Sunday, September 19, 2010

Workouts, week 7

Monday - Easy distance run, Doumas, get a drink, Aspen, Doumas, back to GHS.
Tuesday - first BNC meet at Alpena - 1135 East Golf Course Road, Alpena (google directions parents)
Wed - Easy run
Thursday - 4x800m race pace ON GRASS
Friday - easy run with stride outs
Sunday - OFF

A few things to remember. It's the point in the season where you should be tired and feeling borderline burned out. We're riding the edge of overdoing it and if this is too much for you and you are hurting/injured/sick let me know. Next week will be a KILLER speedwork week where we crank out intervals going 100% all out fast. This will give you the leg speed that you currently are lacking. To quote Joe Jones "My legs felt like they had nothing in them at Holly." This will change soon for everyone. Last week was a tough week and we still ran great at Holly, this is a very good sign.

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