Sunday, September 12, 2010

workouts week 6

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Workouts for week...

Workouts – 9/13 to 9/19 2010
Monday – Longer distance run, to Doumas Park, get drink, stretch, Cals. Half of team return to GHS. Varsity top 10-12 will continue on into Aspen Park, easy 3-4 miles at Aspen, then back to Doumas for drink, and finally GHS.
Tuesday- 1 mile warmup to everybody’s favorite hill, the TRIBUTE, 3x for beginners, 4x for middle packers, 6 x for varsity.
Wed – Easy distance run 30-60 min.
Thurs- 3x 1 mile on Rails/Trails @ RACE PACE
Fri- super easy short 30 minutes with some stride outs.
Sat- Holly Invitational – information at link above
First race is at 11:20am JV, we need to arrive by 10am, depart GHS 615am. It will be a nice 3 hour nap for you on the way down to Holly. This is a big invitational, not as competitive as the Spartan Invite, but we’ll be in with schools that have 500 more students than we do – about half of the teams will be CLASS A schools, so that bumps up the level of competition quite a bit. The course has some hills but the ground is solid and it runs pretty fast. As I mentioned earlier, please get a good warm up and LONG cool down.
Sunday- off or easy distance run.

PARENTS - DIRECTIONS TO HOLLY - use google maps to find Springfield Oaks County Park 12450 Andersonville Rd. Davisburg, Michigan 48350

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