Saturday, October 16, 2010


the first annual GHS XC dorkathlon will be THURSDAY. start practicing.

trophies for first and second place

here's my plan to deal with large numbers. Girls team will randomly draw out a boys name from a hat and they'll be a team. may have to have a couple girl-girl teams. that's 24 pairs of competitors roughly.

events will be done with a boy/girl team

1. head ball - boy/girl team have to hold a ball up by putting it between their heads and pushing together and sprint 100 meters. I'll do 6 teams at a time head to head competition, winners advance to finals, award points for 6-5-4-3-2-1 drop your ball and you're disqualified.

2. shoelace race - on the "go" they tie shoelaces together for one shoe and go 50 yards on football field. award points for 6-5-4-3-2-1 Fall down and you're disqualified.

3. eat pasta run fasta -- using a piece of spaghetti in your mouth pick up one piece of penne pasta off the track and sprint 100 meters with out it falling off.

4. cookie face - everyone gets a cookie on their forehead. you have to wiggle your face and move your face and contort your face and get the cookie in your mouth. first six in get points - cookie falls off ur DQ'd. Can't touch it with hands.

5. 800m prediction run - one of the partners runs an 800 with a prediction time, you can go REAL fast or REAL slow or medium. closest 6 get points.

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