Saturday, September 25, 2010

DELTA WIN boys 1st girls 1st

DELTA 2010

Charlend Howard 506 522 1028 3rd fastest boy in the last 8 years of Delta, beat last year by 17 seconds
Nate Fisher 511 518 1029 Best race of your XC career so far, 4th fastest time in GHS history here.
Joe Jones 511 536 1047 Not your best race ever, but you need hills and 3 miles to be at ur best
Ian Callison 521 533 1054 30 seconds ahead of last years time and a good solid first mile, nice.
Bryan Slocum 514 542 1056 Only 20 seconds off last years time and improving fast. Good stuff
Jacob Pasternak 517 550 1107 Up and down for a bit here until you are 100%, that’s fine.
Sean Hope 522 559 1121 24 seconds faster than last year is a good sign. Nice work Sean.

JV guys, mile splits messed up sorry.

Jacob Henley 1146 1 minutes 24 seconds faster than last year, wow, great race
Chris Ryan 1147 15 seconds faster than last year.
Tyler Sugden 1148 You beat Joe Jones’ time from 2008 and would have been on varsity.
Andy Frakes 1149 15 seconds faster than last year and sub 12!!
Sterling McPherson 1159 You beat Jake Pasternak’s freshman time, impressive.
Cole Wright 1207 Beat last years time and you looked fast Cole.
Josh Green 1225 Almost tied Jake Pasternak’s freshman time, nice work freshman.
Caleb Wagar 1231 Beat last years time here, since you didn’t run it last year or year before
Zack Kammeyer 1259 Didn’t beat last year’s time but you looked good trying.
Logan Wickert 1303 Beat last years time by 36 seconds Logan! Awesome work.
Zac Wagar 1304 Best time ever at Delta. See your brothers comment.
Jake LaBean 1333 Beat last years time by 1 minute 14 seconds. Wow bean.
David Goosen 1334 Beat Logan Wickerts time from last year!
Cole Bauman 1447 Good effort Cole, didn’t beat last year but you worked hard.
Josh Winchester Good timing.
Wally Matuszak Good sleeping.

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