Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well runners, it is that time. What time is that? It's the time where average people begin the process of making themselves great. It's the time where you run a little, then more, then more, then finally a lot more and get GOOD at it. It's the time where you MAKE yourself a runner. Runners are not born, they are made. Runners are not good the first day they run, they only get good after lots of running. So often I hear people say "I'm not a good runner." I always ask them "Have you run a lot?" Their answer is always NO. Well, if you don't run then you're not a good runner, it is simple. To be a good runner, run.

Wed 6pm at Aspen Park we'll run. Run slow, run easy, bring some water, bring a gatorade and just enjoy. You don't have to go far or fast. Don't be intimidated, just show up and run. I am sure we'll have a group your speed, going your distance. Just show up and do it.

Pictured below are LAST years teams, this year will be even better.

Boys - regional champions is our goal.
Girls - it will be tough, but a 13th straight trip to the State finals is our goal.

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