came out on the winning end of the 23 team Charlevoix Mud Run on Saturday, 9/11.

On the boys side, Charlend Howard was the top runner, placing first overall in the freshman/soph race and running a time that equalled Jayden Hesselink's from 2009. Charlend is truly starting this season with a bang. Only a sophomore, he has the ability to be our top runner on any given day and should be in the mix for a top spot at regionals/conference.

Joe Jones wasn't far behind, a solid 7th in the Jr/Sr race running a time equal to his '09 campaign. Ian Callison came through big with a huge performance of 3rd overall in the Fr/So race, beating his 2009 time by 1:30. Ian has improved dramatically since his freshman season and logged huge miles to get to where he is. Nate Fischer nailed 7th in the Fr/So race battling through some congestion, but still a solid 4th man for us. Rounding out our scoring was Sean Hope with a huge improvement over his sophomore season, 16th in the senior stacked upperclassman race - over one minute faster than last year. Andy Frakes and Chris Ryan rounded out our varsity team.

The boys team won without two of our big guns. Jake Pasternak out resting a sore knee and Bryan Slocum just returning from the summer of basic training. Putting these to into our top 7 will give us even more firepower. But, it is nice to be as deep as we are, if someone is injured, hurting, or tired we can rest them and still be very solid as we saw today. As i said before, any of our top 7 boys could be our #1 runner on any day. I expect it will change race by race. Our team time was a solid 1:00 ahead of last years team.

On the girls side, the GHS gals were almost 2:00 ahead of last years team. The solid summer of running is beginning to pay dividends as Amanda Olds came home as our #1, 5th overall, with her best Mud Run time (21:19) of her stellar four year varsity career. Amanda did her homework over the summer and today that showed.

Just a few steps behind as #2 girl was Megan Borgeson, 6th in the Jr/Sr race with her personal best mud run time of her three year XC career. Anna Kassuba was a solid 13th only 20 seconds back and also had her best Mud Run time. These three girls (Olds, Borgeson, Kassuba) could each be our #1 on any given day. They push each other hard and know that if one has an off day the others can pick up the slack. Having 3 seasoned competitors each get their best time after 3-4 years of racing tells me these girls are headed for good things this season.

Katelynn Dreyer bounced back from a tough Clare race to finish a solid 3rd in the Fr/So race. She's back on her game after a bout with asthma last week and had a great race today. Geena Duff was just a few steps behind in 4th, beating her 2009 time by one minute. Our varsity top 7 was rounded out by Dawn Pagels and Maria Warren (8th in the Fr/So race).

Our girls team has some amazing depth this season. 8th runner Noelle Warren would have been considered our first JV runner, but placed 9th overall in a tough Fr/So race and would have been the #1 runner on at least 10 of these teams here today. Overall it was a great day for GHSXC.

Gaylord Boys AND Girls XC

Gaylord Boys AND Girls XC TEAMS BOTH FIRST overall at 22 team Charlevoix Mud Run!! woot woot

Thursday, September 9, 2010

football helpers

FOOTBALL CONCESSIONS $$ -- PARENTS first halfers, arrive by 6:15pm-6:20pm Wagar, Wright, Kassubas, Dreyer, Wickert, Duff -- Second Halfers - Arrive at END halftime after the big rush and stick around to clean up - Pagels, Ryansx2, Dodder, Lemon, Howard - If you don't like where I put you please switch with someone!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awesome fall like running conditions

Awesome fall like running conditions today. #thelonggreenline

Sunday, September 5, 2010

workouts for mud run week

Monday Sept 6th – Labor Day – hopefully you went for a good long run on your own.
Tues Sept 7 – Meet in Room 120 right after school, be in my room by 3pm. That gives you 20 minutes to change into your running clothes and that is plenty of time (GIRLS!). Workout – 2mile warmup, cals high knees, hills x 4-8 depending on who you are. 2 mile cool down
Wed Sept 8 – easy distance run
Thursday – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, to track, 1 mile easy, 6x800m at RACE PACE, NO FASTER, I will tell you your race pace. 2 mile cool
Friday – shor teasy 30-40 minutes, stride outs on football field. WE WORK CONCESSION STAND AT FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY NIGHT TOO. NEED PARENT HELP.
Saturday - Charlevoix MUD RUN.
9:00 am 11th & 12th grade boys /10 medals (last year 18:12 was the 10th place medal)
9:30 am 11th & 12th grade girls / 10 medals (last year 22:44 was the 10th place medal)
10:00 am 9th & 10th grade boyls /10 medals (last year 18:58 was the 10th place medal)
10:30 am 9th & 10th grade girls /10 medals (last year 22:22 was the 10th place medal)
11:00 am Open race—men & women/3 medals each
11:30 pm Middle school race/10 medals each
12:00 pm Awards Ceremony 3 team trophies

Bus Departure time will be 6:45am. ouch. Should be home about 130-145pm

Last year both boys and girls teams here were 2nd at the Mud Run. This year our goal is to WIN BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS RACES.

Sunday Sept 5th – LONG EASY RUN ON YOUR OWN 45-90 minutes, or off.

Friday, September 3, 2010


results from last year here

where will you finish this year??

remember if u didnt attend

remember if u didnt attend 9am practice Friday at aspen u better be there at 5pm!!!!!!!!!!


9:00 am 11th & 12th grade boys /10 medals
9:30 am 11th & 12th grade girls / 10 medals
10:00 am 9th & 10th grade boyls /10 medals
10:30 am 9th & 10th grade girls /10 medals
11:00 am Open race—men & women/3 medals each
11:30 pm Middle school race/10 medals each
12:00 pm Awards Ceremony 3 team trophies

Bus Departure time will be 6:45am. ouch. Should be home about 130-145pm.

Its about 60 miles there - take M-66 through east jordan to Charlevoix. At US31 intersection turn south (left) then left immediately again on Marion Center Road. Go south on this for 2 miles and the school is on the left.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

boys splits at clare

1st mi 2nd mile 3rd mi 5k time
Jacob Pasternak 520 537 546 1723
Nate Fisher 10 515 549 552 1730
Charlend Howard 10 515 549 555 1733
Ian Callison 10 522 554 600 1752
Joe Jones (Marin) 527 548 605 1755
Sean Hope 520 559 632 1827
Chris Ryan 10 603 627 632 1936
Andy Frakes 552 629 658 1954
Jacob Henley 10 610 647 709 2046
Sterling McPherson 9 623 651 657 2048
Tyler Sugden 12 623 705 645 2050
Caleb Wagar 12 640 700 700 2121
Zack Kammeyer 11 651 719 720 2207
Logan Wickert 12 622 714 758 2212
Zac Wagar 12 655 720 745 2236
Cole Bauman 11 653 728 800 2301
Josh Winchester 10 645 754 745 2304
Cole Wright 12 716 749 733 2318
Jake LaBean 12 709 756 737 2322
David Goosen 12 708 757 758 2339
Wally Matuszak 9 726 803 820 2426
Nick Cromell 12
Bryan Slocum 12
Josh Green 9

girls splits at clare

1st mile2nd mile 3rd mile 5k
Anna Kassuba 635 645 653 2048
Megan Borgeson 11 630 656 700 2102
Geena Duff 10 622 650 710 2102
Amanda Olds 12 627 655 750 2145
Dawn Pagels 11 635 706 730 2149
Maria Warren 10 624 711 736 2151
Krystin Dreyer 637 705 740 2158
Katelynn Dreyer 10 623 722 740 2205
Paige Hypio 635 726 742 2218
Nicole Wehner 11 648 733 800 2257
Noelle Warren 10 651 728 751 2300
Caila Coale 11 709 750 805 2341
Mai Dao 9 702 800 820 2402
Erin Borgeson 9 726 803 758 2407
Emily Lemon 10 738 827 844 2529
Abby Kassuba 10 750 810 900 2540
Aleisha Lasley 9 729 824 908 2541
Cindy Fiser 10 737 828 910 2555
Allison Fischer 10 800 820 943 2643
Anna Keller 10 822
Bree Eckstein 12
Alanna Johnston 10
Andrea Birkhofer 10

Off to first meet at Clare