Sunday, September 5, 2010

workouts for mud run week

Monday Sept 6th – Labor Day – hopefully you went for a good long run on your own.
Tues Sept 7 – Meet in Room 120 right after school, be in my room by 3pm. That gives you 20 minutes to change into your running clothes and that is plenty of time (GIRLS!). Workout – 2mile warmup, cals high knees, hills x 4-8 depending on who you are. 2 mile cool down
Wed Sept 8 – easy distance run
Thursday – 2 mile warmup, cals, high knees, to track, 1 mile easy, 6x800m at RACE PACE, NO FASTER, I will tell you your race pace. 2 mile cool
Friday – shor teasy 30-40 minutes, stride outs on football field. WE WORK CONCESSION STAND AT FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY NIGHT TOO. NEED PARENT HELP.
Saturday - Charlevoix MUD RUN.
9:00 am 11th & 12th grade boys /10 medals (last year 18:12 was the 10th place medal)
9:30 am 11th & 12th grade girls / 10 medals (last year 22:44 was the 10th place medal)
10:00 am 9th & 10th grade boyls /10 medals (last year 18:58 was the 10th place medal)
10:30 am 9th & 10th grade girls /10 medals (last year 22:22 was the 10th place medal)
11:00 am Open race—men & women/3 medals each
11:30 pm Middle school race/10 medals each
12:00 pm Awards Ceremony 3 team trophies

Bus Departure time will be 6:45am. ouch. Should be home about 130-145pm

Last year both boys and girls teams here were 2nd at the Mud Run. This year our goal is to WIN BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS RACES.

Sunday Sept 5th – LONG EASY RUN ON YOUR OWN 45-90 minutes, or off.

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