Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BNC #2

boys BNC results - boys 3rd again

Charlend Howard 5th overall, just 20 seconds out of first, led the race for the first mile, great effort.
Nate Fischer 10th overall, a big improvement from his first BNC and coming on strong in the last week.
Joe Jones 12th overall, not his best race but he'll be at his best in two weeks at the BNC finals.
Jake Pasternak - 27th, well off his 7th place finish in the first BNC. Jake has had two great races then two lackluster races, this must mean his next two will be stellar.
Bryan Slocum 29th - Bryan is sitll trying to bounce back from a summer of marching and carrying heavy packs in basic training, dealing with shin splints, and now knee problems.

Ian Callison and Sean Hope rounded out our varsity scorers. Our goal was to try to knock off TCWest but we just didnt perform today. It seems when one boy has a bad day a couple others have a great day. Then when the boys who had great days have an off day, the others have good days. We need to start having 5 boys with good races if we expect to qualify for the state finals again.

girls 4th - at first i was disappointed to be beaten by TCWest and Cadillac but in hindsight i think the girls ran well today.

Amanda Olds - 6th overall with a very fast time on a tough course, her time here today ranks as one of the top 3-4 times ever by a GHS girl here.
Katelynn Dreyer 12th - arguably her best BNC race ever! also her first time as 2nd girl this season. with a sick Megan Borgeson she stepped up big time.
Anna Kassuba 15th - steady and patient Anna had almost the exact time she ran as a sophomore, and that season was her best season ever so she's right on track.
Geena Duff - 16th overall and ready to crack into the 19's at Portage. She's back to 100% after a tough viral sickness.
Megan Borgeson - sick sick sick and still our 5th girl today.
Varsity scoring rounded out by Maria and Noelle Warren

JV highlights - Paige Hypio one of the top JV runners in the conference earns herself a trip to Portage as our 8th girl. Erin Borgeson huge personal best time on a tough course. Tyler Sugden had a personal best by one minute and is only seconds from varsity. Josh Green had a personal best time by over one minute AND is currently 10th man. Logan Wicker had a season best time by over one minute.

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