Sunday, October 31, 2010

regional report

full boys results with team scores at the bottom

full girls results

pics up at photobucket and facebook

Boys - Nate Fischer had his season best race with a time that would have won this regional in 2008, that alone tells you how competitive it was this year. Nate's 7th place was also the fastest time by a GHS runner since Nick Lewis and Chris Olds hit the 15's in the 2003 season. Charlend Howard had a season best time to finish all regional in 15th. Although I don't think he was happy with his place, his time was phenomenal. Joe Jones and Ian Callison were just steps apart, finishing just seconds away from the top 10 and Bryan Slocum stepped up his game another notch as 5th man. Having Jake Pasternak out sick gave the boys a little extra determination today I think. Knowing that it would take a much bigger personal effort without him, they did it. Sean Hope was, once again, a solid 6th man with a near personal best time and Chris Ryan rounded out our varsity squad.

Girls - Amanda Olds was on her "A" game today, putting out her best season effort and time to finish all-regional for a third time in 8th overall. Amanda is one of those true "big meet" performers, with her best performances on the biggest days. As a senior we look to her on these days and today she came through big. I would note that Amanda was only 10 seconds off her 2008 regional time and she went on to all-state honors that season. Megan Borgeson earned her second all-regional honor with a solid 14th place finish and a season best time. Third girl Anna Kassuba just missed all-regional honors with a time that equalled her best last season. Paige Hypio and Geena Duff rounded out our varsity scoring with excellent efforts and great places. These two girls sealed the deal for us today. With Katelynn Dreyer not feeling 100% we needed someone to step up and both Paige and Geena did just that. Maria Warredn rounded out our varsity scoring.

Next saturday we look to MIS and Brooklyn Michigan for the girls 10th straight trip and the boys 2nd. Both teams will be gunning for a top ten finish in the Division 2 races.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


1st Cedar Springs 78
2nd GAYLORD 95
3rd Fremont 105
4th Sparta 105

5,000 Meters Varsity
1 Megan O'Neil 18:39.6 CHIP 9
2 Katie Weiler 18:49.5 CeSp 10
3 Morgan Wixson 18:56.5 CHIP 12
4 Melissa Morgan 19:12.0 Frem 12
5 Amanda Balczak 19:17.9 CeSp 10
6 Brittany Williams 19:24.9 Newa 10
7 Kayleigh Sillinger 19:25.6 Ludi 9
8 Amanda Olds 19:43.9 Gayl 12
9 Brooke Wahl 19:46.8 Frem 9
10 Britta Patterson 19:47.6 Cad 11
11 Alesha Reed 19:48.3 Spar 10
12 Tarah Bourke 19:50.2 Newa 12
13 Victoria Overton 19:54.2 Cheb 12
14 Megan Borgeson 19:58.0 Gayl 11
15 Erika Bayak 19:58.6 OVHS 10
16 Megan Dickinson 19:59.2 Frem 12
17 Kelsey Thome 20:05.2 Spar 11
18 Emma Bizzigotti 20:06.4 Cad 12
19 Paige Tibbe 20:09.2 Gran 10
20 Jessica Titus 20:14.2 CeSp 12
21 Sommer VanDyke 20:20.5 CeSp 10
22 Anna Kassuba 20:21.3 Gayl 12
23 Kaitlyn Balderas 20:23.8 Spar 12
24 Rachel Thome 20:24.9 Spar 10
25 Rachel Joseph 20:25.7 BiRa 11
26 Paige Hypio 20:32.3 Gayl 11
27 Ashley Fury 20:33.1 Cad 9
28 Shayla O'Brien 20:33.9 Ludi 12
29 Geena Duff 20:38.6 Gayl 10
30 Devon Sutton 20:39.3 Ludi 10
31 Briana Synder 20:40.1 HoCi 11
32 Courtney Collins 20:42.6 OVHS 12
33 Michaela Burnett 20:43.3 CeSp 9
34 Alycia Wright 20:44.9 Spar 9
35 Haley Ludviksen 20:45.7 Cad 10
36 Kelsey Wroble 20:46.7 Ludi 11
37 Ivy Boden 20:48.0 HoCi 9
38 Gina Henderson 20:49.8 OVHS 11
39 Mercedes Westbrook 20:50.5 Frem 11
40 Colleen Hall 20:51.0 Frem 9
41 Bele Wollesen 20:51.8 Ludi 12
42 Holly Miller 20:52.6 Cad 12
43 Katelynn Dreyer 20:54.0 Gayl 10
44 Angela Gray 20:58.6 HoCi 12
45 Kathy Middaugh 21:00.3 Newa 10
46 Claire Schaar 21:01.5 Frem 10
47 Kathy Rajewski 21:08.4 Peto 10
48 Alyson Ramirez 21:11.7 Spar 10
49 Courtney Schilbe 21:13.4 Whha 10
50 Chennah Heroor 21:16.3 BiRa 12
51 Emilee Danielson 21:18.1 Whha 12
52 Joleen Augustat 21:20.9 Cad 11
53 Rachel Wood 21:22.1 CHIP 12
54 Kayla Ovokaitys 21:26.8 CeSp 11
55 Jessica Weaver 21:28.0 Cad 11
56 Maria Warren 21:32.2 Gayl 10
57 Sarah Schmiedeknect 21:36.9 Whha 9
58 Chandra Martin 21:39.2 CHIP 12
59 Rebecca Bisson 21:40.5 Gran 10
60 Jessica Stolz 21:41.4 Ludi 10
61 Alayna Klco 21:44.7 Whha 11
62 Larissa Umbleby 21:45.7 CHIP 10
63 Madi Phelps 21:48.1 CeSp 10
64 Casey Wright 21:49.7 Spar 10
65 Elizabeth BrenjRod 21:57.9 OVHS 12
66 Julia Furdek 22:09.6 Frem 12
67 Morgan Kellis 22:12.9 Whha 10
68 Carolyn Mirretti 22:18.0 Ludi 11
69 Hannah Rainey 22:20.6 Newa 9
70 Jessica Friend 22:25.4 Whha 9
71 Jenny Swymeler 22:28.7 BiRa 11
72 Becca Browand 22:29.5 Whha 12
73 Morgan Jons 22:30.7 Peto 10
74 Maddie Zadvinskis 22:34.5 BiRa 9
75 Kate Newton 22:51.7 Newa 10
76 Courtney Goetz 22:52.5 OVHS 10
77 Kianna Granlund 22:56.7 CHIP 12
78 Sam Rajewski 22:59.3 Peto 11
79 Maria Bosker 23:00.2 Gran 10
80 Kayla Ingell 23:01.7 Gran 12
81 Ellen Raymond 23:05.8 BiRa 10
82 Shay Woodland 23:08.6 Gran 9
83 Renee Humphrey 23:12.9 CHIP 12
84 Drew Goodman 23:16.8 BiRa 12
85 Alexis Firovich 23:21.5 HoCi 9
86 Rachel Schulingkamp 23:25.5 Peto 9
87 Kayla Kooistra 23:38.6 Gran 9
88 Jill Antonishen 23:41.7 Peto 10
89 Jenny Los 23:43.8 BiRa 12
90 Claire Brummeler 23:48.3 Peto 10
91 Ashley Branham 24:09.4 OVHS 11
92 Karlie Haywood 24:12.7 HoCi 11
93 Hannah Scholten 24:54.0 Peto 10
94 Alyssa Blain 25:20.8 Gran 9
95 Ashley Passenier 25:30.5 OVHS 11
96 Jade Degeer 25:34.4 HoCi 12
97 Shayna Gross 26:35.6 HoCi 11
98 Morgan Mills 26:47.4 Cheb 12
99 Ashlee Santiago 26:56.0 Newa 10
100 Kelsey Liebenow 26:57.6 Cheb 12
101 Jessa Newton 27:01.5 Newa 10

boys regional results

1st FREMONT - 76
2nd Sparta -99
3rd GAYLORD -99

5,000 Meters Varsity
1 Connor Mora 15:42.94 CeSp 10
2 Nick Butcher 15:50.88 Frem 12
3 Clark Ruiz 16:12.89 BiRa 10
4 Jake Featherstone 16:19.50 Frem 12
5 Greg Madendorp 16:20.13 Whha 12
6 Ryan Hearth 16:26.18 Cad 11
7 Nate Fischer 16:27.44 Gayl 10
8 Kyle Starr 16:29.68 Gran 12
9 Ben Deuling 16:30.36 OVHS 12
10 Jacob Gilman 16:30.82 Spar 12
11 Derick Shumway 16:31.27 CHIP 12
12 Chris Zitka 16:31.77 OVHS 12
13 Alden Christafferson 16:35.18 Spar 12
14 Luke Johnson 16:37.10 Ludi 10
15 Charlend Howard 16:37.44 Gayl 10
16 Sam Schuiteman 16:45.41 Frem 12
17 Tommy Jewett 16:48.06 Frem 12
18 Brandon George 16:51.02 Spar 11
19 Evan Gomez 16:55.22 Ludi 11
20 Alex Bray 16:59.85 CeSp 10
21 Trevor Holmes 17:02.97 Cad 10
22 Adam Birkeland 17:05.09 Spar 11
23 Joe Jones 17:07.36 Gayl 12
24 Ian Callison 17:11.62 Gayl 10

25 Aaron Brooks 17:12.51 CeSp 11
26 Andrew Jason 17:14.28 HoCi 12
27 Mike Drake 17:15.59 Peto 12
28 Jack Touran 17:16.83 Peto 11
29 Shaun Vanderwall 17:17.85 Ludi 12
30 Justin Harthorn 17:20.16 CeSp 10
31 Bryan Slocum 17:21.82 Gayl 12
32 Freddy Liederbach 17:22.26 Peto 11
34 Logan Hensley 17:26.08 Peto 10
35 Javier Ruiz 17:26.39 Ludi 12
36 Casey Robinson 17:28.27 Whha 10
37 Charlie Fias 17:28.76 Frem 12
38 Jacob VerSluys 17:29.14 Spar 12
39 Calvin Crowley 17:30.00 Frem 11
40 John Ferrara 17:30.53 Cad 12
41 Jonathan Delodder 17:31.12 Spar 10
42 Josh Kreslins 17:31.64 Frem 11
43 Sean Hope 17:32.18 Gayl 11
44 Seth Duncan 17:34.29 Cheb 11
45 Xavier Locke 17:34.29 OVHS 11
46 Corey Burt 17:35.26 OVHS 11
47 Mike Wilhelm 17:36.17 Peto 12
48 Jesse Jezak 17:36.80 Cad 11
49 Ben Shaffer 17:37.23 BiRa 10
50 Brock Crystal 17:49.48 CHIP 12
51 Spencer Nemechek 17:51.61 Peto 11
52 Tyler Sackett 17:54.09 CHIP 12
53 Ethan Menefee 17:55.03 CeSp 10
54 Trevor Thiebaut 17:56.36 Cad 9
55 Connor Whelan 18:00.39 Cad 11
56 Luke Bradford 18:00.80 Spar 10
57 Trevor McCready 18:01.34 Newa 11
58 Nik Schroeder 18:01.95 BiRa 11
59 Justin Balczak 18:03.01 CeSp 12
60 Nick Ellison 18:05.30 Gran 10
61 Brian Boyce 18:08.07 Whha 12
62 Tyler Grove 18:09.15 Whha 10
63 Max Henderson 18:09.66 Newa 11
64 Gabe Vanderwall 18:11.02 Ludi 12
65 Lukas Schroeder 18:13.23 BiRa 11
66 Zack Cox 18:13.68 BiRa 10
67 Ethan Broman 18:14.29 Peto 11
68 Charles Piatt 18:14.77 CHIP 10
70 Mitch Boyce 18:16.15 Whha 10
69 Justin Lubben 18:16.27 CeSp 12
71 Bryan Greenwood 18:17.84 Cad 10
72 Jake Harris 18:18.60 Whha 12
73 Coley Newton 18:19.08 Newa 10
74 Aaron Richards 18:24.88 CHIP 10
75 Ethan Goodman 18:30.23 BiRa 10
76 Evan Parks 18:35.60 Ludi 11
77 Andrew Scott 18:39.71 BiRa 11
78 Joe Burton 18:40.78 Ludi 12
79 Trent Slevens 18:44.23 HoCi 10
80 Chad Jensen 18:48.02 Gran 10
81 Mark Alverado 18:51.96 CHIP 11
82 Chris McGuire 18:53.28 CHIP 9
83 Alec Sherwood 18:53.81 OVHS 10
84 Willie Cook 18:56.64 HoCi 10
85 Chris Ryan 18:58.18 Gayl 10
86 Tyler Bennett 18:58.73 HoCi 11
87 James Ryan 18:59.26 HoCi 9
88 Blake Whittington 19:01.28 Whha 12
89 Josh Kooistra 19:02.70 Gran 11
90 Max Pletcher 19:24.73 Cheb 9
91 Jacob Jett 19:47.62 OVHS 10
92 Grant Denzer 19:59.60 Newa 11
93 Darick Wilson 20:01.45 Newa 9
94 Zac Hunter 20:11.14 Newa 10
95 Matt Averill 20:13.70 Gran 12
96 Troy Ross 20:23.84 Newa 12
97 Austin Powlenko 20:43.90 OVHS 9
98 Justin Gray 20:58.66 HoCi 12
99 Christopher Baier 21:32.38 Cheb 12
100 Reed Isenhart 21:51.25 Gran 12
101 Elijah Groendal 22:49.79 HoCi 9
102 Thomas Jon Quinlan 23:45.10 Cheb 11

Two teams going to MHSAA

Two teams going to MHSAA STATE FINALS. Boys 3rd Girls 2nd at the 10-2 REGIONAL at BENZIE CENTRAL. Girls now have the longest streak of state finals appearance of any Division 2 team with 10 straight from 2001-2010.

Boys ran great!!!!!!!! girls next.

Boys ran great!!!!!!!! girls next. Results to follow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


wind, rain, lightning, thunder and possible tornado warnings have caused cancellation of our Rotary invite XC meet scheduled for today Oct. 26th.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Bus departs GHS 700am sharp. set three alarms.
Its about 100 miles there and i'm planning on 2 hours of travel plus a bathroom stop in TC as usual. Get there at 9:45am. Coaches meeting 10am.

Boys race 11am.
Girls race 1230pm.
Awards 1:15pm
Open race 230pm

Directions : google maps is your friend, Benzie Central High School on Homestead Road, just outside Beulah.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


wow, people we ran AWESOME. out of 34 runners i think we had 27 get personal best times!!! perfect conditions, perfect timing, perfect peaking, here we go!!

Boys 1st overall in D 1-2 defeating Petoskey 18- 54, Charlend Howard with a personal and season best 16:49 to lead the blue devils for a 2nd overall and 1st out of all D1-2 runners. RIght on his tail overall with a personal and season best was Nate Fischer in 16:58. Nice to have two front runners in the 16's. 3-4-5 runners Ian Callison, Jake Pasternak and Sean Hope came in just a few ticks behind giving us a gap of only 33 seconds from 1st to 5th man. If we run like this next weekend we'll be headed to the MHSAA state finals for the second year in a row. This race was by far our best of the season and that was without Joe Jones (taking the ACT). Every single one of our top 7 runners had a personal season best time and Sean Hope definitely had the race of the day for us. He was our solid 5th man, beating his time from last tuesday by over one minute. He came through big. Bryan Slocum is also finally coming around and was just a few strides behind, also besting his BNC race time by a minute. These boys have had some ups and downs this season - injuries, sickness, and up and down performances - but they put it all together today. This is a huge confidence booster for us going into the MHSAA regional at Benzie next Saturday. Andy Frakes also had a fine first varsity race, replacing Joe Jones. He has come a long way in his four year XC career and he's ending it with his best times and has had a huge improvement since 2007.

Girls 2nd to TCWest. Like the boys the girls have had some ups and downs, with sickness, all season, but today they also put it together. There was no one shining star for us, but every single girl in the top 6 had huge season personal bests - nearly a minute each faster than what they ran at BNC finals last Tuesday. We had only a 31 second spread from 1st to 5th girl - and each much faster than any time they've run all season. Anna Kassuba led the team with a sub 20 minute performance for the first time since our Clare meet at the beginning of the season. Katelynn Dreyer stepped up huge with a time aobut 70 seconds faster than just a few days ago. Amanda Olds and Megan Borgeson both ran season bests as #3-4 runners and Paige Hypio has improved over 2 minutes since mid-season to round out our scoring. Paige has to be the girl who had the race of the day for us. She's discovered, somehow, in the last two races that she is a true varsity contributor and came through huge for us today. Geena Duff had a personal best time as 6th girl - a position that is truly important for us as a tiebreaker and place giver to other teams. Maria Warren secured a varsity position as 7th girl for regionals next weekend. This performance today solidifies these girls as a true contender for a regional title once again. Every scoring girl running a personal best time is a huge confidence booster. We'll look to continue our streak of state finals trips at 10 next weekend.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


First annual GHS Dorkathlon honors stolen by Charlend Howard and Nicole Wehner with a huge 21 points, placing in all events~~!! Second place to Amanda Olds and Cole Wright - pretty good dorks too, placing in 3 events with one disqualification. MINI DORK AWARD to Geena Duff and Cole Bauman - couldnt get their shoes tied, fell down, couldnt eat a cookie. Nice work all!!! Thanks to MR. LESSARD, my old xc coach for the great idea!!

Boys 1st at Elk Rapids

Boys 1st at Elk Rapids xc invite. Girls 2nd. By far our biggest and best performance of the year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elk Rapids Invite XC

Saturday bus departure 645am, arrive 8am, warmup, JV BOYS 9am, JV GIRLS 945am, then middle school races. VARSITY RACES after that boys varsity at 1130am, girls varsity at 1215. As usual if varsity wants to ride over with parents so they can sleep in that's fine.

supposed to be cold, no wind, and perfect conditions for a fast race.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


boys ran their best race of the year with only a 30 seconds 1st to 5th man difference.
Charlend Howard first team all conference as a sophomore, impressive with a time very close to Jayden Hesselinks winning time from 2010. Joe Jones about where he was last year in this race which is fine = he went on to be nearly all state at the finals. Nate Fischer with a BIG race to earn second team all conference. He's about 30 seconds ahead of where he was last year. Ian Callison with a huge effort, probably the best overall race on the day for the boys varsity with a 13th place finish, just missing out on all conference honors. He was 19th and 18th in the first two races so he really had a good one today. Jake Pasternak bounced back from a tough last two weeks to earn second team all conference honors. Our top 5 was really tough today. We gave TCWest a run for it and defeated TCC quite handily after losing to them twice early this season in BNC races. This tells me we're on the upswing, getting faster at the right time. 11 days to regionals and things are looking good. Having FOUR all-conference boys puts us about exactly where we were last year -- leading to a 6th place finish at the state finals. If we can equal that effort it will have been a great season. Rouding out our varsity were Sean Hope and Bryan Slocum.

girls - every time these girls run against the TC teams I just feel like we don't run well (TCCentral is currently ranked in the top 10 in the entire midwest and #2-3 in the state for Class A), but when i get the results and look back over the past few years I realize we actually ran pretty well. All of our top 5 girls were right near, or slightly faster than what they ran last year on this same course at the BNC finals, which led to our 9th straight trip to the MHSAA state finals (currently the longest streak in division 2). Amanda Olds and Megan Borgeson finished up with all conference 2nd team honors. both deserve it having worked hard all summer and running good races. I feel a little bad for Amanda, sick with the flu bug going around this week, she was definitely not herself today but gutted out a tough race. Megan B is much improved over last season and earned her first all-conference honors after a great track season last spring. Anna Kassuba missed all-conf honors by 13 seconds, she was disappointed but did beat last years time which led to all-regional honors last year. Katelynn Dreyer and Geena Duff were also just off all-conf honors finishing in the top 20. Rounding out our varsity were Noelle Warren (with a personal best time) and Krystin Dreyer.

In the JV races Paige Hypio was the star, sprinting to the finish in a personal best 2nd place time and earning herself a spot on our varsity for the upcoming races this weekend.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

week workouts

Lots of stuff going on this week, please pay attention to details!!

Monday - easy run with stride outs.
Tuesday - BNC FINALS, be at the country club by 3:10. Do the warmup exactly like we did the other day out there. Jog to the mile, walk to the hill, cut across to cut out the back section, over to the 2 mile and jog the last mile. Boys 4pm, Girls 430pm, all JV at 5pm.
Wed.- go immmediately to GMS - run over at Aspen Park for 30-40 minutes. Then help at the GMS XC invitational. It might rain so dress for it. It is a tradition that we do this so please don't ask to get out of it. Some of you will work results, some of you will be at the finish chute handing out medals. The GMS runners like to see you there.
Thursday - do not go to my room (you can store your stuff in there if you like), but do the McLouth, Hayes road warmup loop to the back entrance past the football practice fields and to the track. The workout will be 1xmile at RACE PACE (varsity boys 5:20-5:30, varsity girls 6:10-6:30, JV whatever your race pace is, no faster) then 4x400m at race pace then the DORKATHLON.
Friday - easy run with stride outs.
Saturday - ELK RAPIDS INVITE, flat fast course with cool temps should be your fastest time of the year. This race will determine varsity for Regionals.
Sunday - OFF

Saturday, October 16, 2010


the first annual GHS XC dorkathlon will be THURSDAY. start practicing.

trophies for first and second place

here's my plan to deal with large numbers. Girls team will randomly draw out a boys name from a hat and they'll be a team. may have to have a couple girl-girl teams. that's 24 pairs of competitors roughly.

events will be done with a boy/girl team

1. head ball - boy/girl team have to hold a ball up by putting it between their heads and pushing together and sprint 100 meters. I'll do 6 teams at a time head to head competition, winners advance to finals, award points for 6-5-4-3-2-1 drop your ball and you're disqualified.

2. shoelace race - on the "go" they tie shoelaces together for one shoe and go 50 yards on football field. award points for 6-5-4-3-2-1 Fall down and you're disqualified.

3. eat pasta run fasta -- using a piece of spaghetti in your mouth pick up one piece of penne pasta off the track and sprint 100 meters with out it falling off.

4. cookie face - everyone gets a cookie on their forehead. you have to wiggle your face and move your face and contort your face and get the cookie in your mouth. first six in get points - cookie falls off ur DQ'd. Can't touch it with hands.

5. 800m prediction run - one of the partners runs an 800 with a prediction time, you can go REAL fast or REAL slow or medium. closest 6 get points.


boys 4pm, girls 430pm, all JV 5pm.

All athletes be to the country club by 3pm, do normal warmup routine. jog first mile, walk to first hill out back, skip across through woods at top of hill like we did the other day at practice and go to 2 mile mark. Jog last mile.

BNC FINAL race is a big determiner of whether or not you're all conference. Go Blue Devils!!

Trophies ready and big day is Thursday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Portage Report

Boys 8th of 42 teams at the Portage Invitational. At our team meeting we said if we had the perfect race we could finish in the top 3, a terrible race would put us about 20th. I'll take 8th. We beat #6 ranked Mattawan and were right behind #7 ranked St. Joseph. Any time you can beat a ranked team like this you have to be happy ... but I don't think these boys are happy yet. They do not want to settle for "we ran pretty well." They want to win, they are competitors. We had excellent season best times/races from Charlend Howard, Joe Jones and Nate Fischer - their times in the heat (87 degrees at race time) and dust were the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fastest times ever by a GHS boy since we've been going to Portage. Ian Callison also had a career best time (1738) and Bryan Slocum is improving fast and over some nagging injuries finally. Jake Pasternak (#1 boy in first race) is still struggling to get back to his early season form but I'm confident he'll return soon. If, and that's a big IF, we can put it all together so everyone runs to their potential these boys will be tough to beat. Just 3 weeks ago we tied with St. Clair at the Holly Invite and today we beat them by nearly 100 points. Scoring us head to head against TCWest (who ran on the same course 30 minutes after us) we also beat them. It was a good day. We are currently ranked as "honorable mention" in the state rankings and after today I think i can safely say we're a top 10 team.

boys varsity results

Girls 9th out of 42 teams. Megan Borgeson still not fully recovered from her flu virus and Katelynn Dreyer having an asthma attack/trouble and the other girls just running "average" and we were very close to #6 ranked East Grand Rapids and ahead of regional competition Fremont. Amanda Olds lead the way with a medal winning 31st overall and Anna Kassuba just missed in 54th. Geena Duff contines to improve and get back into her normal racing times and Maria Warren rounds out a solid varsity effort. katelynn dreyer and noelle warren filled out our varsity squad and Krystin Dreyer had a great effort to finish in the top 20 and earn a medal. I hate to be a "shoulda woulda coulda" with this girls team but I have to say that I think we're definitely now a top 10 team in the state. When, and if, we can hit on all cylinders and each girl runs to her potential I think we'll be shocking some people. But, we have to get through our tough regional first.

girls varsity results

workouts for week

Monday - distance day
Tuesday - Meet at COUNTRY CLUB for 3-3-3-3-3 workout on finish of XC course
Wednesday - Aspen - 6 mile loop
Thursday - easy and short - JV boys slurpee time
Friday - 2 mile warmup, then 13 x 400m each one FASTER than the last.
Saturday - easy 30 minutes
Sunday - OFF
Monday - short with stride outs

Saturday, October 9, 2010

@ Portage high school XC

@ Portage high school XC invite. Largest in midwest with 5000+ runners. #xc #run

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BNC #2

boys BNC results - boys 3rd again

Charlend Howard 5th overall, just 20 seconds out of first, led the race for the first mile, great effort.
Nate Fischer 10th overall, a big improvement from his first BNC and coming on strong in the last week.
Joe Jones 12th overall, not his best race but he'll be at his best in two weeks at the BNC finals.
Jake Pasternak - 27th, well off his 7th place finish in the first BNC. Jake has had two great races then two lackluster races, this must mean his next two will be stellar.
Bryan Slocum 29th - Bryan is sitll trying to bounce back from a summer of marching and carrying heavy packs in basic training, dealing with shin splints, and now knee problems.

Ian Callison and Sean Hope rounded out our varsity scorers. Our goal was to try to knock off TCWest but we just didnt perform today. It seems when one boy has a bad day a couple others have a great day. Then when the boys who had great days have an off day, the others have good days. We need to start having 5 boys with good races if we expect to qualify for the state finals again.

girls 4th - at first i was disappointed to be beaten by TCWest and Cadillac but in hindsight i think the girls ran well today.

Amanda Olds - 6th overall with a very fast time on a tough course, her time here today ranks as one of the top 3-4 times ever by a GHS girl here.
Katelynn Dreyer 12th - arguably her best BNC race ever! also her first time as 2nd girl this season. with a sick Megan Borgeson she stepped up big time.
Anna Kassuba 15th - steady and patient Anna had almost the exact time she ran as a sophomore, and that season was her best season ever so she's right on track.
Geena Duff - 16th overall and ready to crack into the 19's at Portage. She's back to 100% after a tough viral sickness.
Megan Borgeson - sick sick sick and still our 5th girl today.
Varsity scoring rounded out by Maria and Noelle Warren

JV highlights - Paige Hypio one of the top JV runners in the conference earns herself a trip to Portage as our 8th girl. Erin Borgeson huge personal best time on a tough course. Tyler Sugden had a personal best by one minute and is only seconds from varsity. Josh Green had a personal best time by over one minute AND is currently 10th man. Logan Wicker had a season best time by over one minute.

Boys 3rd girls 4th in

Boys 3rd girls 4th in BNC meet #2. not our best day. But Portage in 4 days and its gonna be faaaaaast.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Portage week

Monday - short easy run with stride outs
Tuesday - BNC meet #2 @ Courtade Elementary School TCCentral -- boys must win to have chance at conference title, girls going after Alpena, I will buy PIZZA after the meet, but have a snack, drink for yourself. The top 12 runners at this meet are eligible to go to Portage and then the top 7 from Portage run in the varsity race at the Big North Conference Finals.
Wed - easy distance run
Thursday - 2x800, 4x400 AT RACE PACE, NOT HARD
Friday - leave at noon for Portage, we will spend the night at Grandville, Best Western and do the mall and dinner
Saturday - the largest XC meet in the midwest. has results, info, race schedule, etc.

Directions to TCCENTRAL for TUESDAY BNC MEET - head to traverse city as you normally would, when you get through Acme by the bay, turn left on 5 mile road and go all the way up the big hill to the top. turn left at the T intersection on Hammond Road. Then turn right on Rasho road. Courtade elementary is up a mile or two on the right. race time boys 4pm, girls 430pm.

New tents !

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