Sunday, October 24, 2010


wow, people we ran AWESOME. out of 34 runners i think we had 27 get personal best times!!! perfect conditions, perfect timing, perfect peaking, here we go!!

Boys 1st overall in D 1-2 defeating Petoskey 18- 54, Charlend Howard with a personal and season best 16:49 to lead the blue devils for a 2nd overall and 1st out of all D1-2 runners. RIght on his tail overall with a personal and season best was Nate Fischer in 16:58. Nice to have two front runners in the 16's. 3-4-5 runners Ian Callison, Jake Pasternak and Sean Hope came in just a few ticks behind giving us a gap of only 33 seconds from 1st to 5th man. If we run like this next weekend we'll be headed to the MHSAA state finals for the second year in a row. This race was by far our best of the season and that was without Joe Jones (taking the ACT). Every single one of our top 7 runners had a personal season best time and Sean Hope definitely had the race of the day for us. He was our solid 5th man, beating his time from last tuesday by over one minute. He came through big. Bryan Slocum is also finally coming around and was just a few strides behind, also besting his BNC race time by a minute. These boys have had some ups and downs this season - injuries, sickness, and up and down performances - but they put it all together today. This is a huge confidence booster for us going into the MHSAA regional at Benzie next Saturday. Andy Frakes also had a fine first varsity race, replacing Joe Jones. He has come a long way in his four year XC career and he's ending it with his best times and has had a huge improvement since 2007.

Girls 2nd to TCWest. Like the boys the girls have had some ups and downs, with sickness, all season, but today they also put it together. There was no one shining star for us, but every single girl in the top 6 had huge season personal bests - nearly a minute each faster than what they ran at BNC finals last Tuesday. We had only a 31 second spread from 1st to 5th girl - and each much faster than any time they've run all season. Anna Kassuba led the team with a sub 20 minute performance for the first time since our Clare meet at the beginning of the season. Katelynn Dreyer stepped up huge with a time aobut 70 seconds faster than just a few days ago. Amanda Olds and Megan Borgeson both ran season bests as #3-4 runners and Paige Hypio has improved over 2 minutes since mid-season to round out our scoring. Paige has to be the girl who had the race of the day for us. She's discovered, somehow, in the last two races that she is a true varsity contributor and came through huge for us today. Geena Duff had a personal best time as 6th girl - a position that is truly important for us as a tiebreaker and place giver to other teams. Maria Warren secured a varsity position as 7th girl for regionals next weekend. This performance today solidifies these girls as a true contender for a regional title once again. Every scoring girl running a personal best time is a huge confidence booster. We'll look to continue our streak of state finals trips at 10 next weekend.

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